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Spend You Winter in Beautiful Lake Havsu City, Arizona.

Updated on August 19, 2016

The State of Arizona

Welcoming Winter Visitors!

Lake Havasu City located in Arizona is a wonderful place for a winter visit or long-term stay. The locals in this city are wonderful, welcoming and entertaining residents. For decades they have looked forward to their winter visitors otherwise known as snowbirds. There are affordable places to get comfortable in and call home. There are several places in Lake Havasu that offer excellent discounts for their visitors and a great abundance of activities as well.

Out on the Island there is a bar and grill called, "The Tiki Lounge". They have food, cocktails, dancing and more. If you walk down the steps from the lounge you will be directly on the beach itself! It's soft, warm, glistening sand runs through your toes. There are volleyball games to play and there is also a boat launch. Down by the beach you can also rent skidoos and take your own trip around the lake! So much fun to have!

Snowbird To Do List

There are a wide variety of activities to fill your day in in Lake Havasu city, some include golfing on some of the most desirable golf courses around, there are hiking trips, gold digging, Also, several types of tours. You could take a fairy across the lake and see sights while taking pictures to add to your travel collections. Another super fun thing to do is take the jet boat tour that will take you through beautiful Topock Gorge. It is amazing a truly something you'll never forget.

Tour Lake Havasu

There are also bus tours available that will take you to Laughlin, NV where you can spend the entire day eating free buffets, gambling, playing slots and bingo to win great prizes. The prices are super inexpensive for these loaded with fun days.

There is a wide selection of fun and entertainment that costs virtually nothing. Accommodations are always made for winter visitors. Prices for hotels are dropped along with house rentals rates. If you are looking to stay at a Rv Park, there are several to choose from and they are reasonable as well as having very friendly neighbors. Lake Havasu has been a long time place for winter visitors and will continue to be for years to come.

World Famous London Bridge with Shopping and More!

Shopping and Dining

There are several shops underneath the London Bridge. In particular a candy store, a candle shop where they will literally make any kind of candle you ask for. You can shape it as a deer, a candy cane, absolutely anything you ask for they will make it. There are pizza places and clothing stores, just about everything you could think of.

As you walk around the bridge you might run into a goose looking for popcorn and if you look down into the channel you will see fish swimming around. That's another thing, in Lake Havasu City you can swim in the lake or in your own private pool. During mid-summer, it does get hot. But, during the winter season it's really, super nice weather!

A markerMcCulloch Bvd. Lake Havsu City, AZ -
McCulloch Blvd, Lake Havasu City, AZ 86403, USA
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Lake Havasu City Municipal Airport is conveniently located across from State Route 95 from "The Shoppe's At Havasu Mall".

The Shoppes at Havasu Mall opened their doors in the year 2009 and is filled with all kinds of great shopping. They have a JC Penney's with a full Sephora Counter, a beauty salon, there's a Nordstroms and a Game Stop for the younger crown.

Is Lake Havasu City on your to do list this winter?

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Come and Enjoy on of Lake Havasu's Gorgeous Sunsets!

A Little Historoy on Lake Havasu City

A Little History...

Lake Havasu was formed by Parker Dam on the Colorado River and offers many attractions. The deep blue water, with its coves and inlets, makes the lake a good fishing spot. The city hosts a number of major bass competitions throughout the year.

Open stretches of beaches are the scene for sailing competitions, water skiing and international jet ski championships. Early mines and mining towns are scattered in the desert to the north and east. Lake Havasu State Park and Lake Havasu National Wildlife Refuge provide areas of rugged terrain where birds and small game flourish.

For amateur geologists the area surrounding Lake Havasu City features volcanic rock, geodes, jaspers, obsidian, turquoise, and agate.

There Are So Many Fun Activities To Do!

The 2017 Lake Havasu city Balloon Festival will be holding their 7th Annual Balloon Festival and Fair On January 13, 2017, Thru January 15, 2017. Parking will be available and camping is allowed. Activities at the fair will consist of:

  • Mass Ascensions
  • Skydiver jumps & shows
  • Dog shows
  • Balloon Rides
  • Food Vendors
  • Bi-plane shows
  • Balloon night glow and
  • Arts & crafts

There are an enormous amount of attractions and complete fun activities. To find out more detailed and upcoming events please visit their website at


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