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All Ages Fun Games, Activities and Things to Do at a Picnic

Updated on October 30, 2012

Summer is in full swing and fall is just around the corner. Both of these seasons are terrific seasons for getting together with friends, family and co-workers for a picnic. You can pack up a lunch and take an all-ages group to a local park, a nearby hiking trail or a body of water (like a river or lake) near your home. It makes for a great afternoon and can encourage some terrific relaxation and bonding among any group. There's nothing wrong with going on a picnic without any plans; you'll still have a great time. But it's even better if you plan some fun activities to enjoy with the group during the picnic.

Here are some fun things that you can do during a picnic with the people you love:

  • Tell stories. One of the things that people often like to do at picnics is to talk. Trade stories and information. Actually stop and listen to one another for a change. Discuss the things that you never bother discussing like what your favorite travel experience was or where you see yourself in five years or what you have always wished that you hadn't done. Talk and get to know the people that you are with.
  • Read a play aloud together. If you have a big enough group then this can really be fun. Whether you actually get dressed up and re-enact the play or you just read the parts aloud while seated, it can bring a lot of fun to the picnic. People who don't want to participate can just watch and enjoy the experience. Reading short stories or poetry is another option.
  • Get dressed up for a themed picnic. Picnics are more fun if they have a theme to them. You can do a 1950s theme or a beach theme or a Shakespeare theme or an animal theme or whatever. Try to bring foods that go with that theme. For example, a 1950s theme might have hot dogs and cherry coke; you would wear retro style shorts and a shirt that ties up in front. Alternatively, a Shakespeare theme might have tea and cookies and you'd be dressed in Victorian garb.
  • Play cards. As long as it's not windy out, the group can have a great time playing card games with one another during a picnic. You might bring a cribbage board or some board games along as well. You don't want to bring games that have too many pieces but you can bring things like checkers or chess.
  • Get active. One of the best things to do at a picnic is to get active with the people you are there to spend time with. Volleyball, badminton, hiking, biking, Frisbee, tag ... these are all games that you can play at a picnic with a group of almost any size.
  • Fly a kite. What picnic is complete without a kite? Alternatively you might bring other "kids toys" such as hula hoops to the picnic. Have a good time. You are out there to play and enjoy yourselves!

The amount of things that you can do on a picnic is really only limited by your own imagination. Have a great time!


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  • profile image


    8 years ago

    Games games, finger foods, and take photos.

  • profile image


    8 years ago

    hi,am frm kenya en am planning a surprise picnic for my 3 friends. Your ideas?awesome

  • profile image


    9 years ago

    enjoy all ur picnic and get it done

  • profile image

    sanjana kashyap 

    9 years ago

    great thing keep it up

  • shai77 profile image


    10 years ago

    Hi Kathryn :-)

    Loved this Hub and you really do have great ideas i liked very much the idea of Getting dressed up for a themed picnic.

    I also write about picnics and have a small picnic food ideas site :

    I will be happy if you visit.

    I also like you love very much "the picnic site" i see you have a link there and Emily is wonderful.

    Good luck and promise to keep reading you :-)

  • profile image

    The Picnic Spot 

    11 years ago

    Great and unusual ideas for things to do on a picnic! Thanks for the ideas. We are going to the lake this summer with a family that is very into theatre so I will have to take your suggestion and find a play we can do together.

  • profile image

    Picnic Baskest and More 

    11 years ago

    Thanks for the great picnic ideas. I really love the idea of a retro style picnic. Great idea!

  • profile image


    11 years ago

    great might help.

  • Mireille G profile image

    Mireille G 

    11 years ago from Kansas

    Hi, these are some great ideas of things to do. It is not all inclusive as one could never include all that can be done, but it does give a good start for ideas for a good picnic. Let's just wait for a little better weather and put some of those ideas to good use.

    I have not yet built my hub so I am giving you my blog's address instead. I just blog about kids in my community. I do not have ads on the blog, it is for fun and for the kids. Feel free to visit if you are interested.


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