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From The Bushes of Africa

Updated on July 8, 2014

Africa The Dark Continent

I have heard about the phrase "Africa: The Dark Continent", as from the day I knew how to write and read English. I used to wonder back then as to why they call it dark and yet the sun shines so bright you can even feel it below the tall trees of Kakamega forest. No it is not dark it is sunny and lovely.

That was years back and still to this date I cannot comprehend what exactly the phrase tells about Africa. First of all as I have mentioned we have the sun during the day and at night for most part of the year we have moonlight, we don't have all the four seasons; summer, winter and the other two like the rest of the world. Maybe you may be asking now which part of Africa is this guy talking about? well am talking about the tropics in Africa.

Africa is not one country, We have more than 50 different countries, I was born in the East side of Africa in a country called Kenya. Now let us talk about Kenya: The best in the world and found in East Africa, with more than 42 tribes speaking different languages. I was born in Western part of Kenya (I am from the West) in a place known as Kakamega the homeland of Kakamega forest, a forest with more species of birds than any iother place n the world. Kakamega is well dominated by the Luhya Tribe.

The Luhya Tribe comes from the Bantu Peoples and we have more than 18 different dialects or sub tribes in that matter, I belong to the Wanga sub tribe. Wanga is A Bantu word meaning Light if you translate Wanga to English. Still stressing the point that Africa is not A dark continent. The reason we are called the Wanga people is that we saw the light earlier than other people in Africa. We are the only group in Kenya ruled by a King and hence the Wanga Kingdom. In Wanga we have so many sub sub tribes but we speak the same, I dont have a name for that in english but I will try to explain;. I am from the group called 'Baleka' that is from my fathes side, my sister can be refereed to as 'Nabaleka' and my daughter too. My mother is 'Nasonga' she comes from the 'Basonga' group of which I am not allowed to marry from that group since all the women there are my mothers, Questions please, Thank you.

Point though we don't live in forests, and when you come to Africa you will not be eaten by a lion or chased by an elephant. I saw a comic movie where the children were asking some black friends if they have ever been chased by a rhino.

I will continue on this later I have to go out and look after our cattle ...2 b contd.....

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