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Getting the Cheapest Train Tickets

Updated on October 20, 2011

Everyone takes the train one time or another in our lives. Unless you are telling in that you live in a hole or that you're a billionaire and you have a personal driver to zoom you anywhere you would like to go... For the rest of us who treasure our every pence,

Ever had to book a train ticket?

Ever groaned at the price and just wish it could be lower?

Well, you've now reached the right place!

Read on for the best tips to start saving money on train tickets!!!

I promise you that your next 2 minutes will not be a waste.



The internet is your best friend if you would like to save money. You are probably going how you have heard this a million times. The key is to search right! It is about quality and also quantity! The more you search, the longer you search, the higher your chance of obtaining the best price!

However, obviously, no one wants to spend 5 hours staring at the monitor searching for the very best deal. Read on for the short-cuts...



After constant scouring the vast virtual world, i have found the cheapest way to book train tickets.

Search using the website trainline. Trainline will search the various operators and come up with a list of lowest prices.

But trainline charges booking fees!!!

Not to worry. Note down the train operator and visit the operator's website to make the booking. You would often find that booking through the operator's website would save you booking fees.

There's a few pounds saved...

Group Bookings

Should you be travelling in a rather large group, call up the train operator to perform a group booking. I saved a third on the train fare on my group last booking. That's a tremendous amount of savings that you would not want to miss out on!


But there are charges for calling the operator to make a group booking!!!

Operators such as Virgin Trains requires you to call their 0844 number to make the group booking. Dialling this number would incur charges, thereby lowering your savings.

In this case, visit to search for an alternative free number. Chances are that you would be able to find an alternative number for a major company.

There's more money saved...


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