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Galway - A Medley of Contrasts

Updated on July 23, 2012

The Jewel

If Ireland is a crown tourist destination then Galway is the jewel in the crown. The town is located in the Connaught County on the western side of Ireland. It offers a mixture of all sorts and is unrivalled in beauty. The city of Galway offers unique features making it a top site to visit. The town offers a countryside atmosphere and feeling contrasted with the bustle of a large city. Add this to the various historical periods presented and you simply will not wish to miss this place. In short, you are offered an opportunity to go through different times be in different settings all in one city.


The Contrast

In almost every place there are contrasts and these add rather than diminish the allure of this city. A remote countryside, different experimental cultures and innovativeness are the hallmark of this city as modern meets medieval culture. There are plenty craft shops all locally made so you will be guaranteed to have a piece of Irish with you. The town is also laden with historical artifacts and features resisting the passage of time from architecture in form of castles and towers to historical sites that lend an aura of past times to the town not captured elsewhere. But there is much more about this town than just contrasting locations and periods.


The Atmosphere

A beautiful river cuts the town almost in the middle and a wide coastline serves an ideal addition to the town already rich in other areas offering diverse marine life and fun. The Claddagh village gives you the countryside atmosphere of a fishing village complete with thatched houses. It is a beloved site for many tourists who love taking home the Claddagh ring as a souvenir. Talking of tourists attractions, they abound in this city. From outdoor activities to different sites, everyone is catered for here.


The Activities

Outdoor activities include golfing on wild class courses with no green fees, trekking in woodlands with exciting routes and hill sides that define adventure to enjoying hose riding. There are also numerous water sports especially at the Salmon Weir Bridge that include coarse fishing, river and sea angling. Among the tourist attraction sites is the Thoor Ballylee tower, home of the Nobel laureate poet and Senator William B Yates. In this tower, you are taken through audio visual presentation of the life and times of Yates in Irish, English, French, Italian, Dutch, German and Spanish languages. There is also the 16th century Dunguaire castle which was a meeting place for literal minds and is commemorated by the medieval banquet of poetry art and music.


The Attractions

Another place that is a must see is the Galway Atlantaquaria an aquarium offering both exciting entertainment and education about the marine life in Ireland. It has both saltwater and fresh water exhibits with over 170 species of fish. The fun features include a fish’s eye view of a water fall, and a deep submarine vehicle ride. If you are a history fanatic or just a lover of ancient war stories then the battle of Aughrim Visitor Center is an ideal place. This is the site of an epic battle fought by nine nations pitting the Jacobites against the Williamites in 1961. It said the noise from the battle could be heard 35 miles away in the city. The other top attraction site is the Athenry Castle. This is a 16th century castle complete with defensive walls.


At Ashford Castle

The Visit

Several museums and art galleries top up the attractions of the city including the Galway Art Center and the Galway City Museum. A visit to Galway is sure an opportunity to travel back in time and still have the embellishments of modern life. There are plenty places to eat out and night clubs together with good accommodation. So next time you think of touring, think Galway City.


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