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For Easter we go to Agistri, an island paradise in Greece!

Updated on April 14, 2012
Turquoise color near our hotel!
Turquoise color near our hotel! | Source
Many private boats near out hotel
Many private boats near out hotel | Source
View of town from up on the hill
View of town from up on the hill | Source
Hotel Agistri. Please notice all the statues outside the building!
Hotel Agistri. Please notice all the statues outside the building! | Source
Elegant building decorated by plants, a boat and some pelicans on top!
Elegant building decorated by plants, a boat and some pelicans on top! | Source

As cold weather was predicted in Austria at the time, this Easter

My family decided to help the Greek economy by going to Greece. We had been there before and visited Corfu, Kos and Santorin, but the island we were going to this time was much smaller!


We wanted my husband and the family to relax before:

  • My husband's Institute 100 birthday party celebrations, as many international guests are expected.
  • My husband's coming appointment as professor emeritus in Austria, after 19 years of service at his university. His retirement and move to Australia at the end of September.
  • Selling our property, car and possessions in Austria.
  • Celebrating my son's 19th birthday on April 7; preparing for his Matura exam in May-June and putting into practice the Modern Greek he learned in addition to Ancient Greek.
  • So family could be together before our departure to Australia and our son doing his military service.


We flew Graz - Vienna - Athens and once there took a bus to the Piraeus Port, where we caught the ferry that would take us to Agistri. On the Internet they mentioned our hotel was only 100 mts away from the arrival port, but we had to call the hotel, as we could not find it! The truth was that there were really two ports! They came to pick us up and when we arrived they gave us a choice of rooms and we picked one with balcony and view of the swimming pool and beach below.

We spent many happy moments enjoying the weather and the view. We sat outside for breakfast and later read magazines and books, as well as using the computer, as there was free Internet in the hotel!

Hotel services

The person running the hotel was very friendly and helpful, as were all his staff. We also met some of the guests while sitting in the bar and we had nice talks with them! My son celebrated his birthday on Saturday and they even prepared a surprise birthday cake for him, something he was not expecting! Employees and guests came to wish him Happy Birthday, while my husband took pictures to send to the rest of the family.

Sporting activities

We rented some bikes to cycle up the hill, so we could take pictures from up there and it was sure worth it, as the view was amazing and we also found many wild flowers on the way! Rentals were relatively cheap and the people very helpful too.

Cats, dogs and cups of coffee

It was our habit to go to a bar nearby to drink some coffee in the afternoons and we saw many young children happily playing together and also some dogs and many, many cats! We liked to sit just across from bar, which was a good spot to observe people, cars and the many activities all around. We also liked to go past the bakery on our way there, as they had a nice display of breads and pastries!

Greek Orthodox Easter

The Greek celebrate Easter later than people in Austria, but the amazing thing was to see how seriously they took those holidays! The island was preparing for the visitors that would come for the holidays, so they started painting tables, benches, signs and also planting flowers and climbing pants, in an effort to make the place look as nice as they could! It was nice to see that the Greek people could be so proud of their customs and traditions!

Back to Athens

For our return to Athens, Makis, one of my husband's former Greek employees, picked us from the port and took us to a museum for a talk and drinks and then to the Athens Airport, to take our plane back to Vienna and Graz. It was nice to see the young man again and to find out that he has just started a business in his country and that he will probably come to the 100th birthday celebrations! I had never seen Athens before, but I was pleasantly surprised, as it is quite nice, as there were many pink bushes in bloom then!

Once we returned to Graz we were disappointed to find out that a ferry strike was to take place and we wondered how that would affect our friends and their Easter celebrations!

After having enjoyed a few days with nice temperatures of around 20°, it was a surprise to be greeted by cold weather and even snow in Vienna and cold wind in Graz! Oh well, we were back in Graz, ready to face whatever surprises life would bring us in the coming months!

Video about Agistri


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    • sylvia13 profile image

      Sylvia Gadea de Beer 5 years ago from Shoal Bay, NSW, Australia

      Yes, that color of the sea was really turquoise and very real! The hotel was small, but so comfortable and the people were very friendly too!

    • sylvia13 profile image

      Sylvia Gadea de Beer 5 years ago from Shoal Bay, NSW, Australia

      Yea, I would say you should honor your grandmother's spirit, I do too! The best thing about Greece was now and in the past, the people!

    • Mr. Happy profile image

      Mr. Happy 5 years ago from Toronto, Canada

      I would love to go see Greece. It is certainly on my list of places to go. Let me say at this point that Austria is beautiful as well. I lived in Salzburg for a very short while when I was a kid.

      I love your photos and description of the hotel and surroundings. When things settle-down in Greece a little I will stop-by for sure.

      Indeed we take our Easter very seriously. Haha ... I was baking all last night and a second round begins in about an hour. Colouring eggs, lamb soup and roast/bbq, ... there is tons of food specific for Easter and this is where traditions really can be put on display.

      I am not Greek but I do celebrate this Greek-Orthodox holyday as it has been part of my family's tradition for countless generations. I try to honor my grandmother's Spirit and it is done for the Spirit World and in humbleness towards the Great Spirit - Wakan Tanka.

      I appreciate this piece of writing. Danke schoen! : )

    • Claudia Tello profile image

      Claudia Tello 5 years ago from Mexico

      Agistri looks and reads like a beautiful place to go on Easter vacations. I love the color of the sea in your first picture and the hotel looks like a lovely, low-density accommodation. Good luck in Australia and all the best!!!