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Foamhenge The Styrofoam Replica Of Stonehenge In Natural Bridge, VA (Virginia)

Updated on December 11, 2012
The Real Stonehenge
The Real Stonehenge
The Foamhenge Replica
The Foamhenge Replica

"Foamhenge", A Full Scale Replica Of Stonehenge Was Constructed In VA By Mark Cline

The Foamhenge exhibit in Virginia was built in 2004 as an exact replica of the famous Stonehenge monument in Witshire England. According to Mark, he had come up with the idea over 15 years ago when he first laid eyes on some massive 16 foot tall Styrofoam blocks at a packaging company.

Mark wanted Foamhenge to replicate the original Stonehenge in every way (except the actual material used to compose the stones), so he obtained exact measurements from Stonehenge, and built Foamhenge to scale. He attempted as best he could to match the wearing of the stones from the actual Stonehenge by using different shades of paint and partially sanding (or carving) the Styrofoam to match the look. He even found people to help him arrange the stones so that they were in the proper locations (astrologically) as the real Stonehenge monument in England.

Mark Cline
Mark Cline
Other View On Cloudy Day
Other View On Cloudy Day

Foamhenge, Although Not Stonehenge, Is A Fun Exhibit For Tourists In Va

The First time I heard of Foemhenge I chuckled and thought to myself is this for real... The answer to that question of course was yes, it most definitely is for real, and not only that, it is attracting tourists. People are lining up to take pictures at Foamhenge since it really does appear very similar to the actual Stonehenge thousands of miles away across the Atlantic.

The question that this beckons of course is, since Foamhenge was a success, will others start building other historical monuments out of Styrofoam (or whatever materials) as replicas in an attempt to create local tourist attractions. Some have tried this before with mixed success and I'm sure some will try again, the success I guess will come from whether or not tourists decide that it is worth the time and money to visit some foam replications.

What Do You Think?

would you go a little out of the way to visit Foamhenge or some other historical replica?

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A Few Interesting Things About Foamhenge

Foamhenge opened on April fool's day 2004 although it was not entirely an April fool's joke.

While the real Stonehenge took over 1500 years to build, Foamhenge took only 6 weeks.

Foamhenge is built almost entirely of Styrofoam. Only the paint, cement base, and support rods are made from other materials.

When Mark Cline was asked how he is able to stop people from damaging Foamhenge, he told people that he couldn't. He just plans to rebuild and repair any damage to the now famous foam.

Foamhenge is part of a series of exhibits at "The Natural Bridge" in Natural Bridge, VA. Tickets cost $40.99 for adults and $20.99 for children and include admission to all of the exhibits. There are a few small museums as well as caverns and nature trails on the property. They usually offer seasonal specials as well.


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