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Ghost Towns of New Mexico

Updated on December 12, 2010

Listing of Some of New Mexico Ghost Towns



1. Sierra Cariso, 7 1/2 miles W of Shiprock

2. Waterflow, 15 miles E of Shiprock

3. Fruitland, 11 miles W of Farmington

4. Kirkland, 9 miles W of Farmington

5. Pendleton, 2 miles N of La Plata

6. La Plata, 15 miles N of Farmington

7. Flora Vista, 5 miles W of Aztec

8. Inca (aka Rosing), 7 1/2 miles NE of Aztec

9. Hendrix (aka Riverside), 2 miles N of Cedar Hill

10. Fairpoint, Located on the San Juan River E of Bloomfield (1894-1929)

11. Grozier, 22 miles NNE of Crystal

12. Burnham, 12 1/2 miles ENE of Newcomb

13. Two Grey Hills, 6 miles WSW of Newcomb

14. Crystal, 18 miles WSW of Sheep Springs

15. Carson, 17 miles SSW of Bloombield

16. El Huerfano, 21 miles S of Bloomfield

17. Otis, 7 1/2 miles NW of Bageezi

18. Lake Valley, 44 miles S of Farmington

19. Pueblo Bonito, 16 miles E of Lake Valley

20. Mexican Springs, 6 miles S of Tonatchi, then 3 miles W

21. Coyote Canyon, 13 miles N of Gallup, then 10 miles E

22. Pinedale, 10 miles NNE of Coolidge

23. Mariano Lake, 8 miles N of Coolidge

24. Standing Rock, 15 miles E of Coyote Canyon

25. Pueblo Pintado, 22 miles SW of Counselors

26. White Horse, 12 miles SW of Pueblo Pintado

27. Hospah, on the Continental Divide, 47 miles SW of Cuba

28. Gamerco, 4 miles N of Gallup

29. Gibson, 2 1/2 miles N of Gallup

30. Navajo Wingate Village, 10 miles E of Gallup on RR

31. Perea, on RR, 16 miles of Gallup

32. Guam, on RR, 5 miles E of Perea

33. Coolidge, on RR, 13 miles WNW of Thoreau

34. Gonzales, on RR, 5 miles WNW of Thoreau

35. Smiths Lake, 10 miles S of Crownpoint

36. San Antonio Springs, 6 miles S of Smiths Lake

37. Thoreau, on RR, 32 miles NW of Grants

38. Baca, on RR, 10 miles ESE of Thoreau

39. Ambrosia Lake, 22 miles N of Milan

40. Two Wells, 18 miles SSW of Gallup

41. Vander Wagon, 21 miles S of Gallup

42. McGaffey, 8 miles S of Fort Wingate

43. Black Rock, 6 miles W of the junction of Hwy's 32/53

44. Ramah, 13 miles NW of El Morro

45. Pescado, 7 miles E of the Hwy 32/53 junction

46. Gobernador, S of the Navajo Dam, 36 miles E of Aztec

47.  Navajo, 2 1/2 miles E  of Dulce

48.  Amargo, 2 miles NE of Lumberton

49.  Mundo, 5 miles S of Lumberton

50.  Hillcrest, 4 miles S of Mundo

