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Frequently Asked Questions About Getting a Canadian Visa as a Vietnam Resident

Updated on April 12, 2016

Immigrating to Canada has become a topic of discussion throughout the world. Whether you are simply interested in coming for a visit or if you want to work and/or study in the country, you will be required to get a visa as a Vietnam resident. Getting the visa can be a lengthy process and it can cost a significant amount of money but once your papers have been processed and if they are accepted, it could change your entire life. Below are the most frequently asked questions about getting a visa from a Vietnam visa Canada embassy.

What is an immigration visa?

Once you have contacted the Vietnam visa Canada embassy, you may have heard about an immigration visa, also known as a Permanent Resident Visa. This document allows you to work and live absolutely anywhere in Canada, based on a set of agreements and requirements. After 3 years of being a permanent resident, you can apply to become a Canadian citizen.

Is a work permit different from an immigration visa?

Another common reason as to why residents of Vietnam seek a Vietnam visa Canada embassy is because they want to work and live in Canada. If you find that you have been offered a job position in Canada but aren’t interested in becoming a permanent resident, you may want to think about a work visa. This allows you to work in the country for a limited amount of time.

Should I use an immigration attorney?

When you are interested in doing research and determining whether you are eligible to move to Canada, you may want to consider hiring an attorney. They will get all of the paperwork for you, ensure that you fill all of the information out properly, and they will help you to easily choose a category that will help you to get into the country. With that being said, immigration attorneys can be relatively expensive.

What is a study visa?

For residents of Vietnam that are interested in getting their college/university education from a college or university in Canada, you will require a study visa. This document allows you to land in Canada as an individual who has been legally granted to study and live in the country. There are a variety of requirements that need to be met before the application can be submitted and there are also requirements that you need to meet during the time that you study. Also, your visa will expire once you have finished your schooling or if you switch from a full-time program to a part-time program.

What’s the best visa for me?

Honestly, deciding the best visa depends on all of the different things that you want in your life. If you want to be able to take advantage of most of the benefits of Canadian citizens, you will want to apply for permanent residency. Whereas if you are simply interested in getting a degree or diploma, a study visa may be your best option.


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