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Florida’s Renaissance Festivals: Enjoying a Blast from the Past

Updated on November 12, 2010

If you are looking for family entertainment that is slightly off the beaten path of traditional Florida tourism offerings then why not spend a day at one of the Florida Renaissance Festivals? You can choose the one in Miami held yearly during the month of January or the one in Deerfield Beach which is open from February to March.

If you have never been to a Renaissance Festival, then you may be interested to know, that they are great family activities. You will be fascinated by the many stores and artisans dressed in recreations of period dress, the talents of the performers such as acrobats, fire breathers, jugglers, swordsmen, tightrope walkers and fire swallowers, and thrilled by the contest and conquest of the joust. In addition, you can go to an abundance of shows and performances by comedians, musicians, magicians and storytellers who are sure to delight you. As you explore the Renaissance festival attractions, you are invited to participate in activities like archery or visit the area set aside for weddings In fact, there is even on weekend where you can have your wedding, take part in a vow renewal ceremony or simply witness of one these ceremonies done in the traditions of the Renaissance.


Of course, for many the highlight of the day is the excitement of The Joust. What is about knights in shining armor boldly carrying their spears, shields and swords, ladies in waiting wearing their hero’s colors, and racing steeds that makes one’s heart begin to pound? Perhaps it is the excitement of the contest or the knowledge that the victor takes the spoils? Or, maybe it’s knowing that the king and queen are watching from their box ready to bestow a reward n the champion? Whatever it is, The Joust is one of the most loved attractions of the day. So come cheer on your hero!

If you are looking for a family activity that is different from the standard, a Renaissance Festival is just the ticket. You will make some great memories and might even find a new family tradition.


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    • profile image

      J. Slagell 7 years ago

      My family and I went to Ren Fest for the first time 4 years ago thnking it would be"one-time" thing. Little did we know we'd be hooked. We have now gone 5 times-each time we learn something new. A day at the Ren Fest is truly tons of fun!

    • earthbound1974 profile image

      earthbound1974 7 years ago from Bicol, Philippines

      Wow! Awesome! I want to be there to experience this. Thanks!