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How Well do You Know Oklahoma: Funny Oklahoma Facts and Quizzes

Updated on December 12, 2017

Oklahoma may be one of the younger states, but she is not without her own interesting history. From the Great Blue Whale in Catoosa to the Worlds Highest Hill, Oklahoma is a land as diverse and interesting as that of any state. Explore some of the strange laws of Oklahoma, and learn how some towns got their strange names. While you're here, take a poll or two to find out just how well you know Oklahoma!

Funny Oklahoma Laws: Statewide

Don't wear your boots to bed, it's illegal in Oklahoma.

If you have a strange desire to put boots on your farm animals, don't. It's illegal.

Spit on the grass, not on the sidewalk. Sidewalk spitting is illegal.

If you park in front of a public building, be sure to tie up your car. If you don't, you'll be fined. (Repealed)

It should be obvious, but Whaling is illegal in Oklahoma.

Be nice to dogs; if you're caught making ugly faces at them then you can be fined, arrested, or jailed.

Laws are not just for people. If dogs are to be found congregating in groups of three or more on private property they may be fined. They must have a permit signed by the mayor to do so.

Remember to take your fish out of their bowls when you board a public bus. They aren't allowed to be in fishbowls while traveling.

You may hold all of the "cow tripping" events you want, but don't promote a "horse tripping event", it's illegal.

Always store your tissues in your glovebox, it's illegal for them to be found in the back of one's car.

Like that new spiderman comic? Don't get caught reading it while driving. It's against the law to read any comic book while operating a motor vehicle.

Do you want fries with that? That's fine, just don't get caught taking a bite out of another person's hamburger. Oklahoma will not tolerate it.

Funny Oklahoma Laws: By City

If your a New York Jets fan, keep it hidden. You may be put in jail if you wear any Jets clothing.

Molesting cows is fine, but molesting an automobile is illegal.

Hypnotists beware: Don't put any hypnotized person in a display window. It's illegal.

Oklahoma City

Always walk straight ahead while eating a hamburger. If you walk backwards, you'll be fined.


It may be sexist, but women may not gamble in the nude, in lingerie, or while wearing a towel. Men may do so freely.

Next time you buy that soda bottle, you had better hire a licensed engineer. It is illegal to open it without one.

If you decide to take a ride on your elephant, keep it away from downtown; you'll get a ticket and the elephant will be impounded.

Heavy kissers beware: Tulsa imposes a strict limit on kisses. They may last no longer than three minutes.


If your mule is thirsty, keep it away from bird baths. It is illegal for mules to drink out of bird baths. It is also illegal to wash clothes in a bird bath.

Funny Oklahoma Picture..
Funny Oklahoma Picture..
And yet, another funny Oklahoma picture..
And yet, another funny Oklahoma picture..

Travel across the United States without leaving Oklahoma

Cleveland, Oklahoma - Townsite owner Willis H. Herbert lost out to the president of the United States shortly after Pawnee County's largest town was platted with the opening of the Cherokee Outlet in 1893.

Orlando, Oklahoma - This small town began with the Oklahoma land rush of April 22, 1889 and boasted a somewhat restless population of 60,000 people.  Now a small town of less than 200, there's not a single animated mouse in sight.

Miami, Oklahoma - Named for a small Indian tribe living on the site in the nineteenth century, this town began in 1891.  There's not any oceanfront property here, but residents are still proud of their town.

Pittsburgh, Oklahoma - While this town never manufactured automobiles, it is known as a one-time coal mining center. First developed in 1903 as Edwards, for coal operator J. R. Edwards, it changed its name to Pittsburgh after the county name.

Chattanooga, Oklahoma -Now a dwindling farming community, the town began in 1903 on a now-abandoned branch line of the Rock Island railroad.  It was presumably named to honor the Tennessee city of that same name.

Peoria, Oklahoma - Now an almost deserted settlement that commemorates another of the small Indian tribes settled in the extreme northeast corner of Indian Territory.  The Peoria word means "carrying a pack on his back."

Burbank, Oklahoma - Once a booming oil city, the small town began in 1903 as an Osage settlement.  The town took it's name from the profusion of cockle burs in the area.

Fargo, Oklahoma - Another small farming community, Fargo was established in 1893 as Whitehead.  Since that time, Fargo has changed names several times, becoming Oketa in 1901, and finally to Fargo in 1905.  The town's name is presumably named for the famed western express company, Wells Fargo.

Funny Oklahoma Place Names to make you Smile

Loco, Oklahoma - Little more than a post office and school remains to mark this town. Established in the 1890's, it was not named for the many crazy people that lived here, but rather, it was named for the infamous locoweed. A member of the pea family, the plant is not uncommon on native grasslands and is usually poisonous to livestock.

Bushyhead, Oklahoma - Another almost non-existant farming community. Founded in 1898, the town was named in honor of Dennis W. Bushyhead, chief of the Cherokee Nation 1879-87. It is still unknown if, indeed, he actually sported a bushy-head.

Bug Tussle, Oklahoma - Bug Tussle, known more formally as Flowery Mound, which is just as bad, is a quiet little farming community. That it is better known than Cracker Box, Buzzard Roost, Gouge Eye, and other imaginatively named Oklahoma communities can be credited to the fame of its most famous native son, the Honerable Carl Albert, Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, 1971-1977.

Hooker, Oklahoma - This small farming community sprang into being in 1901 when the Rock Island Railroad started laying track across the Oklahoma Panhandle. The town was named for Joseph Hooker, a local cattleman. While Joseph Hooker was indeed prosperous, he never hired any hookers. In fact, there wasn't any even allowed in town.

Slapout, Oklahoma - Though lacking post office or school, and boasting only a roadside store or two, Slapout lives in Oklahoma folklore for its picturesque name, allegedly derived from the unvarying response of an early-day merchant to every call for an item he didn't have in stock: "I had it yesterday, but I'm slap out today."

Bowlegs, Oklahoma - A by-product of the Seminole oil boom, Bowlegs came into beaing in 1927 on the allotment of a Seminole Indian of that name. The name itself is the white man's corruption of the tribal family name "Bolek."


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    • profile image 3 years ago

      love it! so funny!

    • sgbrown profile image

      Sheila Brown 5 years ago from Southern Oklahoma

      I have lived in Oklahoma for almost 40 years and just learned a lot! I scored 60 on the first test and only40 on the second. Looks like I need to brush up on my Oklahoma history! I really enjoyed this hub! Voted up and interesting!

    • Jyoti Patil profile image

      Jyoti Patil 5 years ago from Mumbai

      Its an awesome hub! Good work!!

    • Urbane Chaos profile image

      Eric Standridge 7 years ago from Wister, Oklahoma

      De'cor, Ya know, as I was doing research for the Oklahoma quizzes, I realized myself how much I really didn't know about Oklahoma. I can guarantee that you did better than I would have!

      Omc, De'cor, Thanks for stopping by!

    • De'cor Amore profile image

      De'cor Amore 7 years ago

      I lived in Oklahoma for 30 years and only scored 60% on the how well do you know Oklahoma City test and 40% on the second test. Yikes! I've lost some of my Oklahoma History by moving away 20 years ago. I need to move back. Great Hub!

    • omcj1234 profile image

      omcj1234 7 years ago

      Hilarious! What a great hub!