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Gatlinburg Tennessee Is A Great Family Vacation Destination

Updated on October 16, 2009

Okay, I will flat out say it and tell you right away that Gatlinburg Tennessee is a great family vacation destination. Now some people that might have read some of my other articles might think that I am partial to Gatlinburg Tennessee as a great family vacation destination, but that is because I absolutely love the area and the tranquil setting that is available in Gatlinburg Tennessee. For some people that have never been to Gatlinburg Tennessee or even heard of Gatlinburg Tennessee, but the lovely town is located right on the edge of the Great Smoky Mountain National Park. Which for many people just being that close to nature in such a tranquil setting,  is enough to make them relax. Here are some more of the reasons why Gatlinburg Tennessee is such a great family vacation destination.

The first reason why Gatlinburg is such a great family vacation destination is that you are able to relax with your family members inside of the surrounding Great Smoky Mountains which is a very wonderful and peaceful national park. Since Gatlinburg is so closely located to the Great Smoky Mountains you can easily take your family for a stroll into the national park on one of the many trails or be able to take your family to some of the historical areas inside of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. I know that if you have children though they might not find this very interesting, but in some of the areas you will be amazed at the history and the open spaces that are available which if your children love to run you can let them run through some of these wonderful fields. The downside is that if you do this it might end up looking more like a family exercise vacation because I am sure that you will want to keep close to your children!

Gatlinburg Vacation Attractions Will Provide the Family With Fun

The second reason why Gatlinburg is a great vacation family destination is because of the wide availability of activities that are available in town for people of all ages. Many people have probably heard of the Ripley’s shows or aquariums many of the Ripley’s sites are located in Gatlinburg and have a wonderful family atmosphere to them that anyone of any age can enjoy. The Ripley locations are just a sampling of the many attractions that are available for you to venture into while you are on your Gatlinburg vacation. You will probably enjoy the wonderful ski lift ride in which you can take a very relaxing ski lift ride up to the top of one of the mountains for a very scenic overlook. Now the downside is if you are on your Gatlinburg family vacation with very little children they might not be able to go onto the ski lift because of a size requirement, but you do have to remember that some safety precautions must be taken.

Eating is Huge On a Gatlinburg Family Vacation

The third reason that Gatlinburg is a great family vacation destination is the food. Food always seems to be a huge determination for anyone when they are going on vacation and when you venture into Gatlinburg you will find that you will have a huge selection of restaurants that are available to eat from. Which for some of these restaurants they are your normal chain style of places, but if you look carefully you can easily enjoy a local flair to the food which is available in most of the places that are found in Gatlinburg for food selection. So the food selection that can be found while you are in Gatlinburg is huge and you will be able to find a great food choice for even the most picky eater in my experience.

Lodging is Great for a Family in Gatlinburg

Now the other question that you will want to find an answer to while you’re considering Gatlinburg as your family vacation destination is the available lodging.  The hotels and lodging that is available in Gatlinburg while you are on your family vacation is top notch. Now the place that I normally stay in is the Sidney James which is a lovely little hotel that is situated off of the main drag so that I do not have the problem of having people constantly going by my room nor do I have all the extra noise that is found as you are closer to the main street so you can actually relax in your room and enjoy yourself more while you are able to listen to the small babbling brook that runs next to the hotel. However, I would suggest that you explore your options well because many of the hotels in Gatlinburg are very family friendly and have a wide variety of specials depending on the time of the year.

Gatlinburg is a great family vacation destination for a wide variety of reasons. The main reason though is the closeness to the tranquility and ideal setting of nature with the Great Smoky Mountain National Park nearby. Then when you consider that you are able to find something for everyone in the family to do in town or the park the benefits of a Gatlinburg family vacation start adding up even more. Then when you consider that the food choices that are available to enjoy are so numerous that after multiple trips to Gatlinburg I still haven’t tasted all the food should tell you that the food will blow you away. Gatlinburg vacations are not just fun, but they are rejuvenating at the same time and very rewarding for all the people that go which is why Gatlinburg is such a great family vacation destination.  

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