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Experience the ride of jeepney only in Asia

Updated on May 9, 2013

Jeepney is the most popular means of public transportation in the Philippines. Historically inspired from the design of 1943 Willys jeep in USA. Filipinos was given hundreds of jeeps and was remodel in unique style, featuring the culture and history of Philippines. It was known as passenger-type jeeps. Since then, Jeepney rapidly emerges as popular and creative ways to re- establish inexpensive public transportation. Philippines government recognize the widespread use of these vehicle every one began to regulate their use. A Jeepney driver requires owning licenses, regular routes, and reasonably fixed fares and especially discounts to Senior Citizens and Student’s. Jeepneys may accommodate 18 passenger including two seats in the front. It's a share space mode or move inside whenever passenger comes. Sometimes this is inconvenience to the passenger. Since, Jeepneys have designated routes you have to wait inside until it gets occupied. Other option is you have to wait for quite some time before seeing a roomy jeep. There's quite few routes that can pass through an area, just wait for another jeep that takes you to a more familiar place, and you should be fine. If your tourist or new to the place just tell to the driver where you want to go and the driver drop's you off. Just be polite...

I have grown up riding the mode of transportation in Philippines and used to it if it’s your first time riding these you'd probably have a blast and some inexperience moment. If you choose to ride jeepney be sure to bring coins; if possible not to pay large bills such as 500 pesos or 1000 pesos because the drivers don’t have change especially in the morning. Everyone collect the fair for "only" eight pesos for the first 4 km. plus one-two pesos for another exceeding km. and 20% discount privilege to senior citizens and students. Some jeepney have conductors every driver are responsible collecting fares and change, some don’t have conductors just "only" driver for you to pay on the driver hand the fare to the near person seated and say “ PAKI- ABOT’ or “BAYAD PO” it means please pass my fare in tagalog language. Remember Filipinos are profoundly polite you always hear them with the word” PO” it’s a entirely polite way of them when someone ask and respect to others. When you pay the fare to the driver tell the place you want to drop off sometimes driver ask you where you want to go. The driver hand over you change if you pay a small bills or extra coins. After you receive you change respond to him “SALAMAT PO” it means Thank you. Experience the ride. Have a safe and fun ride in Philippines!

I added entertaining video of riding jeepney. Please watch this.

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Source: Wikipedia and YouTube

©Copyright 2013 All rights reserved by Dashingme

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    • dashingme profile image

      Mayz 4 years ago from Phoenix

      Hello Thelma, I personally had fun too when I found it in youtube its perfect on my hub:) Thank you so much for stoppinng by I'm glad that you had find it informative and useful.

    • Thelma Alberts profile image

      Thelma Alberts 4 years ago from Germany

      Hahaha... I love the video you shared. Funny! Thanks dashingme for sharing this very informative and useful hub. I enjoyed reading this.