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Frequent flyer tips

Updated on July 14, 2011

6 tips for frequent flyers

Regular travelling, taking flights to far-flung destinations seems like a dream to the holidaymaker who can only manage one two-week holiday in the sun a year, but to the business traveler who regularly flies it can seem like a real inconvenience.

If the nature of your work requires you to constantly be on the move, visiting clients both at home and abroad, often at a moment’s notice, it’s essential to have a well-established routine to save you time, and possibly money.

Here are some handy tips I use:

  1. Travel bags
    Keep your regular travel bags handy – if you can manage with hand luggage only so much the better. If you must fly with checked-in baggage ensure that you remove your baggage tags and check your suitcase for wear and tear the minute you get home, so if you need to replace it you can do it immediately, rather than leave it too close to your next trip that you don’t have time to replace it and end up travelling with luggage that is liable to break mid-trip.

  2. Packing list
    As a regular flyer you should be used to what you need and what you don’t need on a trip. Regular flyers should be less susceptible to over-packing than infrequent flyers. Always keep a packing list in your travel bag ready for checking off when you pack for your next trip.

  3. Toiletry bag
    Keep a toilet bag filled with travel-size toiletries – ones that are permissible in hand luggage. Keep this bag in your travel bag and avoid the temptation to use any of the items – keep these for travel only. Check toiletry levels after each trip and top up or replace as and when necessary. Watch out for expiry dates too.

    For items that you only need abroad, such as a travel plug, padlock and key, leave these in your hand luggage too.

  4. Contact numbers
    Keep a list of contact numbers in your hand luggage – useful numbers such as your airline, taxi companies, car hire, airport parking, travel agent, hotels – numbers that you need on a regular basis. If you travel to a few destinations rather than just one, consider using a small notepad or diary to keep destination-specific details.

    This is a great time saver, as you will never have to hunt for those all-important numbers again.

  5. Travel insurance
    Purchase an annual travel insurance policy, not only is an annual policy usually cheaper, it ensures that you are always covered. Keep photocopies of your policy in your hand luggage, just remember to make a note of the expiry date you never travel without insurance.

  6. Travel documents
    Keep all your travel documents - passport, booking confirmation, flight tickets, photocopy of your travel insurance – and anything else together in an easy to find wallet. If they’re all kept together in a document wallet in your hand luggage you should never have difficulty finding anything and you are less likely to leave anything at home.


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