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For Cheap Vacations, Travel With a Group

Updated on July 7, 2011

If you want to save money but still take a vacation, you might want to consider traveling with a group. It can be a few close friends or a bunch of people you know from work or other activities, but when you have several people traveling together, it can make for a cheap vacation for everyone. The key is to find people who have similiar interests and would be happy with the same destination. But the idea would be easy to sell because everyone likes saving money.

There are several ways a vacation with a group can save you money.

1. Traveling costs.

If you decide to travel by car to your destination, consider renting a mini-van or two, depending on the size of your group. Everyone can help out with the cost of the rental and gas. Even for further destinations, you might want to consider driving if you can get the time off from work. There would be more people to share in the driving and it would cost less than flying.

2. Accomodations.

For group accomodations, look for cottages, cabins, houses or apartments that people lease to vacationers. You can usually find them on tourism websites. Not only will the price be cheaper than many hotels and resorts, but the cost will be divided by more people. You can also buy groceries and prepare easy meals there instead of eating out the whole time. Most people are willing to at least eat breakfast there and may even pack a lunch for some of their days of sightseeing. And while getting away from cooking is one of the benefits to vacations, you can split the duties so no one has to do all the work. You can also choose things like sandwiches and salads that take little preparation. Saving money on food and accomodations can truly make this a cheap vacation.

3. Sightseeing.

You can also possibly save money on places you plan to visit. Many tourist attractions offer discounts for groups or you can buy so many tickets and get one free. It would be worthwhile to call and ask even if they don't advertise it. You would also save money on parking for some of those spots.

Traveling with a group of friends can not only be fun but it can make for a cheap vacation. You might even come home with a few dollars in your pocket for your next trip. And that is fun for everyone.


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