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From Aussie to USA and Return

Updated on July 19, 2011
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When you want to take a vacation the first thing you must do is to work out how much time you have.

The second thing to do is to where you want to go to.

Thirdly is how much will it cost you.

Well this is what I did 12 months ago, the time for my vacation is no problem as I'm retired, so that one is alrerady worked out.

The second one, would be to where I'd like to go, as I travel to Europe and England just about every year, I thought it would be great to travel over to USA, there I have 4 cousins and many internet friends, so USA was the choice.

Thirdly was the cost, as I was planning this 12 months before I left for my vacation I had plenty of time to save up, as all expenses at home still had to be met, this is where many fall down they forget these money amounts that still need to be paid out.

Now as my trip would take me all around America as some of my visits would be from Los Angeles to Walla Walla up in Washington State, down to Denver over to Tulsa, onto Owensboro, over to Boston, down to Orlando, into Alabama, back to Houston down to Corpus Christi and back to Los Angeles.

So I thought that the best way to travel would be by coach, as the train would not get me to every place I needed to go to.

All this you need to work out as to how you will travel around.

So as I had plenty of time to save up I was able to put away that extra money, because I cut down on some things that I did not really need before I went away.

I would walk to shorter distances instead of driving to them, to save on fuel costs, cut down on things I could do without in the food line, buy less clothing, there are many things that any one can do without when saving for that trip.

We in aussie have at the end of each year a sale of airline tickets at a cheaper cost, this is the best time to buy your ticket, you can save up to $300 depending on the time you travel.

I always shop around for the best travel insurance, not take the first one offered to you.

I was offered one which would have cost about $ 700 more than the one I got which still covered the same things.

When I travel I buy my ticket thru the travel Agent and that is all I buy from them, then I go to the internet and check out the costings for everything else, this way I save about another $ 600 as I don't have to pay the agent for their work.

And all Hotels on the internet are so much cheaper that way, so are other traveling tickets you may need.

I saved another $400, so altogether I saved about $1700, so the best way to have your vacation and still enjoy it is to do a lot of researching first, you will see just how much you can save.

Why not have that money in your pocket, all the more places you can go to without worrying of running out of money.

I spent 6 weeks in usa and I came back home to aussie land with still a few hundred dollars in my pocket.

The distance that I traveled was close to 19.500 km. or 12.000 the usa. I went thru 26 states, and set foot in 66 towns or cities, I stayed in 11 places 5 with friends, the rest at Hotels and B&B's, and still had money left over, which will go towards my next vacation next year, which will be over to Europe and England.

Hope you got something from this and it will help you for your next vacation.


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    • Raymond Tremain profile imageAUTHOR

      Raymond Tremain 

      7 years ago from Metro Manila Philippines

      Thanks Skye, well what I saved will surely go towards my next visit, and yes on my way to England I will go thru usa so another meeting is on the plan.

      Yes and that lunch was great too, but the best event was to go with you to your church

      God loves all

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Brother Blessings to You. This is very good. I love it. Gods light is on you bro and you shared very valuable(tee hee)information. One day I would love to visit Aussie land and God willing that would be a destination. You done good on your hub. Way to go. It was fun driving to the foothills in Colorado with you. That was such a beautiful day in Gods Green earth. God is so awesome and amazing. Heaven is going to be unbelievably beautiful oh my. Come soon Jesus. Keep on raymon you are a treasure. Keep touching the hearts with the Love of Jesus Christ. Your sister love ya.

    • FriendofTruth profile image


      7 years ago from Michigan

      Wow! Great advice, glad to hear you had a safe trip!


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