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Gadhafi's Chaotic Final Act in Libya

Updated on October 23, 2011

Like a thorn in your foot, Libyan leader and terrorist Qadhafi, is finally dead. Found like a rat in a drainage ditch pipe protected by a few African mercenaries, until one ratted on the leader and rebels dragged him out. He acted like a true despot, as many had done before, begging not to be killed in a disillusioned state. That was the result of a NATO airstrike that just happened to hit his Toyota attempting to escape Sirte in a convoy of 40 cars and trucks, but to where? The emptiness of the vast desert? From the pinnacle of power and wealth, he fell like a Satan, hitting Mother Earth. All his riches could not deter what his end would be, lying dead and on display in a meat locker freezer.

It was on August 21, that Qadhafi made a decision that led to this final curtain. He could have have fled to an African country and lived in splendor, and I am sure that upon his capture or maybe while in Sirte, he surely knew the decision he had made was the wrong one. That is why during his time while in Sirte his main occupation was in prayer and calling on his satellite phone. August 21st was the day Tripoli fell to the rebels and that is when Qadhafi and his son, Mustassim, escaped in a convoy moving through Tarhuna and Bani Walid making their way to his home town of Sirte. Even the most famous people always return to where they began or spent their childhood years. They return to their roots. It was Musatassim who had convinced his father to go to Sirte, however, the argument was that the town would be well defended by loyal men. Perhaps the most stupid decision for choosing Sirte as a hiding place was that Qadhafi's son thought it would be the last place NATO or the rebels would look! I suspect the reasoning was hide in the most obvious place which would be the least likely place to be thought of. Yet, to NATO and the rebels, it was quite the opposite!

The two convoys left Tripoli at different times as to not draw attention. Qadhafi only had 10 others with him. Life in Sirte was a true return fitting for the terrorist leader. The town was under heavy attack from rebels and NATO. There was no electricity nor water. Qaddafi often complained about this problem and failed to understand why. He was mostly cutoff from the world. No computers, TV, nor comforts he had been used to for 40 years. Indiscriminate rebel rockets had hit the house he was in, hurting guards and his personal chef. The loss of the chef was a personal blow, now everyone left, had to cook! Diet was mostly rice or soup scrounged from staples found in abandoned homes. Qadhafi's small force was hiding in two houses in the District No.2, by now, well shelled by random rockets or artillery. It was two weeks ago when the rebels finally and busted through whatever resistance remained and stormed the area. Suddenly, the once King found himself nearly surrounded firing heavy weapons. It was again decision time. This time run or stand and die.

Qadhafi's convoy decided to run for their lives, after all, they were rats. They fled to a nearby house where Qadhafi was born, ironically. Then,on Oct 20th, they decided to make a run for it in a convoy of 40 cars. It was to have occurred at 0300, but disruptions and confusion delayed it until 0800. This was yet another mistake as daylight came. Qadhafi's new Toyota Land Crusier only had four others. Moving through the war torn Sirte proved slower than expected and the convoy DID seem rather odd to the rebels, actually, to NATO warplanes also.

The end would come as swift as it had all began.


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    • vrajavala profile image

      vrajavala 6 years ago from Port St. Lucie

      Right, Mr Singh. Women ad some rights I'n Libya. Of course he had his female "Amazon bodyguards"

      Libya was once the poorest country I'n Africa, he made it into the wealthiest.

      He was a buffoon, and the MSM did a big smear job on him

    • MG Singh profile image

      MG Singh 6 years ago from Singapore

      Hi! Friend I think you got the plot wrong. Gaddafi was ousted by NATO as having lost their colonies they are trying to get one again. But Gaddafi did a lot of good and he kept the fundamental Islamic groups at bay. There is going to be a resounding slap for England and France, once a hard line Islamic government takes root in Libya, sooner than later.

    • vrajavala profile image

      vrajavala 6 years ago from Port St. Lucie

      My friend, don't believe everything you hear on MSM.

      Here's my hub