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Four Queens Hotel on Fremont Street in Las Vegas

Updated on March 23, 2011

Four Queens - A Victorian Carnival on Fremont Street

Four Queens Hotel and Casino was built in 1966, making about middle-aged for a hotel on Fremont Street, which is the main part of Downtown Las Vegas. Some hotels and casinos on this block are over 100 years old (see the Golden Gate Hotel, which has been open since 1906). 

You probably didn't want that history lesson, but I gave it to you anyway, free of charge. Four Queens currently takes up an entire block on Fremont Street, and it's pretty hard to miss it when you're checking on the Fremont Street Experience. The sign reminds me a lot of the sign in front of the Flamingo over on the Strip, which makes sense because both hotels were built around the same time. 

Rooms, dining, and entertainment

Because Four Queens is located on Fremont Street and isn't one of those pretentious resorts on the Strip, the rooms are dirt cheap in comparison. They might not be as new or as luxurious, but the price difference is huge, especially if you're planning on staying for more than 1 night. You can save over $1,000 on a 4-day trip by choosing to stay on Fremont instead of at the Bellagio. I bet you can figure out a good way to spend a grand in Las Vegas. 

The standard room starts at $25 for a typical weekday, and ranges up to about $80 for special weekends. Also, expect to pay over double that for really special days, like New Year's Eve, when every hotel in Las Vegas charges at least $150 for even the smallest, dingiest room. That's just the price you pay to party in Las Vegas. 

For dining, you've got plenty of options, including Hugo's Cellar and its romantic vibe and Magnolia's Veranda, which has a much more casual feel. There are also plenty of places to eat on Fremont Street. Head on over to the Golden Gate hotel and casino I mentioned before and hit up the $1.99 shrimp cocktail, which I consider one of the best deals in Las Vegas. 

For entertainment, Four Queens has the Canyon Club, or you could just walk outside and enjoy the Fremont Street Experience at night. The canopy lights up with a spectacular show and is an absolute must-see when you're in Vegas. 


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