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Frugal but safe traveling in Los Angeles

Updated on May 9, 2011

I was never a resident of L.A., but I have taken a couple of week long trips there before. So, I don't claim to know the place very well at all. That being said, I the two times I went there it was on a very tight budget yet I didn't have any problems with gangsters, roaches, nor did I get hungry. This hub should be useful to someone who would like to travel to LA on a tight budget. Lets get started.

I stayed at a hotel called the Little Tokyo Inn which is in the Little Tokyo District in the outskirts of downtown L.A. This turned out to be a near perfect hotel. Why?

  • I was on such a tight budget that I almost didn't have business traveling, and the room was at a rate of $35 a night (since I stayed for more than a week. If it was less than a week, it would have been $40 a night.)
  • This hotel didn't have any problems with bugs or dirt (based on my experience). Although the bathrooms and showers are shared, they were well kept.
  • The guests were decent, it didn't attract bums or any other vermin (that I noticed.)
  • The hotel is centrally located at the northeast edge of downtown, close to Union Station. I was traveling without a car, so a good spot for public transportation was important.

There was a grocery store right in the Little Tokyo District, but I don't remember what the name of it is. The point being is if you're on a tight budget in L.A. and you can't afford to eat at many restaurants, this worked out well for me and it should for you too.
The public transit system in L.A. is not good, but its not one of the worst (not quite.) The Jewelry District is a district in downtown LA which has a lot of very cheap places to stay, but there are problems. This is not a part of downtown which I really liked.
Los Angeles and Las Vegas are a couple of entertainment capitals of this country and world. (which one do you think comes first for entertainment?) If you're on such a tight budget, go into Hollywood with a camera and hope to see someone famous. When I first went to L.A. back in August 2007 I happened to see Michelle Pfiefer at the boardwalk, but all of the paparazzi people were in my way taking their own pictures. So, I didn't get a good shot of her. But I'll have to put that photo up sometime.

A few resources

Hotels Combined is a good site to find hotels. This site searches all of the major hotel sites like, Priceline, Expedia, etc.
Are you staying someplace for longer than a month? Extended Stay America is a good chain to check out because they have kitchenettes. You can call them and ask about their Long Term Lodging rates, which are not found on their website. However, LTL rates for Extended Stay hotels can be found on You may also find vacation rentals at where you can rent a house, condo, or other property for your vacation.

Note: I am not associated with any of the companies mentioned here.


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    • UniquelyIndonesia profile image

      UniquelyIndonesia 6 years ago from Indonesia, South East Asia

      looking forward for some magic, could bring me to L.A. hehehe,,, nice hubs though,,, useful

    • Scosgrove profile image

      Scosgrove 6 years ago from Tampa, Florida

      I'm visiting LA very soon, so any extra information helps! Thanks for the Hub.