51.  Lago, 5 miles S of Hillcrest

52.  Horse Lake Junction, 7 1/2 miles SSE of Lago

53.  Azotea, 7 1/2 miles ESE of Monero

54.  Willow Creek, 4 miles E of Azotea

55.  Laboto, 5 miles NNE of Chama

56.  Cresco, on state line, 8 miles NNE of Chama

57.  Los Pinos, 21 miles N of Tres Piedras

58.  San Miguel, 7 1/2 miles SW of Los Pinos

59.  Haynes, 7 1/2 miles NNE of Counselors

60.  Tapicitoes, 10 miles N of Lindrith

61. Ojito, 5 miles SW of Tapicitoes

62. San Ojo Caliente, 5 miles N or Lindrith

63. Lindrith, 20 miles N of Cuba

64. Brazos, 5 miles N of Tierra Amarilla

65. Ensenada, 2 miles N Tierra Amarilla

66. Rutherton, 4 miles NW of Tierra Amarilla

67. La Puente, 1 mile S of Rutherton

68. El Vado, 14 miles SW of Tierra Amarilla

69. Canjilon, 3 miles S of Cebolla, turn 3 miles E

70. Canon Plaza, 19 miles SW Tres Piedras

71. Vallecitos, 5 miles S of Cannon Plaza

72. Las Tablas, 3 miles N of Petaca

73. Petaca, 5 miles E of Vallecitos

74. La Madera, 9 miles E of El Rito

75. Embudo, 30 miles SW of Taos

76. Llaves, 9 miles N of Gallinas

77. Gallinas, 17 miles N,NE of Cuba

78. Capulin, 3 miles E of Gallinas
79. La Ventana, near Cuba, area of Rabbit Mountains (Sandoval County)
...note the Lost Salazar Gold mine is in same area as above La Ventana (mountains)

80. Regina, 9 miles N of Cuba

81. La Jara, 2 miles N of Cuba

82. Torreon, 26 miles SW of Cuba

83. Copper Cuba...general area of Cuba...look for early Spanish mining this area in hills.

84. Cabezon, 12 miles W of Hwy 44 and NW of Cabezon Peak...cowboy, freighters and drifters were here..pop 2000
and had a stage station and a post office....1800's to 1934

85. Sulphur Springs, 10 miles N of Jemez Springs

86. Miller, located near Gabezon 1800's to 1834

87. Bland, 12 miles NNW of Cochiti silver boomtown

88. Allerton aka Albemarle...located near boomtown

89. Canada, 5 miles NNW of Cochiti Lake

90. Ojo Del Padre....9 miles S of Cabezon...unimproved road

91. Coyote, 9 miles ENE of Bernalillo

92. Tejon, 7 1/2 miles ESE of Bernalillo..coal mining camp

93. Hagen, 10 miles NE of Bernalillo

94. Las Placitas, 10 miles SE of Bernalillo...county line

95. Buckman, 15 miles NW of Sante Fe on RR

96. Bonanza, 5 miles W of Hwy 14--85 junction, 1879 mining town
Also in the area of Bonanza..mining camps of Carbonateville, Chalchihuitl, Casa Entry, Mine de la Minas

