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Full Review of THE D Hotel Casino Las Vegas Including Pictures and Video

Updated on December 2, 2013

UFC 167 was quickly approaching and I needed to book a Las Vegas Hotel; decisions, decisions! Being from Detroit, Michigan I was exceptionally excited to check out the relatively new “The D” hotel Las Vegas; a Detroit / Mo-Town themed hotel that was formerly the popular Irish-themed “Fitzgerald’s”.

At first I was a little skeptical to check it out because it is located on “The Old Strip” (AKA: “Downtown Las Vegas”). Every time I have been to Vegas I have always stayed on “The New Strip” and only ventured “Downtown” on a single occasion. But hey, its time to try something new! So, without further ado, here’s my complete honest review (let me state, I have NOT been paid to write this!!)

THE D Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas

Check-In Experience at THE D Hotel Las Vegas

I arrived at The D Las Vegas in the afternoon on Friday (November 15th, 2013). Immediately I was super excited; the beautiful casino with the trendy Top 40 music created a fun atmosphere kind of like a nightclub.

Surprisingly, despite the hotel being completely sold out, I was able to check-in in a matter of minutes… literally, minutes, from start to finish! To compare my check-in experience; the previous night I stayed on the “New Strip” at The Flamingo and check-in was so dreadfully long (OVER 40 MINUTES!) that people in line were livid!

THE D Hotel Hallway


Getting to Your Room

Anyway, after checking-in I did the usual and went directly to my room. I couldn’t help but notice how immaculate the hotel was. Not only is the décor super cool, but the cleanliness is mind-blowing. There was an employee in the hallway lint rolling the carpet! Seriously! If that isn’t “attention for every last detail” I don’t know what is! To top it off, every single employee greeted me on the way to my room; it made me feel like I was valued.

Finding the room was so easy. Again, to compare to my previous night’s stay at The Flamingo:

At The Flamingo I found myself walking dark and dingy hallways, staring at room numbers that are difficult to read and like SIX digits long! Thank goodness I was sober because I couldn’t imagine locating my room at The Flamingo after a night of cocktails. Oh, and did I mention the number buttons in the elevator don’t work! Yeah, you have no way of knowing what floor you’re on unless you open the door and look in the hallway! Insane! But this is NOT the case with the gorgeous The D Las Vegas! At The D the hallways are lit to perfection. The red, gray and white color combination is very posh. The room numbers are clear and in a legible font and the elevator floor display was in working condition. I found my room with ease.

THE D Las Vegas Hotel Room Suites

A suite at THE D is almost the same price as a regular room at many other hotels!
A suite at THE D is almost the same price as a regular room at many other hotels! | Source

Stunning Hotel Suites at THE D Las Vegas

My incredible suite!
My incredible suite! | Source

360 View of My Suite at THE D Hotel

THE D Hotel Suites Room

Due to the exceptional value of The D Hotel Suites, the decision of which room to stay in was a no-brainer! Of course rates are always subject to change, but The D has rooms for as little as $22 during the week and I believe the suite was only about $150 on the weekend of the UFC fights! To compare this to other hotels; $150 for a suite is the-same-or-less-than you will pay to stay in a “normal room” in The Venetian or Mandalay Bay.

As I entered The D Hotel Suite my jaw dropped! STUNNING! I mean, WOW! To my right was a roomy bar area with tons of fridge room and the most AMAZING mirror-mosaic wall. The wall is so pretty that I think I’m going to steal the idea for my house!

There was a very nice sized bar that seats 3 in comfy leather chairs. As a former bartender, I can say that if you are looking to use the suite for a get-together and have a bartender work, there is plenty of room.

Next there is a table that seats four. Perfect height for playing cards, reviewing business documents or whatever your needs are.

Then there is the coolest entertainment / living room. A “massive” couch is an understatement! I’ve never seen a couch that large… but the size wasn’t what impressed me the most; that couch was so darn comfortable that I could have slept on it! The three big screen TVs and extra large ottoman and extra end table were great compliments to this room. But then… the automatic retractable curtains will blow you away! Simply push the button and marvel at the beauty of the city!

Bedrooms at THE D Hotel - Serta Mattresses!

The bedroom is yet again an area of the hotel where no detail has been overlooked. Whoever designed these rooms did a FANTASTIC job. The visual of the room is breathtaking, but the functionality is equally great. Not only are there two large closets, but the closets are lighted! The headboard of the bed is incredible and features overhead lights on both sides that are separately controlled as well as lamps on each side.

The bed is a Serta! You will sleep like a baby! The bedding is wonderful too, I really liked the comforter, and I never thought I’d say that about a hotel!

Also in the room you will find everything you need; a desk with a very stylish adjustable-level light, extra lamps, even a super cool chair. Again, there’s a great view of the city. But what’s even cooler is…

Gorgeous Rooms!
Gorgeous Rooms! | Source

THE D Hotel Bathroom / Restroom

This was absolutely a winner! All marble, tons of mirror with built in lights that can be turned on/off, glamorous huge smoked glass doors for the shower and restroom area. The shower had a very roomy seat in it that was perfect for shaving my legs without the need for a bathtub. It also had multiple shower heads!

The giant, lighted mirrors in the bathroom were outstanding; this is another thing I’d love to have in my home!

I also loved the designer-brand lotions, shampoos and hand soaps. Such a nice touch!

