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Fun things to do in Puerto Banus, Spain

Updated on June 8, 2011

Puerto Banus, Spain - Europe

Puerto Banus is a luxurious city in Southern Spain. The beaches are phenomenal and complete paradise. It's a relatively new tourist attraction, but there are many sites to be seen, much shopping to be done, and even more food to be eaten!

Considering visiting Puerto Banus? Here are some notable things to do and see.

Shopping galore!

"The Golden Mile" is the famous strip for shopping in Puerto Banus. It features all the high-end designer stores, such as Dolce and Gabbana, Jimmy Choo, Louis Vuitton and much more. Be sure to take a trip down to Antonio Banderas Square, especially if you're seeking less pricy shopping bargains. This enormous shopping plaza is known to be Spain's biggest department stores, and features five stories of clothing, accessories, shoes, and gadgets.

Everyone loves food, right?

Puerto Banus has a large variety of restaurants to choose among, guaranteed to satisfy whatever your taste buds may crave. Everything from Italian, fresh seafood to Chinese, Japanese, and mouth-watering international cuisine.

The most notable restaurants in the area are Cipriano Dalli's Pasta Factory, Los Bandidos, and Antonio's Seafood & International Cuisine. Other great food options are located on "The Golden Mile" strip. Let your taste buds go wild!

Night Clubs

Wondering what's going on during the night life? The night clubs in Puerto Banus are lively and exciting, as well as dedicated to various age divisions and atmospheres. The best known in the area are Vanity, Olivia Valerie, and La Meridiana. You can find several other night clubs located on "The Golden Mile". Grab a friend, dress to impress, and get the party started!

Also be sure to ...

  • Visit the monstrous sand-carvings on the beachfront of Puerto Banus.

  • If visiting in June, attend the Flamenco Festival.

  • Absorb Spain's rich culture and customs

  • Have fun, have fun, have fun!


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