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The Glassblowing Shop in Helen Georgia Review

Updated on November 8, 2010

Glassblowing Shop

Every time I go to Helen, I like to go into the glassblowing shop and peruse the figurines and watch the artists create their art figures.

This past weekend, I actually bought something. I couldn't resist the two animal glass figures that I bought. They were a little more than I would have liked to spend, but they are both worth it with their pastel blue and green colors trimmed in gold accents.

I wanted to take the place up on their 2 for $6 mini animals, but there was a couple in front of the display for the entire time I was there and remained after I left. I also found a few other figures that I liked, but there was something about the two that I purchased that were perfect.

The Glassblowing Shop in Helen, is packed with tons of figures ranging from tiny to extra large. You will find anything from dragons to ponies to angels to names to fairies to anything you can imagine.

They also create neat swan barometers that predict the weather; all you have to do is pop off the ball on the tip of the beak and bad weather will show in the colored liquid inside the glass. And, another popular glass product is their hummingbird feeder that comes in different designs and shapes.

The artists will hand make unique glass pieces and figures for you. They've been known to make cake toppers, wedding favors, and much more.


There are two locations in the Helen area, which include one shop in Helen and one in Dahlonega.

8600 Main St., Unit 1
Helen, GA 30545
(706) 878-3156

10 S. Chestatee St., Unit F
Dahlonega, GA 30533
(706) 864-9022

There are also two locations in New York.

2527 Main St., Suite 2
Lake Placid, NY 12946
(518) 523-8750

Memorial Highway (RR 431)
North Pole, NY 12946
(518) 946-8285

The shop in Helen, Georgia is small and packed. They had about 30 people, ranging from 10 year old boys to blue-haired grandma's, all browsing and buying products.

The four employees at the shop were constantly busy, with two making sales and running the register, one making glass art, and one making announcements and helping customers.

The employees stayed behind the shelves because there just isn't a lot of extra room in the shop with all the glass and customers around.

You really want to be careful of big purses, bags, and other things hanging off your shoulder that could possibly knock over any of the glass figures. While I was there, a mom had her baby super close to the glass, while turning around, and the grandmother quickly said, "watch the baby! She's really close to the counter." It sure would have been a shame to see about 10 swan barometers domino off the shelf.

The one thing that I was disappointed with was that there wasn't a matching snake and frog to go with my pair, but I can always call up or go to the website and see if they can special order a matching animal.

If you're looking for anything in particular, go to to see what is available and to get more information that you may need. Otherwise, the next time you're near one of the shops, go in, as fighting the crowd and waiting your turn is definitely worth the wait, especially if you can talk to one of the artists and get exactly what you want personally made.


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