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7 Reasons to Move to Florida: For the Outdoor Person

Updated on April 8, 2011

If you enjoy spending time outside doing various activities, Florida might be the place for you. With an average winter temperature of 68 degrees, you can enjoy summertime activities year round.

The Beach

Florida has over 1,200 miles of sandy beaches to enjoy. From swimming to surfing, your choices of fun at the beach are just a short drive from any point in the state.

Spring Training Baseball

March in Florida is heaven for baseball fans when 15 Major League teams descend to Florida for spring training. This is a fan's best chance to see pro baseballers in action up close and for fair ticket prices.


If you are a golfer or want to take up golfing, there is no better place to be than Florida with it's 1200+ golf courses. No other state has more. And no other county in the country has more than Palm Beach county.


From freshwater to saltwater fishing, your choices are numerous. Florida has the second largest freshwater lake in the United States with Lake Okeechobee. The Big O is also the crappy capital of the world.

Your saltwater fishing choices are plentiful. You can try your hand at deep sea fishing. Or you can fish off of one of the many piers on the coastline or in the intercoastal waterway such as the Indian River. Surf fishing is another option and one of my personal favorites.


NASCAR starts it's season with the Daytona 500 in February and ends the season in November south of Miami in Homestead. It's hard to find anything more exciting than watching 43 cars fly by you at nearly 200 m.p.h.! You can't begin to describe the experience!



With miles of rivers, lakes, and coastline, Florida is the perfect place to enjoy being a boat owner. Many boating classes are offered all over the state for the inexperienced boater, so don't be discouraged if boat ownership sounds intimidating.


For the slower paced individual, Florida offers year-round gardening. If you've had a vegetable garden in the north, you'll enjoy having a vegetable garden all year long. And if you enjoy flowers, your choices are numerous with the variety of tropical flowers that you can grow.


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