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4 Free and Cheap Things To Do In Fiji

Updated on December 29, 2014
Fiji - More than beautiful sunsets
Fiji - More than beautiful sunsets

Are You Planning To Visit Fiji?

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Most tourists only get the bits of Fiji that the brochures and tourist companies promote. I have met more than one person who has been to Fiji, landed at night and only ever seen the resort at which they stayed the entirety of their visit. For many this is just the sort of holiday they are looking for. But for others, this is simply the holiday they experience because they don’t know the possibilities that Fiji has to offer, outside those that are widely advertised.

And this is unfortunate because there’s a lot to be seen and discovered in Fiji - even without travelling too far afield, or going over a tight budget.

Why Free and Cheap?

Paying more for your holiday activities doesn't always provide you with the best experiences. While many tours will take care of your transport to and from your hotel and dispense with the need to plan the details, they also confine you to a more strict schedule and don't allow for the flexibility and spontaneity that can make a holiday fun.

Cheap activities tend to have fewer time constraints - and those shown below don't require booking, so you can change your plans up until the last moment. And if you really enjoy the activity, it is affordable enough to come back again! These activities are often less tourist-focused and more accessible, so you get more of an authentic experience and can mingle with local people and get a real feel for the country you are visiting.

The Fiji Museum

Traditional Boat in the Fiji Museum
Traditional Boat in the Fiji Museum | Source

The best way to gain some understanding of Fiji's past and thereby it's present is to visit the Fiji Museum. Located by the sea and to the rear of the pretty Thurston Gardens in Suva, Fiji's capital, the museum has many interesting historical artifacts.

Many of these will take you back in time to before the Missionaries came to Fiji and converted the indigenous people to Christianity. Before this time Fijians were fearsome warriers with a history of conquest and cannabalism. This is clearly reflected in some of the strange artifacts found in the museum. including wigs of human hair and cannibal forks.

See the Cannibal Forks for yourself
See the Cannibal Forks for yourself | Source

A large portion of Fiji's population is of Indian heritage. In later years, indentured labourers were brought from India soon after the colonization of Fiji by the British. A great majority of them and their descendants remained. The Fiji Museum has an exhibit dedicated to this important time in Fiji's history.

The Fiji museum also houses a lot of local art, a maritime section and displays exploring the political histroy of the country. all in all it is an eye-opening introduction to the heart of Fiji and it's people.

A markerThe Fiji Museum -
Fiji Museum, Cakobau Road, Suva, Fiji
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The Fiji Museum is located at the back of the pretty Thurston gardens

Opening Hours: Open 5 days a week (Monday - Friday) 9am - 4.30pm

Location: Cakobau Road, Suva, Fiji

How To Get There: Take a 2.1 km walk from the Suva bus stand through the centre of Suva. Alternatively, take a 5 minute taxi ride from Suva bus stand to the museum, or catch a bus

Entry Fee: adults $7 FJD children $5 FJD

Fiji Municipal Markets

Edible algae seller at Suva Market
Edible algae seller at Suva Market | Source

Specifically, Suva and Nadi markets are some of the better and more easily accessible markets in Fiji, but Lautoka market is also excellent if you are in the area. They are bustling, colourful and interesting places, selling mostly fruit and vegetables. However, the range of items to be found is wonderful, with many local items on display that are not widely found in other places. This includes local edible ferns.

There are often handicraft sections within the market and here you can buy woven Fijian mats, novelty island dance costumes and other locally made items.

A handicraft seller at Nadi Municipal Market
A handicraft seller at Nadi Municipal Market | Source

Things You Can Buy At Markets In Fiji

Other Items
Edible Ferns
Fijian Tobacco
Local Citrus
Sweet Potatoes
Locally-made Handicrafts
A markerSuva Market -
Suva Market, next to Suva Bus Stand, Harris Road, Suva - City Center, Fiji
get directions

Opening Hours: Most of Fiji's Municipal markets close around 5pm on weekdays. They also open on Saturdays but not on Sunday

Location: Suva Municipal Market - Rodwell Road, Suva, Fiji

How To Get There: Arrive at the Suva Bus Stand by bus. The Suva Municipal Market is right next to it.

