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Forks, Washington Home of "Twilight" Vampires

Updated on September 9, 2014

"Twilight" Self-Guided Tour of Bella and Edward's Hometown

Port Angeles and Forks, WA are "Twilight" havens for teenagers after the original movie was released. Forks is a quaint old logging town, on the Washington Coast. Surrounded by forests, the La Push Indian Reservation, National Forests and Rivers. Bald Eagles, Deer, Otter, and a host of other wildlife are abundant in this area. This area of the Olympic Peninsula is one of the rainiest areas of the United States, and is just beautiful.

The Stephenie Meyers Day Twilight Celebrations were held the last few years, and this year is no exception. It just keeps getting bigger and better.

Learn more about the area to enhance your trip or get the Twilight Travel Guide that has maps and Photos written by the Editor of the Forks newspaper. And if you are into Geo-caching, have fun in Forks looking for the Twilight Cache.

Twilight Movies - Breaking Dawn Part 1 Wins MTV 2012 Movie of the Year Award

Twilight Forever Gift Set
Twilight Forever Gift Set

Twilight's Breaking Dawn Part 1 won best movie at the MTV Movie awards. Fans were excited about the award and looked forward to the final movie in the Twilight series...Breaking Dawn Part 2 which was first in theatres Nov. 16, 2012 and yet at the same time feeling disappointment that the series would be ending forever.

While the movies have come to an end you can own them forever by purchasing this beautiful gift set that features all of the movies. Just click on the large image above and you can get the gift set for a really great price!

Java with Jacob on the Rez

Java with Jacob on the Rez
Java with Jacob on the Rez

Driving the Olympic Pennisula for a Self-Guided "Twilight" tour

Port Angeles and Forks, WA

We left Tacoma early in the morning for Port Angeles and Forks, WA, intent on going to the various places that were mentioned in the "Twilight Books" by Stephenie Meyer. November is usually cold, overcast, and rainy, but as luck would have it, the weather was beautiful. The sun was out, although the weather fluctuated between 32 and 43 degrees the whole day. We drove through some of the most beautiful country, with flowing waterfalls on the side of the road, lakes, forests, and sometimes the most magical lighting filtering through the miles of forest along the road. We saw deer, hawks, a beaver, sea otters, a large white owl, and more squirrels than I could count. The ride was beautiful.

In Port Angeles the shopkeepers were very friendly and helpful at directing us to the Lincoln Theater, the Restaurant where Bella and Edward ate, the Gottschalk's where she bought her prom dress, etc. Of course we had to take pictures, and the day was perfect for it.

(Update 7/23/2010) There is a new Dazzled by Twilight Store in Port Angeles on the corner across from the Lincoln Theatre. It isn't as large as the newer one in Forks, but still has good items for sale. Another difference is the Gottchalk's is now vacant.

From Port Angeles the ride to Forks was spectacular. Of course I heard from the kids that this was the road that Edward Cullen drove around 100 miles an hour on going home. Apparently Vampires can drive faster than we did, as it took us about an hour or so. Waterfalls and forest on the left side of our windy road , and a beautiful lake on the right side we drove towards our destination- Edward and Bella's home, Forks.

You will pass the road to La Push on the Quileute Indian Reservation about 12 miles from Forks, and I suggest you go there first, we didn't, and had to back track. We wanted to go to First Beach where another character from the Book, Jacob, supposedly lived. The kids were pointing out homes that they thought he might have lived in, and played as we made our way down to First Beach (there are a couple other Beaches, Second and Third Beaches). But it was First Beach, littered with driftwood and huge trees that had washed up on shore that was our destination. A small fishing fleet, 3 or 4 sea otters, and one lone fisherman in his boat were what greeted us at we parked and took in the magnificent sights. A Photographers Paradise with James Island a little off the coast, miles of driftwood, and the misty sky seeming to change with each wave that crashed onto the outcroppings.After spending about an hour at La Push we drove back to Forks.