97. Canyoncito aka Canoncito, 11 miles SE of Sante Fe...Civil War battle here

98. Los Cerrillos, 20 miles SW of Sante Fe...stagecoach stop...Johnson's Ranch

99. Dolores City aka Placitas Viejas, 4 miles SE of Madrid...along old stream bed, base of Ortiz Mountains.

100. Golden, 15 miles N of Edgewood, W edge of San Pedro Mtn.

101. Tuerto, N of Golden

102. Clark, 5 miles S of Galisteo

103. Williams, 10 miles S of Galisteo

104, Otto, 2 1/2 miles S of Stanley

105. Palmilla, 5 miles S of CO state line, hwy 285

106. Volcano, 10 miles S of Palmilla

107. No Agua, 25 miles S of state line, hyw 285

108. Twining, 19 miles NW of Taos

109. Virsyivia, 8 miles N of Cerro

110. Buena Vista, 2 miles NW of Cerro

111. Baldy, 12 miles NE of Eagle Nest

112. Old Cimarron City, Hwy 64-58 junction

113. Dawson, 13 miles NE of Cimarron, then 5 miles NW.

114. Colfax, 12 miles NE of Cimarron

115. Brilliant, 9 miles NW of Raton

116. Gardiner, 3 miles W of Raton

117. Otero, 5 miles S of Raton on abandoned RR line

118. Yankee, 8 miles NE of Raton

119. Bell, E of Raton on Johnson Mesa

120. Koehler, 10 miles SSW of Raton

121. Black Lake, SW corner of Colfax county on hwy 120

122. Aurora, 10 miles E of Black Lake

123. Rayado, 12 miles S of Cimarron

124. Miami, 13 miles W of Springer

125. Gato, 6 miles S of Maxwell

126. French, 5 miles S of Maxwell, on RR line

127. Rayado, 5 miles S of Springer

128. Chico aka Chico Springs on Hol-keo Creek, 22 miles E of Maxwell

129. Holman, 35 miles N of Las Vegas.

130. Nolan, 15 miles S of Springer

131. Levy, 5 miles N of Wagon Mound

132. Loma Parda, 7 miles SSW of Fort Union

133. Loma Linda, just north of Loma Parda above

134. Watrous, 20 miles N of Las Vegas...numerous honky tonks, saloons, gambling halls and brothels.

135. Valmora, 4 miles NE of Watrous

136. Tecolote, 5 miles W of Romeroville (one of many fort chains)

137. Romero, 5 miles S of Las Vegas

138. Tecolote, 11 miles SW of Las Vegas

139. Ojita, 2 1/2 miles S of Romero

140. Rencona, 12 miles WSW of San Miguel

141. San Jose, 20 miles S of Las Vegas

142. Leyba, 12 1/2 miles SW of San Miguel

143. Olquin, 11 E of Anton Chico

144. Bernal, 12 S of Las Vegas...first stage stop on LV/SF rr line

145. Sulzbacher, 6 miles S of Ojita

146. Laliendre, 16 miles SE of Las Vegas, on Gallinas River

147. Chaperito, 13 miles ENE of Anton Chico on Gallinas River

148. Gonzales, 10 miles WNW of Sanchez

149. Maes, 10 miles NE of Trujillo

150. Hilario, 11 miles W of Trementina

151. Trementina, 20 miles NW of Conchas, 55 miles E of Las Vegas

152. Buxton, 4 miles SSE of Variadero

153. Sanchez, 14 miles N of Trementina

154. Cabeza, on RR, 5 miles S of Mosquero

155. Medio, on RR, 10 miles S of Mosquero

156. Campana, on RR, 5 miles S of Medio

157. Atarque, on RR, 10 Miles S of Campana

158. Canadian, 19 miles W of Logan

159. Emery Gap, 10 miles N of Folsom

160. Madison, at the foot of Emery Peak...outlaw town, indian raids.

161.  Old Folsom, 8 miles N of Des Moines near present day Des Moines

162.  Dedman, 8 miles W of Des Moines

163.  Rumaldo, 4 miles W of Des Moines

164.  Corrumpa, 15 miles E of Des Moines

165.  Guy, 8 miles ENE of Corrumpa

166.  Cuates, 6 1/2 miles W of Guy

167.  Atencio, 10 miles E of Cuates

168.  Grande, 7 1/2 miles SE of Des Moines on RR

169.  Staunton, 5 miles NE of Gladstone

170.  Sofia, 12 NE of Gladstone

171.  Patterson, 13 miles S of Grenville

172.  Pasamonte, 13 miles E of Gladstone

173.  Moses, 9 miles NNE of Seneca

174.  Vance, 15 miles S of Clayton

175.  Thomas, 5 miles W of Vance

176.  Barney, 15 miles W of Thomas

177.  Reyes, 6 miles WSW of Holland

178.  Holland, 5 miles SW of Clapham

179.  Clapham, 12 1/2 miles E of Sedan

