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Fun facts about South Africa

Updated on December 18, 2010

There are many things in South Africa that are fun. Starting from clubs, restaurants, concerts, casinos and not forgetting sports.

To have fun in South Africa is to move in the right circles. The fun in South Africa begins on a Friday where people start their parties, or braai or just going for a drink with friends and may be enjoying a gig. Set after set until morning comes.

Going out for camping, sleeping on the sleeping bag only, leaving your comfortable bed for a weekend. It is a fun fact to wake up early in the morning and go for a game drive and see wild animals. This helps you when you are stressed and you will find that will want to do it again and again. Dont forget to bring something to read.

Going out for a long drive can also be fun and you only spend money on petrol.

South Africa has a moderate weather and its winters are not that cold. Spring and summer are times to party because the girls like to show more skin.

Going to movies with friends is another fun thing to do when you are in South Africa. Being a rainbow nation there are many restaurants, such as Italian, Portuguese, French and Chinese and tai. From poiki pot stews to pasta and sushi.

Johannesburg, Capetown and Mpumalanga are the busiest places in South Africa. If you are into clubs, there are many dj’s doing their spinning at these clubs. Nearly every week there are international artist performing concerts in South Africa.

South Africa is a proud nation particularly when it comes to sport every weekend there is either a rugby match or a cricket game or soccer. It has unified the nation hosting the world cup soccer. And there is much hope for the prospects as a nation. All South Africans can be proud to say that they had a part in the world cup and that you should know how many pets names are vuvuzela. Before the world cup no body new what a vuvuzela was or even sounded like. But now there are vuvuzela played at rugby matches and even cricket matches.


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