For anyone that is doing a "Twilight" tour here are a couple hints:

1. As you enter Forks on the right is a lighted sign that says Welcome to Forks. There is a small ramp to walk up to the sign for anyone wanting to take a picture.(updated 7/23/2010- the sign is now larger and easier to get to)

2. The Cullen House is next door to the Police Station; the two story home to the left. It is a beautiful bed and breakfast, and they are used to the "Twilight" tourists and have a whiteboard where they tell you where the Cullen Family is that day.

3. There is a store in town selling "Twilight" merchandise on the main street. The store is appropriately called "Dazzled by Twilight." (update: there are now 2 "Dazzled by Twilight" Stores. The first one, in the middle of the block, is where you can book tours and the one on the corner is chock full of everything Twilight!)

***There are a few other Twilight Stores is the Native Store across the Street from the Dazzled by Twilight one, and the other one is on a side street across from the Middle School.

4. At the Hospital-Dr. Cullen has his own Parking Space (picture op for kids) just be careful to leave room for cars to go around you.

5. The Forks Chamber of Commerce is on the left as you are leaving town and this is where Bella's truck is. The Chamber has some fantastic "Twilight" souvenirs for sale, and a book where they have collected letters, cards, and various Bella items of interest. The Forks Chamber has also made up a Trivia Quiz for "Twilight" enthusiasts.

We lucked out on our trip, with both Weather and pre-planning. We were able to see and do many of the things some tours are charging over $1,500 to do, and end our day with a beautiful sunset in Kalaloch, another wonderful area of the Olympic Peninsula and technically part of Forks.

Bella Swans House

This is the home of Bella Swan. It is on a small street, and anyone can direct you there.

Current Updates for Twilight Activities in Forks

Twilight Activities in Forks and Twilight Geocaching

Twilight Stars were seen in Hollywood putting new stars on the Walk of Fame. They also were promoting the new Twilight Movie Breaking Dawn to be released November 2011. A family friend said that Stephanie Meyers was also at the party held in Los Angeles on November 3rd. The new Breaking Dawn Twilight movie was shot in Vancouver, BC.

Make your reservations early as lodging sells out quick if you plan to go to Forks for this years Bella Birthday Bash. Jacob Blacks house in La Push is a fun place to stay (see info below) and is decorated in the Wolf Pack theme.


*** Another activity that has become very popular is Geo-caching, and now there is a Twilight Geocaching Theme in Forks.

Note: You probably won't be able to use the Geo-caching on your Iphone because of the outlying areas, and probable signal reception.

You'll go to all the important places in the Twilight books, and the places mentioned here.

Edward Cullens Home Landmark

Edward Cullens Home Landmark
Edward Cullens Home Landmark

5 Things You Shouldn't Miss in The Port Angeles and Forks, WA area

If You Have the Opportunity Explore the Olympic Penninsula

Five Things not to miss whether you're doing a "Twilight" Tour or just visiting the area.

1. Port Angeles- Bald Eagles live in this area so if you go off the beaten path look for these magnificent birds


2. Rain Forests- A must for anyone that hasn't been to the area., and even those that have

3. Architecture- If you like old buildings and history, walk around town, it is a treat

4. La Push- Camping and Hiking Paradise don't forget to go to the end to First Beach. There's a nice little Tribal Store with Souvenirs and Native Wear right before you get to First Beach.

5. Forks Chamber of Commerce- Everything you wanted to know about "Twilight"- the area, books, and other tidbits of information you can get at the forks Chamber (at the end of town). Don't forget to look at the back of Bella's Truck!

Is it raining today in the Rainest City in the US?

Check the Weather before you go-click the link

Forks Weather Forecast, WA

Tips on Buying Twilight Souveniers #1

Port Angeles has some unique Souvenirs including T-Shirts made by a local Artist. Several of the Bookstores also have souvenirs. Well worth it to buy your Twilight Souvenirs here.

In Forks the Twilight Store, on the main road in, has a variety of Souvenirs as does the Chamber of Commerce at the end of town. Try the ice cream shop and the Variety Store also. Bumper Stickers and T shirts are at the Chamber along with an absolutely must see book of letters to Bella.

La Push Second Beach at Twilight

A nice gift box to keep your Twilight memories

A one of a kind gift box perfect for trinkets, jewelry, or your Twilight memories. This was made from the photo taken at Second Beach in La Push.

