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Get Set Go for Kayaking & Canoeing vacations this Summer !!

Updated on August 1, 2015

"Wild animals, like wild places, are invaluable to us precisely because they are not us. They are uncompromisingly different .The paths they follow, the impulses that guide them, are of other orders. The seal’s holding gaze, before it flukes to push another tunnel through the sea, the hare’s run, the hawks high gyres: such things are wild. Seeing them, you are made briefly aware of a world at work around and beside our own, a world operating in patterns and purposes that you do not share. These are creatures, you realise that live by voices inaudible to you”. If you too intend a bold escapade paddling along the surface of water courses then kayaking and canoeing vacation is your launch pad to taste nature’s amok.

"The photograph is real, no photoshop, no digital manipulation, no nothing.."


Ardeche kayaking/canoeing holidays

This slice of land towering up to 1000ft above the meandering river below is coined as the grand canyon of Europe. kayaking down the serpentine twists and turns of the Ardèche River in France through a canyon of towering limestone cliffs, paddling through the stunning Nature Reserve with its 26 rapids,long flat sections, caving, cliff climbing draws a lot of adventure seekers to this French slice. The river trips can either be done as standalone or can be included along with accommodations only to get an opportunity to appreciate the magnificent scenery, spectacular views, medieval villages and secret locations that you find as you keep travelling in enabling you to best experience this magical place.

The Ardèche sits on the right hand bank of the Rhône river and borders with Provence and the Languedoc. This region of southern France is a place of extraordinary natural beauty and is steeped in history, for painters and photographers the region is truly inspiring, and for those looking for adventure it offers adrenalin combined with atmosphere among its mountains, gorges and rivers. The grand arch 192ft feet tall Ponte d’arce according to the Natural Arch and Bridge Society, "the largest natural bridge in Europe". It was here that the discovery of the Chauvet cave was made in 1994 where 32,000 year old cave paintings were found.

Being in the great wine producing region of Côte du Rhône and Côte du Vivarais means that there is an abundance of vineyards and local wines to sample and for sale. Lavender and sunflowers are other abundant local products which surround you as you drive through the area. It is also famous for its chestnuts, goats cheese, truffles and wild boar. All food provided from your accommodation or hotel has been sourced locally and creates an amazing selection of sustainable produce with a quality that is sublime. Create your trip’ feature to start a Ardeche adventure this summer break !!. See more on :

The famous arch of Ponte d' arce


There is no better way of experiencing the Mediterranean than the relaxing way of Kayaking by the sea. Dubrovnik is blessed by a small archipalego of the Elaphiti islands which offer countless coves, beaches and hidden restaurants to explore and discover by kayak.

George Bernard Shaw was enchanted by this beautiful city, about which he said “those who seek paradise on Earth should come to Dubrovnik”, as well as, famously, describing it as “the pearl of the Adriatic”. It really is a stunning city with an amazing Old Town, which became a UNESCO Heritage Site in 1979.During summer visits the world-renowned Dubrovnik Summer Festival,with music, theatre and dance performances is a must see. The main thoroughfare of the city known as Placa remains buzzing with tourist sitting down along the caffes with a fizzing bear watching the world go by or rather the they themselves are being watched by the city patron, St. Blaise, or Sveti Vlaho as the locals call him.

Sea kayaking is a popular pastime in Dubrovnik and shoals of orange-bibbed paddlers pulling into Banje beach has become one of the city’s most characteristic sights. A trip usually involves a group excursion in one-person kayaks, led by an instructor, and is an exhilarating way of seeing the walled city and its surrounding islands from a maritime perspective. Previous experience is not necessary, and the pace is gentle enough to suit most people of average health.

The most common excursions are a half-day trip round Dubrovnik’s walls and the nearby island of Lokrum (around 260Kn per person), or full-day tours to the slightly more distant islands of Koločep, Lopud and Šipan (around 400Kn per person). Kayak around the Old Town walls, near St Lawrence Fortress (Lovrijenac) and the city harbor, admiring all the top Dubrovnik sights from the water. Continue paddling over to the lush little island of Lokrum, and stop on Betina Beach for a well-deserved break.The thrill is not yet over so gear up for a snorkeling roll with your instructor for discovering the under water world of Adraintic !!

See more trips on :

The gorgeous Dubrovnik Kayaking experience !!

The medieval town of Montenegro !!

Or for tours just outside Dubrovnik, you can try Dalmatia day trip - A trip to the Peljesac peninsula where you can enjoy traditional local cuisine and see olive oil production, as well as visiting the town of Ston – with its wonderful Old Town walls.

There is one subject making kayaking in the Adriatic waters far more unique is called History. These areas have witnessed the power and the glory of Roman and Ottoman empires, Venetian and Dubrovnik republic, Napoleon legions and Allied forces. The traces of these ancient cultures show on almost every step paddled.