The Bathrooms at THE D Hotel

Glamorous lighted mirrors, tons of marble and beautiful smoked glass doors at THE D
Glamorous lighted mirrors, tons of marble and beautiful smoked glass doors at THE D | Source

THE D Hotel Suite Restrooms

Totally glam restrooms!
Totally glam restrooms! | Source

The D Casino Review Las Vegas

The D casino is not the biggest casino in Vegas but it is perfect for gamblers of all experience levels. The layout of the casino is great. If you love playing slots like I do, you won’t feel “cramped”. At many casinos I have been to the isle-way is near claustrophobic. At The D Hotel there’s plenty of room to move around without having to squeeze by people.

Another thing I really liked; the ease of getting drinks. If you play the machines or table games drinks are free of charge and the waitresses are on top of things. Even when the bar was a little backed-up with drink orders, the waitress came by to apologize for the delay (which wasn’t even really necessary because it wasn’t even a lengthy wait). The drinks are NOT “weak”. I am a Captain and Coke drinker and I was very satisfied with the “strength” of the beverages. Other casinos I had been to either load your glass with ice and your drink is gone in 2 sips or they don’t give you a fair amount of liquor.

If you don’t feel like playing slots and getting free drinks you can also purchase them. The prices are also very fair for a casino. I believe my double captains were about $6 -$7. The really cool thing is that The D Hotel features “The Longbar” which is the longest bar in Las Vegas. The Longbar makes it very convenient to get a drink no matter where you are at in the casino. The Longbar bartenders do flare (bottle tricks) which is super exciting; a totally free show!

Then, in the evenings the girls that work in the casino do awesome dances on table tops every half hour or so. They’re so sexy! Again, the music is great. Being at The D is like being in a fun club that is appropriate for adults of any age.

The restrooms in the casino are the cleanest EVER! And they smell amazing! No kidding! They have employees who are cleaning the restrooms and the casino constantly. As far as inside the casino, I am a cigarette smoker and my ashtray never had over two butts in it. It was very nice to be treated so well!

Video of THE D Flair Bartenders and Dancing Dealer Girls

Other Comments About THE D Hotel Las Vegas

The D Hotel is the first hotel I have stayed at in Las Vegas that I was actually able to sleep without being woken up by noise. I like how each room has its own climate control that has multiple settings.

I needed an extra blanket for a friend who was staying with me for a night. I called the front desk and the blanket arrived promptly AND it was a super nice blanket to top it off!

Bag Check: As I mentioned, my previous nights stay was at The Flamingo hotel and everything was a disaster, including asking the hotel to “hold” my bag (there was a few hours delay between my 11am Flamingo checkout and my Checkin at The D). At The Flamingo, finding the place to have your bag held is a nightmare. I went to their Bell Desk and a lady pointed off to the left and mumbled something about “Go around the corner past the coffee shop and turn then go down”. I found myself going down an escalator and ending up at the front door. I then had to ask the same lady a second time for directions. I wasn’t able to locate the bag-hold area until my THIRD attempt! The line was yet another long mess. The employee told me I have to take my iPad out of my luggage because, quote, “it will get broken”, despite me asking if they could put a FRAGILE tag on it. At The D Hotel my experience was completely different. The bag holding area is out in the open, no line and immediate service… and service with a smile! When I came back several hours later to retrieve my bag, it was handed to me within seconds.

Limo Service: Here’s something you won’t read elsewhere! Did you know that you can take a LIMO or private transportation for FREE at The D hotel?! A cab can run you $60 when the driver takes the long route just to make you pay more! Why waste money?! Instead, make sure you get a Players Club Card as soon as you arrive at The D. Then kick back, relax and play whatever games you want and enjoy all the free drinks you can handle, watch the free Longbar and Dancing Girl shows and earn 100% FREE transportation… in a gorgeous limousine! All you need to do is earn a certain amount of points and enjoy the comps! Think about this: Instead of spending $60 x two cab trips (to-hotel and from-hotel) plus another $6 a drink x 10 drinks a person x 2 people (5 drinks per night each, x two people) = $120; a total of $240 just for drinks and cabs; drop that $240 on your favorite slot or table games and earn your way to freebies! At least you stand a chance of winning money instead of a guaranteed loss! Plus, there’s so much fun to be had playing video slots. I put $100 in my all time favorite slot game, “Texas Tea” in The D Casinos “Vintage Room” and kept hitting! It took me around two hours to spend $100! During that two hour time frame I had about 4 free drinks and a total blast!

In Closing: THE D Hotel = GREAT Value

I couldn't have been more pleased with my stay at The D hotel, Las Vegas. In fact, I had so much fun “Downtown” (The Old Strip) that from now on I will not be staying on the main strip! The D hotel has a great location Downtown. If you look at a map online it looks like The D is located slightly off the strip, but in reality it isn’t. You can walk right out the front door and you are directly across from 4 Queens on the Downtown strip. Also, it’s right by the shuttle pickup / dropoff. It was about a 1-minute-walk to get to the shuttle from The D. This was so convenient, even when wearing high heels!

If what you are seeking for your Vegas Vacation is luxury on budget then book your room at The D (get the suite, you’ll feel like royalty and it wont break your bank!). I have only been back in Michigan for a few days and I’m already planning going back to “The D”.

THE D Hotel Las Vegas Location

THE D Hotel Las Vegas:
301 Fremont Street, Las Vegas, NV 89101, USA

get directions

Las Vegas Vacation Deal of the Decade! Rooms as low as $22! Suites around $100-$150!


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