Entry Fee: Free

Garden of the Sleeping Giant

The large collection of orchids is the highlight of the Garden of the Sleeping Giant
The large collection of orchids is the highlight of the Garden of the Sleeping Giant

Formerly owned by the late Hollywood actor Raymond Burr - who played the detective Perry Mason - The Garden of the Sleeping Giant is a beautiful tropical garden characterised by it's large collection of orchids. It is one of the world's largest collections of orchids with hundreds of different kinds. A peaceful spot, it offers a delightful garden experience through which you can take your time wandering.

Photographers and orchid enthusiasts will find this place perfect . For the rest of us, the many unique flowers, constant bird song and the beauty of this tropical location alone are reason enough to stop by.

A markerGarden of the Sleeping Giant -
Garden of the Sleeping Giant, Fiji
get directions

Opening Hours: Monday to Saturdays – 9 am to 5 pm and Sundays 9 am - 12 pm

Location: Waloko Road, Sabeto, Nadi, Fiji, 6.5 km (4 miles) North of Nadi Airport

How To Get There: Take a taxi to the Garden from your hotel if you are staying in Nadi

Entry Fee: Adults $16 FJD, Children (6 – 15yrs) $8, Families (Parents and minor children) $40

Kula Eco Park

Orange Dove at Kula Eco Park
Orange Dove at Kula Eco Park | Source

Not as cheap as the other options, this location is still good value for money. It is the only wildlife park in Fiji and showcases a number of local species.It doubles as a successful endangered species breeding facility and provides free environmental education facility for local school children.

Kula Eco Park is a real favourite among locals and tourists alike. The park is is made up of caged walkways, bridges and paths in a forest setting that shows off the different inhabitants to advantage. There are a number of rare Crested Iguanas kept at the park and you can hold these, among others.

Iguana at Kula Eco Park
Iguana at Kula Eco Park | Source

With it's variety of wildlife and numerous enclosures to walk through or by, the Kula Eco Park is a perfect option for families with children. There is something to keep all ages entertained and it is a great place for fantastic photo opportunities.

The park has also won a number of awards, including the 'GLOBAL 2012 Society of American Travel Writers' 'PHOENIX Award'.

Animals At Kula Eco Park

Reptiles and Amphibians
.Orange Dove
Monuriki Crested Iguana
Fiji's Flying Fox
Fiji's Peregrine Falcon
Ground Frog
Various Tropical Fish
Hawkesbill Sea Turtle
Insects and Butterflies
A markerKula Eco Park -
Kula Eco Park, Sigatoka, Fiji
get directions

Information for Visitors

Opening Hours: 10am - 4.30pm 7 days a week

Location: Queen's Highway, Coral Coast area of Viti Levu, 5 minutes drive East of Sigatoka,
opposite the Outrigger on the Lagoon Resort.

How To Get There: Get a taxi from Sigatoka

Entry Fee: Self-guided tour - FJ$30 Adult (Approx AU$17.50) and FJ$15 for Children up to 11 years (Infants up to 2 years - no charge)

Family Rate: FJ$80 for 2 Adults & 2 Children (3 - 11 years.) (Approx. AU$47.00)


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      Rota 2 years ago

      yes, Akshayy Rohida, it is pretty cool. thanks for the comment!

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      Rota 3 years ago

      Ken I Cruz Not a problem, hopefully you will have a chance to get over there sometime!

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      Ken 3 years ago from Seattle, WA

      Never been to Fiji but looks wonderful. I'm always up for beach hopping, island hopping, and exploring. Thanks for the useful information.

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      thanks for the recommendation, it sounds like a place to relax and rewind with nature