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Force majeure circumstances: airport surprises

Updated on June 29, 2016

To fly easy, fun and comfortable (including psychological aspect), you have to approach to this process with being prepared. This includes at least the minimum pre-deliberation of critical points. In this case, you can work safely and minimize the negative effects.

So let's examine force majeure, which you can expect during air travel.

Situation 1: There is not enough seats in a plane

Yes, it happens and has a special name - overbooking. You might wonder: "How could this happen? I bought a ticket, paid money and I am informated that there is not enough place on this plane".

Do not be surprised - overbooking is a common practice of all airlines in the world. Booking system works in a way that always sells slightly more seats than has a plane.

In this way airline holding companies automatically insure themselves in the case of absence of certain percentage of passengers that statistically occurs on almost every flight. Incomplete flights unprofitable for airlines, so they try to avoid this.

The attitude of passengers to this situation may be different. Because when that happens, every airline company has to "extra" passengers definite obligation.

First of all, you will get to your destination and airline company will try to do it as soon as possible and in the most comfortable way. If the delay extends overnight, they will offer a hotel or transfer.

Thus for the inconvenience airline is obliged to pay a compensation to you, the amount of which varies in the range from 250 to 600 euros.

Frequently airlines are asking their passengers, whether there are any people who are ready to abandon this particular flight and wait for the next one. If you do not matter, when to fly, you can haggle with the airline.

For voluntary abandonment you can be offered a business class on the next flight (which is very pleasant on long-haul flights) or a cash compensation.

Situation 2: your luggage is lost

You are looking at the luggage tape in the airport of destination and there is no your favorite bag. First of all, keep calm! According to statistics, more than 95% of baggage are found at the first week of its lost, and 80% - for the first two days, so do not say "goodbye" too soon.

Officially your baggage is considered to be lost after 21 days afetr its absence. Remember a sequence of steps you have to do in order to find your luggage: take luggage tag pasted on the cover of the passport or boarding pass, go to the Lost & Found service and write an act of non-receipt of baggage.

All of those steps should be done before you leave the airport control zone. When writing an act you also need to describe your suitcase (brand, color, material, labels and other markings). In some countries you will be asked also a code from the lock on a suitcase.

The process of finding your missing baggage you can track by using the online system World Tracer, but in the case of unseccess, company should pay a compansation to you. Usually, the sum makes 20 dollars per kilogram.

Situation 3: your luggage is damaged

Or, for example, it is opened. The first rule is the same as in the previous paragraph: write an act before leaving the airport control zone.

If suitcases have broken locks, wheels or cracked body tissue, or it is open and you can see that something is missing, go to the same Lost & Found service and fill in the relevant blanks.

To receive compensation, you should contact your airline holding company with pretentious statement at the appropriate time - in different companies it is 7-21 days from receipt of baggage.


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