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Kruger Game Reserve-Francois and the Giraffe

Updated on August 11, 2012
Scops Owl in Satara Camp
Scops Owl in Satara Camp
Hello Giraffe!
Hello Giraffe!

Francois and the Giraffe

Every trip brings its moments of delight and on out recent visit to Kruger National Park we decided to spend a night at Satara, one of the few camps we have not stayed at before, and it proved to be a good choice. The camp ground was large and quite full and as we chose our site and began to pitch our tent a couple of people gathered outside to look into a tree. After investigating what they were looking at we found that a Scops Owl was roosting in a small tree right outside our tent and at eye height, showing no fear of the cameras, both with and without flashes, focused on it.

But it was meeting young François that proved to be a real treat. As Audrey and I wandered down to the ablution block about 50 m away I greeted two men preparing their evening braai with a friendly, ‘Good evening!’ when a tiny tot of about thee or four echoed the reply of the adults, ‘Good evening!’ On my question as to his name he told me it was François. ‘What did you see today?’ was my next question and when he claimed to have seen Lion his Dad replied that he was lying, but who knows what he saw in his imagination.

The next morning, as I again wandered down to the bathrooms, the same two gentlemen were up with a cup of coffee in their hands. ‘Good morning’ was my greeting and again as they replied a small voice from one of the tents echoed their reply, ’good morning!’ It was my new found friend whose eyes only peeped out of his sleeping bag on the camp bed in his tent. On my question, ‘what do you want to see today?’ Francois he replied; ‘a Kameelperd oom!’ (a Giraffe Uncle) I hope his wish was fulfilled and every time we saw a Giraffe that day we hoped that Francois and his Dad and Grandpa also travelled the same way.


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    • Gill Harris profile image

      Gill Harris 5 years ago from South Africa

      Lovely! Great pic too.

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