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Free Travel

Updated on August 5, 2014

How to Travel the World for Free

Yes it seems almost unimaginable but it is true! You can get to travel the world for free with a few simple steps.....well not completely free.

There is a catch and that would require you to either work, volunteer or offer your services in exchange for a free airline ticket.

Accommodation can also be free or if you aren't one to soar through the sky, then there is a choice to take a road trip too!

The best things in life are free but if you want luxury then unfortunately you will have to get it the old fashioned way......hard work and a savings plan.

For those who don't have a small fortune to travel, there is still hope for you! You too can get to see the world on a budget as long as you don't mind working.

Travel is a great education and finding a way to do it for free is almost impossible
Travel is a great education and finding a way to do it for free is almost impossible | Source

Free flights

I have researched this to its entirety and there are no free flights!!

An air courier is someone that has to carry documents or a package from one country to another. You would have to keep the documents on you and deliver it in person but they pay for a portion of your ticket and you have to pay the remainder. It is a cheaper way to fly and in most cases you are allowed to stay for a couple of days but the flight is not free as you will have to pay upfront and claim the money back or alternatively you will get 75% of your ticket paid for.

There are still companies that are looking for air couriers, especially diplomatic services but if you think you are getting that ticket for absolutely free....don't bet on it.

You will also have to give up your baggage allowance in order to get the ticket for less and you will have to be able to fly at a moments notice.

As an air courier you will get to go to a foreign country but it is up to the company to say how long you will be there for. It could be a day or a few if you are lucky.

Getting this job is rather difficult as there are so many people wanting to travel for free. There might be a waiting list or you can try your own luck by visiting big companies and advertising that you will transport their documents and cargo.

The good thing about doing it through a courier company is that the cargo has been checked and it safe to fly with.

You are met at the airport by a representative from the courier company who escorts you to the check out and when you arrive at the destination, you are met again by another representative that will collect the package or document.

Finding reputable companies that do this is of the utmost importance to avoid flying with illegal things that could land you in a foreign prison.

They also handle all the paperwork and it is just a matter of you escorting the cargo and ensuring that it travels safely.

You must have a passport an all documentation.

Eighteen and over

You have to be willing to fly at a moments notice

Luggage is something you should get used to not having

Collect free miles to save up for your next holiday
Collect free miles to save up for your next holiday | Source

How to Earn free Miles without travelling

Voyager miles and free air miles can be another way to get yourself on a flight for free.

You do have to collect these points and this requires that you travel often.

By being an air courier you are not able to use voyager or flight miles and the only real way to save these is to find a system that allows you to transfer shopper points to flying miles.

There is a way to earn points without travelling but this will require strategic spending on a credit card and looking out for non travel promotions.

Many airlines give you points or miles if you eat out at one of their preferred restaurants and all you have to do is link up your credit card in order for this to happen.

For every rand. dollar or pound you spend you get a few points. This can add up quickly and you will be flying for free in no time at all.

You can also shop and get points depending on which stores the airline suggests but by buying toilet paper, you could be gaining points off your next vacation.

This one is a little tricky and could land you up in trouble if you don't know how to manage your finances!

Many credit card companies have a sign up bonus which offers free miles and all you have to do is avoid spending on the credit card. You can close the account when the fees start to kick in but WARNING!!!! this takes strategic planning and restraint.

If you have time on your hands then why not do surveys and answer a few questions in exchange for free miles.

Take a look at social networks for companies that offer free miles in exchange for likes.

Have you tried to get free flights and what is the best option

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Airline Mistakes give you free travel

For this to happen you have to spend time checking airline offers. Sometimes they make mistakes and offer prices that are almost free but you have to book it and pay for it straight away because they do notice the mistake and rapidly change the prices before everyone gets to hear about it.

Frequent travel forums often have this advertised and you need to be aware and very quick because the airline does honour these adverts but they do change it minutes after they have printed the special.

This is a great way to fly your entire family somewhere for next to nothing if you are lucky enough to spot the mistake before the millions of others waiting for it too.

Get yourself bumped off a flight for free miles or discounts on your next flight
Get yourself bumped off a flight for free miles or discounts on your next flight | Source

Standby tickets

Many airlines get full very quickly and if you already have a ticket but are willing to be bumped off the flight then the airline will reward you for doing so.

They often give discounts on tickets or offer free miles if you are willing to give up your seat and catch the next flight. The problem with this is that you already have to have bought a ticket.

Stand by flights are only allowed for family of airline crew and they do not offer tickets to people who have not already bought and paid for a ticket.

You will be getting to your holiday destination in no time at all if you save your miles
You will be getting to your holiday destination in no time at all if you save your miles | Source

Volunteer for free flights and accommodation

This one is not the greatest way to travel because by becoming a volunteer you do need to work when you get to the destination.

Many of the destinations are in wore torn countries that require volunteers to help provide food, medicine or teach underprivileged people.

You do not get the flight for free but they do pay a portion of it for you.

Once you get to the destination it is time to get to work immediately and if there is time off there is not much to see as most of the volunteer work is done in places that are not safe or well off.

Accommodation is usually in a small room and there is nothing luxurious about this travel.

If you enjoy helping people who are in need then this is a great way to do this but if you are expecting a luxury vacation then do not become a volunteer.

How to travel for free

Save miles or join a program that offers free miles

Complain about a bad flight in order to get a discount on your next one

Become an air courier or volunteer in order to get cheaper tickets

Work in a foreign country to get accommodation and spending money

Keep your eye out on discounts or mistakes that airlines make and be ready to book it in a few minutes

Free Accommodation

If you have your flight taken care of but you don't have spending money or a place to stay then you can volunteer to house sit for people who are going on their own holiday.

All you have to do is take care of their home while they are away. The catch with this is that you cannot go to far away because you are house sitting.

Working on a farm in a foreign country gives you a little bit of spending money and they offer accommodation in some of them too. They pay is not much, accommodation not great and you will be required to work a few hours, leaving you with an entire day to do what you want.

This is a good way to see a country without having to spend too much money.

Volunteer to drive for a free road trip

Hit the road by volunteering to drive or transport a vehicle from one destination to another
Hit the road by volunteering to drive or transport a vehicle from one destination to another | Source

Travel by road or sea

Become crew on a yacht or cruise liner. They don't pay too well and you have to work hard while you are on the ship but there is time off when you get to your destination.

Offer to drive cars or transport vehicles to other destinations for car companies that require a bought vehicle to get to a destination away from where they are.

This is usually in the second hand department and they will pay for your petrol and expenses but you have to be careful because they do not give you cash and you are required to collect your receipts which will be refunded on your return.

There is no real way to travel for free but you can get discounts and you need to look around for opportunites that allow for travel.

A travel writer is also a great idea but you have to be willing to go at a moments notice and you do need ot network in order to keep on writing.


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    • Tashaonthetown profile imageAUTHOR

      Natasha Pelati 

      4 years ago from South Africa

      Oh thats great, maybe you can share how you did it

    • MsDora profile image

      Dora Weithers 

      4 years ago from The Caribbean

      Very good information to have. On my last flight, I got a first class ticket for the price of a cabin fare plus luggage fare and I thought I got a great deal! Will see how I can improve on that. Thank you.


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