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Prepare for your flight

Updated on November 15, 2013

Welcome Aboard

“Welcome aboard your flight with service to Washington Dulles International Airport. My name is Kristin and I will be your Flight Attendant today.” With the time of year that we are entering into this is quite a common phrase to enter people’s ears. By this time you are sitting in your seat nervously tapping your fingers on the armrest wondering why the person in front of you is already trying to recline the seat and wishing that you had packed a smaller carryon as you are now facing the dilemma of no legroom. However, shortly before you found yourself in this uncomfortable position you had crossed another challenges called Airport Security. You know deep in your heart that they do mean well, and yes there are there to keep you safe, however must they be so rude and take all of your personal care stuff away? This is where I am here to help! Below you will find a list of 5 things to do to make your travel experience peaceful. They are just simple things that if you follow you may arrive at your destination still smiling.

Mail Your Personal Care Items:

The first thing that Security asks you to do is remove your little zip-lock bag full of your shampoo, tooth-past and conditioner. If it is to large, wide, full, open, dripping, or just looks different into the trash it goes along with everything else in this bag. Now many have attempted to purchase the airline approved travel kit, which you will find depending upon the mood of the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) agent you get depends if it makes it through. Although we know this is not true they have standards they must uphold often we feel as though they are attacking only us. We are the only ones traveling having this issue. I assure you this is not the case! Why not just save yourself this issue. There are a few ways that you can accomplish such a task!

1) Purchase the needed appliances once you arrive at your holiday location. This tends to work well if you are traveling to family. My son’s father often flies to NY with our son and when he was a year that was quite a challenge. Bottles, formula, diapers, wipes, FAA approved seat, plus bag…what a sight. However with my experience I was able to make his trip simple. He traveled with only clothing and his carry-ons. The diaper bag had 1 small can of formula and the Flight Attendant’s were glad to give him water. There were no extra diapers packed just what he needed for the flight. Flying is not the time to carry extra “just in case” bags. Upon arrival he and his family stopped at a store to purchase what was needed.

2) Mail what you do not need to carry. For the most part we plan when our vacation is so, mail anything ahead of time that is possible. Family or friends live where you are going utilize that! Mail anything that you can ahead of time. Make it easy on yourself.

3) You are paying for the hotel so use it! For the most part I have not run into any hotel that is not happy to accommodate a paying customer. I love to travel but I hate the security search. I utilize this information all the time. Most hotels managers will allow you to mail boxes that they will hold until your arrival. When the Postal Office asks you if there are any liquids in your box you answer yes! It is okay they will still mail it for you. Therefore when I hit security I do not even have a bag to pull out. Shoes off, belt off, and pockets emptied.

Travel Light:

If you take nothing from this blog…REMEMBER THIS! I know we have all done it. We have planned for all weather possible, packed three large suite cases and had to check the baggage for which we pay extra. Not a fun experience. Again utilize that mailing option if you can. You can jam pack a box full of clothing and pay next to nothing compares to checking an extra box. The 22inch roll-a-board needs to become your best friend. This is small enough that most airlines will allow you to place it in an overhead compartment. However; smaller Airline carriers will allow you to “gate-check” these lovely friends. For a gate check they will be tagged and placed at the end of the gate-way and when you arrive at your destination they will be waiting outside of the door for you. They are the last to go into the cargo hole and the first to be taken off. Just a small hint of extra information for you, learn to roll your clothing inside the suite case rather then folding it. You can fit more and it does not wrinkle as much. With a 22’ roller and a computer bag or carry along you are set for the trip light, nothing to check and that alone brings comfort to one’s mind.

Keep your ticket information in hand:

I know that once you make it through security you are really rushing to wait but, keep your ticket in your hand. Your boarding information is helpful to the gate agent and once that plane lands that crew does not have a long time to turn it around to fly back out again. Know your seat number so that you can board in the correct order.

DO NOT be mean to the flight crew:

I remember a flight that I was working. It was the last leg of the day as I was flying domestic so I had six flights that day. A gentleman came aboard with his wife and went to his seat no problem as I stood at the door continuing to welcome people. Once the plane was filled I was doing a walk around and a count as the Captain made an announcement. The Captain simply welcomed everyone aboard and introduced my as their Flight Attendant. At that time I heard a scream come from my cabin. I stepped out from the galley to not my female passenger holding her face and the man standing and the rest of the passengers staring in awe. I can over and asked if there was a problem that I could assist with. Next think I know I saw the hand go up in the air and it was preparing to swing and hit my face. My reaction was slow and before I knew it I hit the floor. WOW! Was this normal, no! The Captain quickly exited the cockpit and took over. The passengers were stunned when they witnessed with their own eye this man being taken off the flight in cuffs and escorted by Federal Officers off the plane. Most of us would say this is common knowledge not to hit or touch flight crew but incase you forget…DON’T!


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