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Forming an Owners Association abroad

Updated on May 6, 2011

what are owners associations

IN 2006 my wife and I puchased two apartments off plan one in Turkey and one in Egypt in our quest for sunshine.We were fotunate on both occasions to have them delivered on time, as specified and at stated cost. I say that because we have since heard many horror stories about rogue developers and the like, but that is for another hub.

As a result of our purchase we are now aware of owners associations that can be formed to run the complexes and ensure that the properties are kept up to standard and protect thus, the investment made in the places they have administration over.

Different places, different rules however apply and we have found very different applications in Turkey and Egypt. In Turkey, after 2 years our Developer undertook procedures for the formation of an owners association ,arranged the initial meeting and launched the association with good wishes and continued assistance. Since then all has gone swimmingly and as a result we have a happy complex.

In Egypt, the opposite!Although the properties were all purchased freehold, the Developer clings to the belief that it is some form of Feudal Overlord and resists attempts to see an owners association formed. Egyptian Law relies heavily on procedures and getting the same story from two Egyptian Solicitors is like winning the lottery.We continue our efforts and would appreciate any advice from anyone who knows Egyptian Law on formation of an association as our maintenance fees rise in direct proportion it seems to lowering standards and no financial statement on income/expenditure is forthcoming despite many requests.

We know a well run owners association is key to a good complex as we find in Turkey and want to do likewise in our otherwise excellent complex in Egypt.

Egyptian Government Agencies and Consulates, to say nothing of local Governance and Councils , either do not reply to e-mails or, if met face to face shrug resignedly and sadly shake their heads as they shuffle off down some dusty corridor. Any help or, sparkling ideas out there?   


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