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Girls Trip - San Antonio TX

Updated on March 29, 2016

San Antonio Riverwalk

Girls Trip 101

My cousin and I are pro's at finding the annual girls trip and we have quite a few years of experience. We've been to New York City, Charlotte NC, a small wine town in Michigan, Indianapolis IN, Outer Banks NC, Atlanta GA, San Antonio TX and we're currently planning our 2016 trip. San Antonio was last year - I believe June - and although it was really, really warm the people and the town were wonderful!

We arrived on a Thursday night and stayed until Sunday. Staying on the Riverwalk is key to our type of trip, we prefer to be able to walk to what we want to see and not try to figure out driving in other towns. The Riverwalk has a ton of great restaurants and lots of artsy shops, which is something we both enjoy!

What is the key to a good girls trip? First - go with someone you love to spend time with! Don't invite people you aren't sure of...the best girls trip includes only your nearest and dearest! Second, find somewhere that you can both get to easily...we always plan on arriving and departing within and hour of each other so that we can share a taxi. Make sure it's a "walkable" area - we like to sample wine, shop at artsy stores and eat good dinners. Number one is the most important - a girls trip is only something you want to repeat if you're with your bestie!

Why Texas?

I can only speak for myself here - but in my opinion, Texas is a lot of what is right with America! People are still allowed to have beliefs AS WELL as being tolerant with other's beliefs. People of all races and nationalities were in San Antonio! When we shopped at a store - the clerks said "God bless you" when you were leaving - no one appeared to be offended at the mention of God! Had someone not been a believer, I'm fully confident they would have still said "thank you" and went about their day. The American flag is everywhere - and I mean everywhere! I was wonderful to see people so proud of the USA, both English speaking and Spanish speaking. And who doesn't love cowboys and cowboy art? Even a city-girl can appreciate a good cowboy.

Durty Nelly's Irish Pub

I can't remember which hotel we stayed in, but I can tell you that Murphy's Irish Pub was in the basement. What a great place!!! Thursday night was live music (i.e. piano players) who would play whatever you wanted for a tip. We were in Texas after all - but they played everything from Garth Brooks to Elton John to Madonna, and they were FAB-U-LOUS! It could just be that we were so happy to be reunited that we were tone deaf, but I'm pretty sure they were as entertaining as I thought they were. And we had a whole group from a school system sit down with us - a Superintendent and his whole staff - and they treated us like that had known us forever...just great people!

Hop on Hop Off Bus

I was stationed in Germany for 6 months for work, and in that time I gained a keen appreciation for hop-on-hop-off buses. I've been on them in Rome, Berlin, Potsdam and Budapest and loved every one of them!! It's such a good way to see a lot of things and decide which ones you want to go back to and spend more time. In San Antonio the bus took you past all of the pain attractions - picking you up at the Alamo which is MUCH smaller than you think)! We passed many neat old bars, theatres, breweries, etc. on our tour - and it was less than $20 - so it was more than worth it!

Food etc.

We didn't have a bad meal in Texas. The first night we ate at Durty Nelly's...which was bar food, but good bar food. We ate at the Mexican restaurant picture in the first photo with the colorful umbrellas. We ate at Joe's Crab Shack, and at a great local restaurant on the Riverwalk. The local restaurant was on a rainy night and we sat out on the roof covered deck - but it was fabulous - the one thing I can remember is that the caesar salad was terrific and the wine glass had a longhorn etched on it! But, like I said, the company is the most important part and the rest is just the window dressing.

Happy travels!


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