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General Merchandise Puerto Rico - K-Man

Updated on July 7, 2011

Of all things coming up when searching for general merchandise Puerto Rico, my guess would have been that the number one return would have something to do with vacation packages to Puerto Rico. After all, it is an absolutely phenomenal vacation spot to visit, whether you’re looking for a honeymoon or some other kind of romantic getaway, a fun filled family vacation, or maybe you’re looking for some adrenaline activities such as surfing, kite boarding, or world class fising… no matter what you’re looking for, you’ll find that vacations make up a huge part of general merchandise Puerto Rico.

Being from the desert and living a land-locked existence, the water has always had a strong pull for me. It’s no wonder that a vacation in Puerto Rico was super high on my list of things to do. Surfing (and especially kite surfing and wind surfing) are a few of my passions. While I haven’t had the opportunity to do much of any of those activities in the past few years, I knew a vacation get-away to Puerto Rico would satisfy my hunger for these fun filled hobbies.

flickr photo by Johnathan!
flickr photo by Johnathan!

Puerto Rico Vacations

While my wife isn’t a huge fan of the adrenaline sports (though she is a great fan and supporter of watching me struggle to do them myself), she does love the water.  Snorkeling is something we both enjoy a lot and have very fond memories of snorkeling together from our honeymoon in Hawaii.  We were very excited about the thought of snorkeling in Puerto Rico as we were sure there would be a whole variety of new fish, reef and other wonders to discover.  When we’re not snorkeling, we will be exploring some of the wonderful golf courses to be found on the island.

Of course since my wife is so supporting of me and my ‘active’ activities, I have to also spend time with some of her preferred pass times.  Fortunately there is no shortage of wellness spas to take advantage of in Puerto Rico.  My understanding from my friend Mike G who recently traveled there is that they experienced some of the most relaxing spa experiences ever while in Porta del Sol (or maybe it was in Porta Caribe in the south… I don’t remember now…  I guess we’ll just have to try both and figure it out for ourselves!)

Puerto Rico Travel

Finally, of all the general merchandise Puerto Rico has to offer, I think the food is going to be among the most memorable. The mix of flavors, spices, sunshine and tropical breezes has always make food from this corner of the world among my favorite. Is it obvious that we are really looking forward to spending time in Puerto Rico?!?!


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