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Four Unusual Visits on Two Continents

Updated on May 27, 2011

Another one of your friends has published photos of their latest trip on their Facebook page. The photos are so vivid. You feel it’s you that went. There is something familiar and comforting in your friend’s virtual travel album. Too familiar! Who needs comforting? You’re looking for something different. You want something new, something novel and unusual. The visual recording of your adventures should arouse curiosity. You want your friends to question the how and why behind your photos. Here are some trip ideas to help you discover a new angle to your adventures.

Charismatic Chaos viewed from a Parking Garage in Brussels

A youth hostel provides a map of the city filled with little notes and comments. It proposes you go see a silent film or enjoy a traditional waffle along with the regulars at a crowded café in Belgium. Have you ever wondered how those Belgian Waffles look from ten stories up? Why not access a free panoramic view of Brussels from one of the city’s towering parking garages? Take in the astounding and chaotic patchwork of colors and styles that is Brussels without spending a dime.

Develop Your Appreciation for Sewers

Even the world’s most popular destinations have their little known and unusual attractions! Take Paris for example. Did you know the city of lovers is home to the Paris Sewers Museum? Though it may seem daunting at first sight to the uninitiated, this fascinating and popular subterranean tour of Paris is given top billing with the standard Louvre visit in tour brochures. Those who muster the courage to venture below will marvel at this feat of engineering.

Culinary Creativity in Montreal

North America has no shortage of unusual destinations to share with your friends. If you’re coming in from Europe, there is no better place to begin your explorations than Montreal. Find a suitable place to lay your head, and then it’s off to discover the offbeat treasures of this distinctly European-feeling city. Fascinated by insects? Montreal Insectarium boasts one of the world’s largest collections of bugs. If you arrive in the winter months, you can sample some of them. Crickets, locusts and other crunchy critters are all lovingly prepared by a chef and in accordance with stringent quality standards of the Quebec department of agriculture, fisheries and food. The museum also has two extraordinary live butterfly exhibits: the Butterflies Go Free runs from mid-February to April and The Monarch Odyssey, which takes place at the end of August.

Gone Vegan

The prospect of eating insects causes some to question their dietary habits. Feel good again by eating a variety of veggies, beans, fruits and nuts at Spirit Lounge, one of Montreal’s more unusual vegetarian eateries. One caveat though: this is probably the only restaurant in the world where you will be fined if you do not finish your meal. Leave food on your plate, and you may have to surrender dessert and give a donation to charity. Leave your dessert unfinished, and you may be asked to leave and never come back. Yes, it is unusual, but then rules are rules.

We all need the exotic and the unusual in our lives. Let these trip ideas inspire you on your own quest for unusual travel adventures. Don’t forget your camera!

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    • profile image

      vincent laflamme 6 years ago from sherbrooke

      Wow, great hub! Very useful!


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