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GA - TN, Blue Ridge Scenic Railway Train Ride

Updated on November 23, 2012
Train station
Train station | Source
Small church
Small church | Source
Reindeer topiary
Reindeer topiary | Source
Box car number sticker
Box car number sticker | Source
RR crossing
RR crossing | Source
Fall foliage
Fall foliage | Source
Fall foliage
Fall foliage | Source
Fall foliage
Fall foliage | Source
Tacocoa river
Tacocoa river | Source

A fall excursion into the Blue Ridge Mountains is always a great treat. Especially when the weather is good and the seasons are changing. But there is nothing like venturing off in the fall / autumn season on a nice day in October.

Which i did this year, 2012!

I had wanted to go on a train for a while. The closest one to my house that works well in my luxury budget was going on the Blue Ridge Scenic Railway.

The tickets are reasonable but October, the fall / autumn season tickets tend to be more expensive because of the decadent array of colors that occur in this changing season. I think? Let's just say it makes one appreciate the wonders of God and the perseverance of man, and those settlers who have gone before.

It's a round trip ride of 26 miles, that can take up to four (4) hours or less depending on which excursion package you choose to go on.

Train trips can be taken from March to June.

Train parts

  • Engine
  • Box car
  • Passenger day coach

Station location

  • small town
  • down town
  • gift shops
  • restaurants
  • local crafts

GA-TN line

  • blue markings on the street and roofs
  • signs

Front box car stopped / parked in TN, where we got off but had to walk back to GA to enter the town.

Acclaimed eateries

  • barbeque
  • bakeries
  • local goodies




History lessons are taught, which i found enlightening and instructive about the area about the first white settlers, the train system and the Native Americans. All of it was fascinating, especially for those of us who are interested in the history of regions they explore themselves

Volunteers teach you the history of the train and points out all the meaningful markers so extra enjoyment. They are a friendly bunch of people and our guide was especially good at what he did, so he for me added to may experience.

Train merchandise, was available as well both on the train and in the railway's store.

Towns of interest on the trip are McCaysville, GA / Copperhill, TN were important features in this ride.

The Toccoa River runs north, is clear and spectacular, and is visible for most of the way all the way into Copperhill, TN.

Native American fishing technique is one of the highlights pointed out for interest, along with the story of it's use and how it is used you can see the triangular shape structure made of rocks in which the women and children provided the commotion for the braves to harvest the scared fish.

The Log cabins, the real estate and their winding, steep stairs are a part of the information that the volunteer pointed out and described to us, that to is intriguing. Especially when you see the beautiful buildings peeping out of the trees.

The Horse farm's white picket fence of the horse ranch is also pointed out, still don't understand why particularly especially when you really couldn't see the horses that well, other than a marker, i suppose.

What is also interesting is that they encourage you to wave at a pair of sister's that are descendants of first white settler's in this area, but on my visit they were not out in the gardens.


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