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Gargoti Museum - Collecting Rocks and Stones was never so profitable

Updated on February 20, 2012
Gargoti Museum
Gargoti Museum | Source

Did your mom ever trow a fit when you brought home a handful of pretty rocks? Well get her to read this and she may just regret losing out on a fortune! Collecting rocks and stones was never so profitable. The Gargoti Museum proves it time and again.

What happens when one man’s passion for minerals and crystals takes him on a journey collecting stones and rocks from across the world? You get the Gargoti Museum. This happens to be the only museum I know in India which is dedicated to rocks, minerals and crystals. There may be others and if you know about them do share.

The Gargoti Museum was a beautiful place to visit. I was wondering how it would be as rocks and stones hold no great fascination for me. I was plesantly surprised. Conceived by Mr.K.C.Pandey – a passionate mineral collector and an enthusiast in his goal – the collection is marked from last 27 years of his patience and consistency.

Directions for Reaching the Museum

Driving down from Nasik or Ahmednagar would be your best bet. It is near a place called Sinnar. Situated in the Industrial Area here, the Museum is fairly easy to find with a number of sign posts to guide you. Ask the locals for directions if you get lost in the numerous turns and twists. The Gargoti Museum is quite well know in the area. It took us about and hour and half from Loni, but add two more hours to that if you are coming from Ahmednagar. If you are driving from Nasik it should be an hour's drive to reach the place. You can combine it with a visit to Sula Wines if you are visiting Nasik for a couple of days.

So what's there in this rock museum?

The proprietor is an ex merchant navy officer. He has been on a stone collecting mission around the world. While the word Gargoti means "flint stone" in marathi, expect to see a dazzling disply of Zeolites from around the world here. And some stones have come from even further away, like the two NASA certified rocks from the Moon and Mars. Some of the stones are as tiny as your thumbnail while others are as big as a small straw hut. While going through the gallery of stones keep in mind that each crystal is more than 65 million years old.

Souvenirs of special stonewares are available in the shop.

You can head over to the souvenir shop after you finish viewing the various stone galleries. There is a lot of crystal jewelry for sale. There are also many interesting looking show pieces such as the gem trees. Some are Feng Shui inspired and will be beautiful to carry home. We picked up many strings of different colored beads. And a few nick knacks besides.You can also pick up lose gem stones and have your jeweler back home design them into sets that please you.

The display shelves with spectacular crystals
The display shelves with spectacular crystals | Source

Postal Address

“Gargoti”, D-59, MIDC, Malegaon,

Sinnar, Nashik District,

Pincode – 422103, India

Phone – +91 2551 230865, 9890655592

Fax – +91 2551 230866

* Note - information correct at time of publishing hub.

If you are planning on visiting India try to make time to visit Nasik and take in both Sula Wines and the Gargoti Museum. It also makes a good weekend trip from Mumbai or Pune


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