Sea kayaking in Croatia won't be just a sport and nature experience but also cultural. Floating above remains of roman thermae or sunken ships certainly brings goosebumps. Explore the roman cities in a full day trip to ancient Montenegro.The details of the trip :

El Nido Palawan,Philipinnes

When the words “crystal-clear waters”, “ pristine beaches” and bounty of “ flora and fauna” are jotted down together it is only here we refer to Elnido home of the Elnido resorts. El Nido means "the nest" in Spanish, and once you set foot here you understand where the name comes from - it's a circular cove protected by rocky

Elnido is located in the northern part of Palawan Province. Palawan is again an archipelago of 1,780 islands on the western part of the Philippines. It has the most concentration of islands but is the most sparsely populated region in the country.

Elnido is home to series of spectacular ancient limestone cliffs towering over marine sanctuaries teeming with innumerable species of tropical fish and coral, as well as five species of endangered sea turtles. Lush forests abound with more than 100 species of birds. It is truly an exotic destination. I cannot help sounding like a eulogy addressing this location which is still alive and will continue to be.cliffs. You can only get the taste of Palawan by launching your kayaks !! It’s intimidating at first, paddling beside the walls of these limestone islands that rise straight and sheer from the water to a neck-craning height of up to 600m. But there’s no better way to experience them than from a kayak. All week we paddled through natural archways and into caves, and ducked under overhangs to escape the sun; Palawan’s islets are so undercut, so eroded by the sea, we could paddle three or four abreast and all be in the blessed shade.
There’s nothing strenuous about this kind of kayaking – it’s like a leisurely stroll, on water – but the tropical heat was a good excuse to make regular stops at deserted beaches to swim and snorkel.

The outlines of a kayaking tour in El Nodo. Start by kayak from el nido to las cabanas beach fallowing the cliff & pass by the crack/ kayak to Inabuyatan island & amazing snorkeling . After Lunch Cross by boat to Miniloc island : There you can enjoy by kayaking in big lagoon & small lagoon.Come back to El Nido by boat.

When Chinese explorer Chao Ju-Kua stumbled upon Palawan in 1225, he coined the 270-mile-long (435-kilometer-long) island the "land of beautiful harbors" where "lofty ridges and cliffs rise as steeply as the walls of a house." Today, one of these beautiful harbors—Bacuit Bay—is home to El Nido Resort's Lagen lodge, an environmentally friendly property situated on a sculpted island inside the bay. The resort's 18 cottages rest on stilts right next to El Nido's marine sanctuary, where towering limestone cliffs jut from the shimmering surface and unspoiled coral reefs lie just below it.

In a single day, guests can scuba dive, kayak, rock climb, and trek—returning just in time to witness a Gauguin-inspired sunset from their cottage's private balcony. Rather take it easy? Just spend your day relaxing on the beach or explore the unexplored by paddling along the green waters of Palawan’s crystal clear waters spotting rare fishes,corals we’d never heard of and tropical creatures as colourful as their names: zebra moray eels, hump-headed bannerfish, Christmas tree worms, Javanese damselfish, beaded anemones. You certainly won't miss the sunset that way. See more on :;

Underground secret caves really puts a spell on you !!

Secret underground caves in El Nido region.
Secret underground caves in El Nido region.

What a great view of paradise!

Halong Bay : Vietnam

Thousands of vertical islands cloaked in bonsai forests create a maze of calm waterways. The limestone cliffs are riddled with sea caves and we paddle through them to explore hidden lagoons. On the outer islets beautiful sand beaches call to us to take a break. We swim in warm waters and now, as a new addition to this classic trip, we can try out stand up paddle boarding – this is the perfect place to practice! Often there is a haze that bathes everything in a soft light and adds to the mysterious atmosphere. Local people believe that the bay is sacred and that dragon gods still lurk in its waters. Yes it quickly became clear we had discovered the world’s most exotic, dramatic paddling destination: Halong Bay.

The dragon, sent by the Jade Emperor, descended from heaven into the sea, and sprayed a thousand pearls from its mouth. From these cascading pearls, the 1,600 shaggy limestone stacks emerged, a huge curvature of jumbled karst fortress designed to protect Vietnam from invaders in the Gulf of Tonkin. That is how Halong Bay was born. Most visitors to Vietnam sail past the rocky outcrops - some soaring 100m high - on boat cruises, recent times Vietnam’s first tourism seaplane launched, flying visitors over the Unesco world heritage site and giving them spectacular dragon-eye views. Yet one must not forget paddling down the emerald green far away from the crowd in search of serenity, Halong Bay is termed as the kayaking nirvana !!

