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Gatlinburg Vacation Place To Stay is Sidney James

Updated on June 17, 2009

Gatlinburg Vacation Great Place To Go

If you are traveling around the United States and are looking for a great place to go to you will want to enjoy the small city of Gatlinburg. I know that Gatlinburg is a great place to vacation is definitely one of my most favorite stops when I go on vacation. Gatlinburg you see is situated right next to the Great Smoky Mountain National Park which is a great place to visit and see if you are a fan of natural beauty and mountain scenery. Not only are you able to see this lovely view of nature that you will not see anywhere else you can also enjoy some of the most convient shopping that I have ever seen. However, one thing that you will want to do is find a great place to stay at while your on vacation. If you have any children then you will really want to have a great Gatlinburg vacation with them and have a nice hotel that is far enough away from the main drag to let them sleep without the noise of traffic. Here is one of my favorite places to stay when I go to Gatlinburg on vacation and I am sure you will enjoy it as well.

Gatlinburg Vacation Lodging Sidney James

Some people might frequent Gatlinburg as a favorite vacation spot like I do, but for other people they might not have even heard of this lovely tourist spot. However, for those of that have been privliged enough to travel here we know that it is a great spot to stay in and is close to almost any activitiy that you want to go to. The main factor for many people though is determining where to stay while on your Gatlinburg vacation with kids or yourself. I know that I have been on my own Gatlinburg vacation several times and stayed in a different hotel each time, but no longer will I be hotel shopping because I will be staying only at the Sidney James Mountain Lodge.

If you are familiar with Gatlinbug you know that they have a historic motor nature trail which is off of one of the main roads in town. If you like staying close enough to everything that you can walk to it, but far enough away that you will not need to worry about driving to town you will love the Sidney James. I know that this is one reason why I love staying at the Sidney James that and the street that it is located on is not very heavily traveled each time I have been down there.

If you love relaxing while on vacation the Sidney James is a great place to do just that. Unlike some of the other hotels that I have stayed in that you can run into your neighbors at any time or have to walk through a crowded lobby to reach your vehicle here you do not have to do that depending on which room you are staying in. Not only that if you are very lucky or go during a slower period of the year you can request to have a room on a creekside. Now if you think that it sounds kind of nice it is extremely nice because the creekside rooms are on the backside of the hotel away from the road noise.

If you love being able to go swimming while you are on vacation you will love the pool and hot tub. I know that my kids absolutely love going swimming at any time of the year, but if they are able to go indoors they love it even more because the pool is normally at a constant temperature without worrying about the sun burning them. While many people might think about the indoors pools being the same as any other the Sidney James in Gatlinburg has a great indoor pool with a kind of cave like item which will work out great for letting your kids swim and play hide and seek and other fun pool games.

I know that for me when I go on my next Gatlinburg vacation with my kids I will be staying at the Sidney James Mountain Lodge for the great reasons that I have already mentioned. I know that many people will love being able to stay at this location as well for a wide variety of reasons which they might not have even thought about going to before. For me the Sidney James offers some of the best relaxation while on vacation and my kids can enjoy having fun in the swimming pool when we are not in the mountains enjoying some of the great natural beauty that is around this lovely town.

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