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Get the Best Vacation You Deserve

Updated on August 12, 2014

Whether you’re just staying at home or going to another country, you certainly would like to make the most out of your vacation. There are many ways to do it. Some may cost you more while there are also options that will cost you almost nothing. Just pick one that you think will be worth your time and effort.


1. Learn a new language.

If your vacation will only last for a month or two, definitely you wouldn’t expect to be fluent in that new language in that short amount of time. But at least you will be able to get started with learning a new language. By doing so, it will open up your mind to different cultures, ideas, and if you’re a literature buff, you’ll be able to read the writings of another country’s authors. Just think of the wide possibilities that will be available to you should you be able to understand another tongue.

2. Try different cuisines and restaurants.

What’s a vacation or a trip for if you’re not going to satisfy your appetite? There are so many new tastes out there that will surely excite your taste buds and your other senses as well. For example, have you tasted truffles? There are truffle restaurants that offer unique dishes which use that unique ingredient. It might be that great new thing you can do for that year.


3. Meet the locals.

You’ll learn great new things just by mingling with the locals. Especially if you’re visiting a country that has a complete different culture and set of traditions than yours. You can start by hiring a local guide to introduce you to the place. Also, you can simply go out and walk around. I’m sure you’ll meet friendly people in the streets. It’s always fun and worthwhile to gain new friends, no matter how short your visit might be.

4. Unplug from your gadgets.

Specifically stay away from the internet for a while. It’s time you turn your face away from Facebook, Twitter, emails or whatever it is you spend much time with whenever you go online. So leave your tablet, laptop, and even your smartphone at your hotel room and simply enjoy the outdoors.

5. Learn a new skill.

Aside from learning a new language, you can make your vacation more worthwhile if you try to acquire a new skill. You can take up photography or painting if you’re artistically inclined. Do you love to write? Write that short story or novel you’ve been putting on hold for years. Or you can write poem. You may also spend the time to learn how to code. Whatever skill it is, it will surely be a great new thing for you to master.

6. Read, read, and read.

Whether you prefer the usual hardbound or paperback books or ebooks, now is the time for you to finish reading those new books you bought. A lot of people keep on buying books but they just leave them on the shelves, tables or even the floor and not read them. Your vacation time is the best opportunity for you to finish those books.

7. You can also volunteer.

Your vacation is also a great time for you to volunteer your time or talents for the community or for a cause you really believe in. You can help cleaning up or cooking for a homeless shelter. You can help take care of abandoned pets. You can also help with the clean up drive in your community. You can make the most of your vacation in a more worthwhile experience.


It's your move.

So go ahead, pick one that you think will be the best way for you to spend your vacation time. You may choose to do more if they really interest you or if you have lots of time in your hands. The best thing for you is to use up your vacation to experience something totally new or amazing. Preferably both.


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    • teaches12345 profile image

      Dianna Mendez 

      4 years ago

      Lots of great suggestions are listed here but I think I would enjoy just being able to stay home and read, read, read.


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