The story thus follows thousand host of limestone peaks towering along windblown waters of south-china sea forming a karst wonderful served as hidden bunkers for pirates, revolutionaries, bandits and of-coarse to the superfluous areola Villain in James Bond’s Man with the Golden Gun. These calm waters are wonderfully suited for kayaking.There are more than satisfactory 3-5 days kayaking tours from Hanoi via private car stopping en route to admire the picturesque landscape and villages of Vietnam. Here is a 3 day kayaking tour including a talented chef and lead by a internationally-licensed kayaking guide :

Back in cave dinning age !!


The Scottish Sea Kayaking Trail

Enjoying wildlife sightings including Sea Eagles, Golden Eagles, Puffins, Gannets, Dolphins, Otters, Basking Sharks, Minke Whale and many more come to Sea Kayaking the wild western coast of Scotland

The Scottish Sea Kayak Trail is Europe’s first long distance sea kayak trail, stretching from Gigha in the south to the Summer Isles in the north. If you are looking for an active yet relaxed vacation or in fact a real physical challenge out in the wilderness kayaking in the Scottish Sea Kayak Trail which has made the National Geographic's 2011 '50 Tours of a Lifetime' and Outside Magazine's coveted 'Travel Hot List for 2011' sounds a hell on a holiday for kayak lovers.

Taking by coach to Glasgow Queen Street Station catching the morning train to reach Oban. This bustling port is known as the ‘Gateway to the Western Isles’ so it’s the perfect base for this holiday. It’s here that the turbulent seas of the Atlantic smash up against an extravagant shoreline hundreds of miles long, a geologically complex terrain whose rough rocks and mighty sea cliffs are interrupted by a thousand sheltered bays and, in the far west, a long line of sweeping sandy beaches. The islands’ interiors are equally dramatic, a series of formidable mountain ranges soaring high above great chunks of boggy peat moor, a barren wilderness enclosing a host of lochans, or tiny lakes.

The islands of the Inner Hebrides or western isles are surrounded by breathtaking scenery, with a heavenly peace and quiet that is far removed from modern day life. We travel by rail to the lovely resort of Oban, known as the ‘gateway to the isles’, and visit four islands, each one as beautiful as the next, but each one with a distinctive character that sets it apart.

Each island has its own character, though the grouping splits quite neatly into two. Skye and the Small Isles – the improbably named Rùm, Eigg, Muck and Canna – are part of the Inner Hebrides, which also include the islands of Argyll. Beyond Skye, across the unpredictable waters of the Minch, lie the Outer Hebrides, nowadays known as the Western Isles, a 130-mile-long archipelago stretching from Lewis and Harris in the north to Barra in the south.The whole region has four obvious areas of outstanding natural beauty to aim for: on Skye, the harsh peaks of the Cuillin and the bizarre rock formations of the Trotternish peninsula; on the Western Isles, the mountains of North Harris and the splendid sandy beaches that string along the Atlantic seaboard of South Harris and the Uists.

Enjoy the colour and scent of Achamore Gardens on the tiny Isle of Gigha, visit the spectacular setting of Duart Castle on the Isle of Mull, savour the serenity of the sacred Isle of Iona and sample world famous whisky on the Isle of Islay – Queen of the Hebrides. There is so much to enjoy as we hop from island to island and explore this pocket of Scotland. See more :


Scottish Kayak Trail

north harris scotland:
Harris, Isle Of Rum, Highland PH43, UK

get directions

Oban, Argyll and Bute, UK

get directions

Isle of Gigha, United Kingdom

get directions

isle of islay:
Isle of Islay, UK

get directions

The canoe carried aboriginal people thousands of years ago followed then by explorers quenching its thirst to explore the unexplored until in modern times of Digital world we humans seek travel on this light weighted vehicle called Canoe finding not only white waters but into the byways and off-beaten places and sandy beaches.You are removed entirely from the mundane aspects of ordinary life. The orange flattened silicon like structure bladed on two sides may not look powerful having gears to change or heavy fuel efficiency battery yet its frail element makes us come close contact with our most valuable friend called freedom !!

Mandatory kayak gears

Gears required
life jackets with PFD's
Paddling floatation device or a life jackets with belt packs should be wore before carrying the paddle blades
Heaving line
Throwlines are great for whitewater paddlers, who can toss them from a river's edge to a companion in trouble
Flashing lights
If you're paddling in darkness, fog, or snow, or if your craft is more than 6m long (like many double kayaks and expedition canoes) you're required to carry a "watertight flashlight.
The requirement for "One magnetic compass" doesn't apply if your boat is 8m or less and you're paddling within sight of seamarks (navigation marks). But a compass is always an excellent tool to have in case of fog or GPS failure.
Rader Reflections
However, this is a good reminder that small, non-metal boats are invisible on radar. Prudent paddlers should avoid high traffic waters in restricted visibility. If you're accidentally caught in such circumstances, a GPS and a VHF radio could be used to advise bigger boats of your location.


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