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Glen Ellen's Lake Suttonfield

Updated on August 2, 2014
Lake Suttonfield- the best spot
Lake Suttonfield- the best spot
The Map
The Map
The platform
The platform

If you are visiting the Sonoma County wine country in the Glen Ellen area, check out Lake Suttonfield. It is just down the road from the Jack London State Park and Glen Ellen eateries and stores. It is adjacent to a Sonoma County Regional Park with hiking trails.

Lake Suttonfield is between Highway 12 and Arnold Drive (which connects to Hwy 12). This is a large reservoir of very clean water. Its main attraction for many is the 60-foot platform that extends out into the lake . Go to the end and jump! Super fun and thrilling. It looks more scary than it is. Other than the platform, the lake offers a serene setting, never more than 15 people, and refreshing, clean water. Yes, there are plenty of signs saying "don't do this or that", just ignore them as the locals do. If they did not want anyone to enjoy the lake, there would be no sign and entrance to it!

The free method to the lake is to turn off Hwy 12 onto Arnold Drive, drive through the small town (actually, very small), a few stop signs. You will pass a turnoff to Jack London State Park. At some point, you may notice cars parked along the road and entrance sign to Sonoma County Regional Park. Find a spot along the road. The entrance to go to the lake is further down the road. There is a small entrance sign to the lake posted on a pole. The walk to the lake is not more than 20 min., slightly uphill. Wear tennis shoes, it is a trail.

Lake Suttonfield has no beaches of sand, so bring water shoes for rocks. There are no restrooms, no concession stands for food-nothing. The lake is rustic and quiet.



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