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GA Winter Storm 2014, Prep?

Updated on February 15, 2014


Winter's in Georgia are typically mild compared to most places in the southern region. The rare thing is to ever see snow accumulate and last more than a few hours much less a few days.

The 2014 winter season has been unusual for the whole world. The whole United States is no exception and has been battling winter weather issues that are totally unusual for everyone, so why not GA.

It's even been unusual for the states that are supposedly prepared for it and deal with it on an annual basis.

I am the first to say that i think there's a conspiracy between the grocery stores and the weather channel because of the hike in sales that go on during any cold weather warning or claims.

Yet since it seems the winter weather this year, 2014 has been so haphazard you would think that everyone would have been more prepared for it when it would actually make an impact.

Oh did i say a bad word? Prepared, prepared, prepared!

I always love to hear people recite the word, "hindsight". Yet whatever happened to "foresight", and preparation. What about being proactive?

No matter who is responsible we all need to evaluate our own involvement in what happened during the first winter snow storm of 2014.

The storm of 2011 is a moot point. Blaming whomever is no reason not to move on. Yes, what about the loss of lives, livelihood and money.

So will we be prepared when it happens again?

Swept, salted steps
Swept, salted steps | Source
Walk way
Walk way | Source
Drive way
Drive way | Source
Salt | Source

Home prep


  • shovel
  • outside brush/broom
  • salt
  • sand
  • cat litter
  • gravel

These are either used to melt the snow or give you traction.


  • steps / stairs
  • walkways
  • drive ways
  • side walks

You typically want to treat the areas where you will have to enter or leave the house. Park, move or drive your vehicle, etc.


  • bread
  • water
  • peanut butter / jelly
  • can, tuna

Although lots of people buy out the milk, i don't hold with this just in case the electricity goes out. So canned milk or dry milk is a better choice. Also have foods that you can eat both hot or cold.

Another warning if the electricity goes off and things stay in your refrigerator for more than maybe 2 to 3 hours, you either need to cook it, put it outside taking precautions that it won't explode or throw it away.


  • battery operated devices
  • heater
  • wood stove
  • logs for fire
  • candles
  • blankets, quilts
  • plastic
  • a small tent
  • sleeping bags

Having extras around the house at anytime is a great idea. Camping gear, and lamps of all kinds that don't need electricity are all wonderful.

Personal gear

  • heavy coat
  • gloves
  • hat
  • scarves
  • boots with traction / tread
  • ear muffs

Remember, dressing in layers is always the best thing to do in any winter storm, especially if you have any intention of being exposed to the element for any length of time.

City vs State

I find it interesting how this became an issue and a continued part of the mayor speech about who had responsibility for what.

Who cares. Work together we are all Georgians and the safety and tax dollars of all the people are necessary to run the state and the city.

What needed care. Most organizations have autonomy, meaning they made their own decisions based on what information they got when.

We need to re evaluate who's in these positions was all i could think of when all the blame game chips were down...

Things affected

  • Roads
  • Schools, colleges
  • Hospitals
  • Businesses
  • Government offices and workers
  • Major roads thorough fares
  • Highways
  • Public transportation

To name the few that impacted me.

What made things worse was no one seemed prepared. No one!

A markerUnderground Atlanta -
Underground Atlanta, 50 Central Avenue Southwest #007, Atlanta, GA 30303, USA
get directions

Have you ever been in Georgia during the winter?

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What happened in the state affected us more drastically, because they are the one that have ultimate responsibility for the safety of the roads.

And when you think of it for the schools and government offices.

Yet they didn't seem to even be prepared, trying to shuffle blame on each other, truckers and the weather forecasters.

There would have been no need for blame, shame or the major problems that occurred if PREPARATION was already in place, weren't tax dollars available.

Things to pack

In general
for car
in bags
extra clothes
first aid,bandaid, peroxide, petroleum jelly
food / snacks
extra money, cash
first aid kit
first aid kit
extra clothes
flash light
phone/ contacts
extra clothes
contacts, phone

Would you consider visiting Georgia during the winter?

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Semi on the Hwy
Semi on the Hwy | Source

Necessary people

No matter the predictions, the government should have been on alert. Should have been mobilized, especially on major streets, roadways and interstate roads leading in and out of the city, a couple hours before the snow fall and accumulation.

I know it is always hard to do what pleases everyone, but decisions that are earmarked safety should always take priority to commerce or someone's bottom line.


  • Police department
  • Fire department
  • Hospital workers
  • Government workers, necessary personnel

Hwy 20
Hwy 20 | Source
Hope | Source

Prep work

  • Continuous updates
  • Weather tracking
  • Night before
  • Day of
  • Couple hours til
  • Announcements

I know that morning had everyone believing the predicted storm wouldn't happen but it was better to be PREPARED and it not happen, than unPREPARED and have to deal with all of the consequences from not.

Disunity among leaders

More than anything else you really could see the cracks in the pavement when it came to all the people who had the autonomy to make vital decisions.

Schools, Superintendents, Parents and teachers

Government, State, City and Local



Joe Blow and Jane Doe...

Snow felled tree
Snow felled tree | Source


Always faster with the sun!


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    • Celiegirl profile image

      Celiegirl 3 years ago

      Thanks cam8510, hope your family is safe. Thanks for the vote.When you moving to Ga?

      Thanks Adventure Lover, i agree, it is good to be prepared.

    • Celiegirl profile image

      Celiegirl 3 years ago

      Hello cam8510, i hope your family in Ga were okay after the first and second winter storms. I know you PA folk thought we were cry babies compared to what happens in your neck of the woods. Thanks for the vote, when you moving to Ga.

    • Adventure Lover profile image

      Adventure Lover 3 years ago

      Great hub! It's good to be prepared.

    • cam8510 profile image

      Chris Mills 3 years ago from Missoula, Montana at least until March 2018

      Celiegirl, This is a very fine hub. I have a sister and brother-in-law in Georgia. I have been there in the winter, but not when there was a storm. I have received emails and facebook posts from her this winter with photos of the ice and snow. Your wise instructions here would make life easier for everyone. Run for Governor of Georgia. :)