La Push Beach at Twilight by SunsetArtWorks

Tips on Buying Twilight Souvenirs #2

The Market as you enter the La Push area is a must stop, although they sell out of their souvenirs quickly. If you're lucky you can find hand carved Wolves and bracelets like Bella wore. While there you should also go into the Restaurant for the Twilight treat. Very friendly people, and there is also an RV park next to the Market.

Traveling further towards First Beach is the Tribal Store, look for the Totem Pole. Inside they also have souvenirs and you can buy other Tribal Merchandise.

Quileute Indian Reservation in La Push

Jacob lives on The Quileute Reservation in La Push, a beautiful place. There are a few beaches, but 1st Beach is the main one in the Twilight books. The trading Post is a good place to stop and visit, look for souvenirs, or just get something to drink.

Edward and Bella Traveled this Road

Edward loved driving fast, over 100 mph, from Port Angeles to Forks along these twists and turns. I guess if you're a Vampire you aren't worried about killing yourself!

Twilight Fun Facts

Test your knowledge of Bella, Edward, Jacob

If you go to the Forks Chamber be prepared to have some fun with a little "Twilight" Quiz. These questions are pretty easy compared to some of the ones they'll ask's a lot of fun for sure.

What city was Bella originally from:

a) Chicago, IL

b) Atlanta, GA

c) Phoenix, AZ

d) Seattle, WA

Which Character is a 'tracker" and tracks Bella to kill her?

a) Jasper

b) Jacob

c) James

d) Emmet

How old were the stars during the shooting of the Movie?

a) Pattinson 22, and Stewart 17

b) Pattison 23, and Stewart 19

c) Pattison 18, and Stewart 17

d) Pattison 22, and Stewart 19

Did Bella ever turn into a Vampire?

a) yes

b) no

What was the name of Bella & Edwards child?

a) Jillian

b) Edward

c) Renesmee

d) Johandanika

What sport did Bella's stepfather play?

a) soccer

b) football

c) golf

d) baseball

If you want the answers just post a comment on which one you want :) I don't want to spoil it for someone else by putting them here.

Tour Guide of Forks WA for Twilight Fans

We had a pretty good idea of where to go, and what to see by contacting the Forks Chamber and the Newspaper. This guide was written by the editor of the newspaper, so who better to know the area. It is a 96 page Twilight Guide with maps and Photos.

Twilight Territory: A Fan's Guide to Forks & LaPush from the Forks Forum newspaper
Twilight Territory: A Fan's Guide to Forks & LaPush from the Forks Forum newspaper
This is what one person said about the book. "I am soooooo glad to get this book. I only learned of it a few days ago. This book is a travel guide written by the Editor of the Forks, WA newspaper. It is very informative and worth the money. It is also very up to date as of May 2009."

End of the Twilight Tour Sunset at Kalaloch on the Olympic Pennisula

End of the Twilight Tour Sunset at Kalaloch on the Olympic Pennisula
End of the Twilight Tour Sunset at Kalaloch on the Olympic Pennisula
Jacob Black and the Wolf Pack La Push WA
Jacob Black and the Wolf Pack La Push WA

Schedule a Twilight Tour of Forks and La Push

Not everyone wants to do a self-guided tour

If you want to take the Twilight Tour while you're in Forks, WA you should schedule it a few weeks ahead of time, especially prudent during Bella's Birthday Bash in September. Some people like to do the tour by themselves while others like to be on an organized tour.

I found out during my last trip in July of 2010 that the first Dazzled by Twilight store in Forks is now the tour office, and they have a second store that will satisfy any Twilight Fan. They recommend you make your reservations in advance and if you know you will be in Forks, this is an easy way to schedule your tour.

Schedule your 2-3 hour Twilight Tour HERE You can also visit that site to take a virtual tour for those not likely to be in the area within the very near future.

I hope you enjoyed the tour, and would love to hear your comments. The release of Eclipse was exciting, and the Twilight Fans going to Forks has increased each year. Don't forget to get your Fan's guide to Forks and La Push so you will know all the best places if you are going to this years Stephanie Meyer Days which is Bella's Birthday Bash.

There is a lot to do in this beautiful area.


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