180.  Stead, 5 miles E of Sedan

181.  Stonehaven, 8 miles WSW of Amisted

182.  Dale, 13 miles SW of Amisted

183.  Ione, 13 miles SSW of Amisted

184.  Centerville, 9 miles S of Amisted

185.  Lucas, 10 miles NNE of Roy

186.  Dehaven, 9 miles NW of Bueyeros

187.  Bueyeros, 11 miles E of Albert on hwy 102

188.  Albert #2, 10 miles SW of Bueyeros

189.  Gallegos, on Ute Creek, 17 miles SE of Mosquero

190.  Sawyer, 13 miles SE of McGaffey...lumber town

191.  Copperton, 15 miles W of Grants, copper mining

192.  Anaconda, 3 miles SE of Bluewater

193.  Toltec, 7 miles SSE of Bluewater on RR

194.  San Mateo, NE of Grants...ruins E and W of city limits

195.  Horace, 6 miles SE of Grants on RR

196.  Ballejos, 6 miles E of McCartys on RR

197.  Cubero, 3 miles E of San Fidel

198.  Bibo, 9 miles N of Laguna

199.  Marquez, 20 miles NNE of Laguna...on tri-county line

200.  Cebolleta, 18 miles N of Laguna on hwy 279

201.  Rito, 4 miles E of Laguna on RR

202.  Armijo, 5 1/2 miles SE of Rito, on RR

203.  Suwanee, 7 miles SE of Armijo on RR

204.  Garcia, 5 miles SE of Suwanee on RR

205.  Rio Puerco, 15 miles NW of Belen on RR

206.  Dalies, 8 miles NE of Belen

207.  Jarales, 3 miles S of Belen

208.  Madrone, 5 miles SSE of Belen

209.  Victor, 2 miles S of Madrone

210.  Bodega, 3 miles SE of Victor

211.  Becker, 6 miles SE of Bodega

212.  Sais, 4 miles SE of Becker

213.  Scholle, 5 miles SE of Sais on tri-county line

214.  Fence Lake, 46 miles S of Whitewater on hwy 32

215.  McIntosh, 7 1/2 miles N of Estancia

216.  Palma, junction of hwy 66 and 3...9 miles from NE county corner

217.  Broncho, 6 miles ENE of Mountainair, on RR

218.  Silio, 5 miles E of Willard on RR

219.  Lucy aka Lucia, 7 1/2miles NE of Silio on RR

220.  Dunmore, 8 miles E of Lucy on RR

221.  Pedernal, 15 miles W of Encino on RR

222.  Negra, 7 miles W of Encino on RR

223.  Carnero, 5 miles E of Encino on RR

224.  Progresso, 15 miles SE of Willard on RR

225.  Blanca, 5 miles SE of Progresso on RR

226.  Pinoswell, 17 miles N of Corona

227.  Indiole, 5 1/2 miles NE of Duran on RR

228.  Helena, 7 miles SW of Duran on RR

229.  Camaleon, 5 miles SE of Cedarvale on RR

230.  Varney, just N of Corona

231.  Torrance, 8 miles NE of Corona

232.  Colonias, 14 miles NW of Santa Rosa, on Pecos River

233.  Dahlia, 10 miles SW of Anton Chico

234.  Pintada, 21 miles W of Santa Rosa

235.  San Ignacio, 13 miles W of Santa Rosa

236.  Arabella, 8 miles SW of Santa Rosa on RR

237.  Guadalupe, 5 miles NE of Pastura on RR

238.  Aragon, 4 miles SW of Pastura on RR

239.  Leoncito, 5 miles NNE of Vaughn on RR

240.  Epris, 5 miles SW of Vaughn

241.  Iden, 5 miles SE of Vaughn on RR

242.  Casans, 5 miles SE of Iden

243.  Duoro, 18 miles SE of Vaughn on RR

244.  Los Tanos, 9 miles NE of Santa Rosa

245.  Cuervo, 18 miles NE of Santa Rosa

246.  Paradise Plains, 11 miles E of Santa Rosa

247.  Haile, 7 1/2 miles S of Newkirk

248.  Puerto de Luna, 10 miles SSE of Santa Rosa on Pecos River...built in 1862

249.  Potrillo, 17 miles ESE of Sante Rosa

250.  Ruth, 6 miles SE of Haile

251.  Riddle, 9 miles WSW of Alamo

252.  Alamo, 7 1/2 miles SE of Potrillo

253.  Salado, 12 miles NW of Fort Sumner

254.  Guadalupe, 2 miles SE of Salado

255.  Star, 10 miles N of Fort Sumner

256.  Taft, 3 miles E of Star

257.  Banks, 9 miles NE of Fort Sumner

258.  Charlotte, 7 1/2 miles E of Banks

259.  La Lande, 7 1/2 miles E of Fort Sumner

260.  Canton, 15 miles S of Taiban.


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    • jamiesweeney profile image

      jamiesweeney 6 years ago from Philadelphia, PA

      Great work!


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