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Getting a Parcel from Manila Central Post Office

Updated on August 19, 2016

Manila Central Post Office


Getting a package from PhilPost is a mix of joy and frustration. Most people have a bad experience getting their parcels from the PhilPost route because this courier most of the time put a hefty custom, duty and tax on somebody's item. But I just want to share you my pleasant experience receiving my item from this route.

I am not in any way affiliated with PhilPost. At first I was also nervous about how much would I pay when claiming my item shipped from China, but from my experience, what was stated from the postcard they will send you is true: you only have to pay Php112 (as of this writing) for a fee. And sorry for the photo quality. I was in haste taking pictures; still I want to share my experience with you readers.

I purchased a firesteel from ebay to test Philpost service and to know how long I must wait for my package to arrive. I ordered the item in July 15, 2016, the notice card was stamped August 03, 2016 and I received it in August 5, 2016 I claimed the package this July 19, 2016, on a Friday. In my card, it states that if I don't claim my item until September 03, 2016, they will discard it or return the item to the seller.

Manila Central Post Office Entrance
Manila Central Post Office Entrance | Source

Manila Central Post Office is a large building, but you don't have to worry about getting lost because the entrance and exit is at the rightmost corner of the edifice, and they have signages. The security guards are also approachable. I was looking for counter 124 as stated in my postcard and I couldn't find it so I asked one of the guards and he told me that I should turn two rights and find a stairs leading me down to counter 124.

Manila CPO, W-124
Manila CPO, W-124 | Source

It's only a floor lower and then you'll see a signboard read as: Parcel Section, W-124, W-131. You turn right and traverse the corridor (while walking past the bike garage) until you see a number of people sitting at two long chairs with a claiming window at its front. W-124 looks like this:

W-124 | Source

I didn't see W-131 because I think it's a bit farther from W-124. Anyway, there is a small line at the claiming window. When your turn is up, present your notice card to the attendant and present one valid ID if you'll be the one to claim your package. If you sent a representative to get your parcel, they must present a valid ID along with your valid ID. I think you don't need to hand an authorization letter though. You will then sign in your ID number (any ID# would do, like a student number) and your signature at the back of the notice card. After this, you have to wait for your name to be called.


While waiting for my item, I read some of the many notice boards placed around the claiming window. There was one very big board that states about their policy in handling your package/s. There was also one notice that says to bring a copy of your invoice when you buy online. I did bring my paypal invoice just to be sure because it was also written on my notice card.

I also noticed that when the attendants (there are three attendant at my time of claiming) did not locate your package, you will be handed a record book or document to locate your item to validate if PhilPost Manila Central Post Office branch received your package from abroad. The parcel number is indicated in your notice card. I forgot what was mine though, heh, but as far as I could remember, there were 2 letters and 4 numbers.

record book of parcel registry
record book of parcel registry | Source

I thought I won't see big boxes inside because many people around the internet were telling that if your parcel is big, it will be shipped to the Pasay branch and you'll claim it there. But there were so many big packages scattered inside the claiming window room. Those claimants before me also received their big packages and they only paid Php112! I guess it's really a hit or miss dealing with these guys.

big parcels inside W-124
big parcels inside W-124 | Source

After my 10-minute wait, my name was called and I was asked what my item is. I told them that it was a firesteel and I waited a little while and the other attendant gave me my little package along with a receipt. I was probably questioned because they might put an added fee for custom, duty and/or tax. They also didn't ask for my item invoice (but just to be sure, bring it along with you).


So there you have it! Claiming your parcel from Manila CPO branch is easy. They also hand out receipts unlike other PhilPost branches. You should never be scared to try it and if ever you were asked for a large sum, just leave it there (if it is as cheap as $.99).

© 2016 valadhiel


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