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Gay Beaches on the East Coast

Updated on June 29, 2010

Gay Beaches on the East Coast

I cannot believe Summer is here and although we missed Memorial Day Weekend, which is one of the largest gay party and is also beach kick off weekend, there is still time to book your gay vacation to the beach for 4th of July and Labor Day weekends. The thing that most people don't realize though is that there are more gay beaches than the local one to you and with all the options that you are about to discover, which one should you choose?

Here are my east coast gay beach destinations for Summer and for some, year round. You can also book hotels and motel rooms at all of your favorite gay beach destinations by clicking here.

Rehoboth Beach Delaware.

Rehoboth Beach Delaware is my go to gay beach. Not only does rehoboth beach boast over 95% of its community being LGBT, but you get people from all over the mid atlantic and the parties are insane. People flock to Rehoboth Beach Delaware from Washington, DC, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Richmond, Wilmington and many of the other local cities. They go for the the sun, the boardwalk, Grottos Pizza, Thrasher's boardwalk fries and one of my personal favorite, the authentic and fresh made salt water taffy. You'll love laying out on the famous Gay Poodle Beach and have tons of fun socializing over cocktails at any of the many fabulous bars and restaurants in Rehoboth Beach. Rehoboth has an abundance of hotels and motels and you can find reviews and ideas of where to stay and some suggested Rehoboth Beach Hotels here. Rehoboth is an amazing place and over Labor Day weekend you'll find one of the Summer's best circuit parties at the convention center. You have to book fast though as this gay beach town sells out fast.

Fire Island NY.

Fire Island NY is one of the most well known gay beach towns. You get all of the NYC boys flocking out there for the weekend from Memorial Day through Labor Day, then the city dies. Unlike Rehoboth which has Halloween and New Years parties, Fire Island is really only good for the Summer and if you want an Island that doesn't sleep (Ohh ya I went there) then this NYC destination is for you. The hotels and motels are reasonable but your best bet is a bed and breakfast. They are locally owned and can guide you through this fabulous gay beach destination.


Provincetown which is also known as PTown is probably the standard and classic gay beach town when people say gay beach. It has been around and been gay for god knows how long and the townspeople love it that way, mainly because just like Rehoboth this is a majority gay population beach town. Provincetown is great for rollerblading, biking, cocktails, walks, laying around and pretty much everything you would want from a gay beach town. It is a definite must if you have never been and much like all of the other gay beach towns is usually only good between Memorial Day and Labor Day weekends.

New Hope Pennsylvania.

New Hope Pennsylvania is a Lesbian Paradise. Lesbians love to come here and lay around. Although I have never been to New Hope Pennsylvania I have a lot of lesbian friends who can never get enough of it. I personally would not think Pennsylvania for my vacations but apparently this is a lesbian hot spot for Lesbians looking to go on vacation.

Key West Florida.

Key West Florida is one of the most popular gay beach descinations on the East Coast. I decided to push Key West instead of South Beach Miami Florida because unlike South Beach which is now more straight than gay, Key West continues to be a gay mecca. Boasting clothing optional bed and breakfasts, a new years eve tradition of dropping a drag queen in a high heel instead of a giant mirror ball like in NYC, Key West is one of the top gay beach destinations in the US and on the east coast. Go during the winter though since Florida gets very hot and humid in the summer. Unless you are going for their leather fest which is coming up soon, then get ready for a hot and steamy time, both in the sun and at the parties.

There are a ton of gay oriented or mostly gay beaches in the USA. You have a ton of gay beaches to choose from and although many of them have their own ups and downs, these are my top picks for gay beaches in the USA and on the East Coast.


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    • brimancandy profile image

      Brian 4 years ago from Northern Michigan

      I was in Key West for 2 weeks, and thought it was pretty boring. Everything was really expensive, and there wasn't much to do. I also thought it was kind of dirty, and it kind of reminded me of Muskegon MI with palm trees. The only exciting things we did was visit the aquarium to watch them feed the sharks, and go out on a glass bottom boat tour of the reef. Nothing else to do. Lots of bums on the streets, and not much entertainment than lots of bars. Hardly saw any gay men when we were there lots of lesbians though, and a ton of senior citizens. Our hotel was also supposed to be gay, but it was all seniors there. We

      had a lot more fun in Orlando, and Fort Lauderdale.

      I have heard that Provincetown is a lot more gay then Key West. I am planning to go for Bear week. I heard that is quite an amazing week there, with thousands of bears.

      I'm curious as to how Provincetown would compare to Saugatuck, MI. Which is also a big tourist destination. Though Oval beach is no longer gay friendly. But, I certainly would like to see it at least once.

    • lisadpreston profile image

      lisadpreston 7 years ago from Columbus, Ohio

      Great hub full of good information. I just came back from P town and had such a great time. I have like 1000 pictures so I'm going to hub on it. Be sure to stop by and see the pics. I wont put all 1000 up! Thanks.