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Problems Visiting Paris

Updated on April 22, 2014

The Eiffel Tower


The French and Rudeness

The French can be rude in Paris. It is just supposed to be restaurant and hotel workers, etc. only according to the video. They are expecting tips. You can try to see a manager. Also look for another place to go to. There are many different cafes. It is not supposed to be as bad at all outside of Paris. As a matter of fact, other French people have been heard to complain about Paris.

From "Dodsworth," by Sinclair Lewis, "The assistant manager, a fluent Frenchman from Romania via Algiers, looked them up and down with that contempt, which assistant managers reserve for foreigners on their first day in Paris."

It can also be rude in New York City. But there is trouble in all large cities. The French have spoken about feeling very lost in New York.

You are supposed to greet them and say bonjour. Many of the staff will speak English. You can try to use French if you know it. I have heard it is better not to use French if you do not pronounce it correctly. Others say as long as you try it, it is at least something. That is if you do not speak fluent French.

Everyone just is not Jackie Kennedy that knew French. The French were quite impressed with her French. Her father was French American.

It is also supposed to help to use the more formal vous instead of tu when speaking to the French.

The video is very good on talking about what goes on with the rudeness from French employees and other ideas. It is the one for 5 things you will like and dislike about Paris.

Paris Metro


5 Things to Love and Hate about Paris

Paris, France

French Behavior and Dress

The general consensus is that Americans talk too loud. The French see it as being an impolite way of acting.

One thing the French resent is Americans not walking in Paris. They don't like the individual Segway two wheel transports that the tourists travel on to get to different places. They see it as being a very lazy thing to do.

In regards to dress they prefer that people are more dressed to impress instead of the sometimes casual American way of dressing. They don't see jeans and a T-shirt as being dressed up enough for going out. I am sure that people do dress that way there anyway. People in Paris are known for their stylish way of dressing. They may not have that many clothes but what they do have is very good and can be impressive.

Scarves can help and be important. But we all know in that respect, for tying a scarf it would be difficult to do exactly as the French do it.

There was a survey that found that French men prefer suits and dresses over shorts.

Paris Cafe


Paris Dining

The latest I have read is that when you are in Paris you are not supposed to yell "garcon," or waiter to be polite. You should instead get their attention in another way such as saying bonjour or hello. It does seem as if perhaps one can say garcon or waiter in a polite manner.

Paris cafes are not known for having really quick service. You need to be a little patient.

In France to have good table manners you are expected to keep your hands above the table, not below.

All food according to the "French Toast" book is to be eaten with a fork not your fingers including fried chicken and pizza.

Then you should keep your conversations in a low voice. Some people really don't realize that others can hear them. An inside voice, as it is called, is a good idea.

If the waiter or waitress is not being polite you don't have to after all leave a tip.

The French frown on people getting really drunk in public

The French women are supposed to lose weight from eating salads for lunch with a little piece of chocolate. It is supposed to be good chocolate.

There was a French woman that lived to be 122 years old according to the book, "Eat Chocolate, Lose Weight." She ate two pounds of chocolate a week.

Also the French food can be different from what one might expect. I found in Vogue magazine that one of the French restaurants in New York had french fries with horse oil on them. I think vegetarians at least might not like that. Also a waiter on the BBC show surprised a British hotel guest with their brains dish.

I don't want the foie gras myself. It is now banned in California because of the way the ducks were treated.

Paris Square

Flickr zoetnet Paris square
Flickr zoetnet Paris square | Source

French Men and Women

The men are said to be getting in touch with their feminine side. It is also said that they can be more macho. In the movie "French Kiss," the French girl talks about the French men as being not very nice.

In the book, "French Toast," the author states she had found that French women do not relate at all to the movie, "Thelma and Louise." She said that they get along with their men too well and don't see it as being a problem.

Both men and women can talk about Americans being fat. They sometimes sit there figuring out who is American by looking at their butts. The latest info from studies is that actually the French are not all skinny. It may look that way in Paris, but they say that they are now about 40% of them having weight problems. They think it may be from McDonald's.

It is a different attitude. The French women attained the right to vote much later than the Americans.

Paris Lifestyle - Helpful Tips

My French Experience

I know the French from having had a French American babysitter. I worked temp for the French government in New York City. I did the typing in English. There was another French boss at the hotel in San Francisco. I also worked for an American tour company that worked with European students.

Paris Disneyland


French Fairy Tale


Jerry Lewis

Public Domain
Public Domain | Source

Celebrities and Entertainment

Jerry Lewis

It seems the French are still watching Jerry Lewis movies. There is something from America that they do like. They think he is hysterical. In America he was thought to be quite funny. He had many movies years ago.

Now, his movies are not watched that much anymore in the United States. He is still popular in France. His latest movie "Max Rose" was shown at the Cannes Film Festival in 2013.

The reasons for them liking him so much seems to be his slapstick brand of humor. Maybe he did everything that they could not. He does in a way look a little French.

The French and Their Actors

The French have been known to throw things at their actors when they are trying to film movies or TV shows. They are supposed to have thrown things at just about everyone except Catherine Deneuve.

Also, there was an American singer that had trouble from them booing her. They are supposed to like a big show. There has to be a lot of things going on in the show. They did not think her show was made enough of as it was. It was not just her, it is the way they act to all of them.

Movie Theaters

According to David Sedaris, the comedian, they are very quiet and don't talk in movie theaters in Paris. He enjoyed going to the movies there.

French Disneyland

The French do not like the French Disneyland very much. It goes in with the fact that they resent the Americans acting as if they own everything. They see it as being destroying their culture. The fairy tales are a part of their French heritage according to them. They do go and visit it there.

Whoopee Cushions

They reportedly also think that whoopee cushions and other obnoxious jokes are very funny.

Scam Warnings

You do need to be careful of your belongs in Paris. It is a large city and could be dangerous.

The top three scams that are there:

1. The gold ring - It is better not to buy into it at all.

2. The petition - Several people reported trouble with a petition to be signed.

3. Bumping into you while someone else robs you or your friend.

Visiting Paris

Did you enjoy your trip to Paris, France?

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    • WhiteMuse profile image

      M Ziel 3 years ago from San Francisco

      I tend to believe they can be rude because of all the complaints. I have seen them in the US. A French guy was at the hotel desk in NY when I first went there. He was rude and accused me of trying to leave without paying for another day which was false. They did not apologize. Also if you see the movie in Paris with Julie Delpy, her American boyfriend gives the tourists wrong directions. There are some people that hotels etc. won't fool with.

      I also know they can be nice. I have had French American friends and there was a nice older French lady I knew in Boston. Everywhere has good and bad people.

    • raymondphilippe profile image

      Raymond Philippe 3 years ago from The Netherlands

      Never had any problems with the French. The scam warning is real. Have been confronted with scam 1 & 2 several times. It is really annoying. But there are enough places in france and paris where you are not bothered by these scammers.

    • FlourishAnyway profile image

      FlourishAnyway 3 years ago from USA

      When my family went to France last year we were amazed at how nice the French were -- much more courteous than we recalled from a trip taken in 1995. You can definitely tell who is American based on size and dress, however.

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