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Gaza Oppressed From Within by Hamas

Updated on August 1, 2014

Much of the media continue to blame Israel for the oppressed people in Gaza. It is often forgotten or deliberately not mentioned that Hamas causes much of the oppression from within. It is seldom mentioned that it is Israel that provides most of the electricity used there and that this has been for years at an reduced rate. The Palestinians owe Israel millions of dollars for it. So, in a sense, it is for humanitarian purposes and basic needs. Yet, they continue to resent them. Much of the water also comes from Israel used in Gaza. The WHO found that Israel has helped over 75% Palestinians receive health services in Israeli hospitals by approving their intake applications. In the West Bank, Israeli doctors train Palestinian nurses and doctors skills they use in Gaza. This was reported by the Palestinian daily, Al Hayat Al Jadida. Even as the current war happens and Israel pounds Hamas into the abyss, the border crossings at Kerem Shalom and the Erez crossing are open, under tight security. These crossings allow for humanitarian aid to help the Palestinians. While the crossings are open, Hamas continues to try to exploit them and attack Israeli troops trying to get aid in. Over 131 trucks with aid attempted to enter Gaza, only 65 were able to loaded with medicine and goods for the homeless. Hamas prevented them as drivers were afraid to enter. At the Erez crossing, the Israelis have set up a field hospital for Palestinians. Some 1800 Palestinians have crossed into Israel to avoid war at the Erez crossing in the north.

Oppression takes many forms. Those who blame Israel for this simply ignore many truths and choose to blame Israel for everything bad in Gaza.Oh, except they do not blame Hamas, which occupies Gaza also. When Hamas came to power in Gaza, they killed or tortured many Palestinians government officials to gain power until they were elected. Hamas lives to destroy Israel, it is in their Charter. They train, recruit, other terrorists and drag innocent Palestinians into their war, they start. They use whatever they can to shield their rockets and weapons, which kill children and others and then blame Israel for attacking.

Within Gaza, Hamas uses the age old tactic of winning the hearts and minds of people. It is a combination of helping and caring for those not in Hamas to make alliances. These alliances may be used at a later date to hide weapons or other purposes. So, their help to the Palestinians in Gaza is always false and not without a purpose, it is not just humanitarian. There is no freedom of speech or worship in Gaza because Hamas makes sure they are in control via extortion or threat.

True, the Palestinian people have no freedom of movement outside of Gaza. Again, there is Egypt, which refuses them to leave. They consider Hamas an enemy organization, as does Saudi Arabia, UAE, and Jordan. Israel allows some to leave, although, security is tight. Israel does cordon off any sea entrances, but the Israeli Navy is preventing any rockets from Iran or other ships from entering, just as Egypt does the same from the Sinai.

So, despite the IDF wanting to destroy Hamas and innocent people are being killed, it is clear that all that Hamas does fro the Palestinians is create death, mayhem and chaos in Gaza. They feed off historical injustices to promote their brand. History is just that. Most of those today were not even born then in 1947. It is time to let the past be in the past.

If Hamas would simply change their Charter and be willing to be at peace with Israel, not accept rockets from Iran, not kill and kidnap innocent Israelis who may like Palestinians, and use money from Qatar for real civilian infrastructures, none of this would occur.

Gaza is oppressed from within also.


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    • perrya profile image

      perrya 3 years ago

      Facts are facts. Most either are ignorant about them or refuse to acknowledge the good Israel does for them. Yes, killing innocents is horrible in any war, in any manner. This same argument occurred during the Vietnam war to change public opinion. There are only a few Arab nations who want to see Hamas survive for their own agenda, most former friends of Hamas enjoy seeing Israel kick their butt but are silent about it. Hamas and the PLO are not the same entity anymore.

    • lions44 profile image

      CJ Kelly 3 years ago from Auburn, WA

      I can't wait for the comments on this one, Perry. Wow. You are ready and willing to take the hits. Got to admire that. Stay tuned.