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Going Solo at Disneyland

Updated on November 4, 2014

The Magic Kingdom


Only but Never Lonely

I thought I would take my college daughter and her two friends to Disneyland and California Adventure for the day to see the Halloween Festivities, ride some of the fun attractions and enjoy a day being with my girl.

We started in California Adventure and enjoyed Hollywood Land. After about an hour together, the girls wanted to venture over to Disneyland and said goodbye.

Instead of being sad, I took it as an adventure to see what Disneyland would be like alone. I walked up to a cast member and asked which rides in California Adventure offer single lines. She told me five attractions allow singles to board at a much faster time than couples or groups.

California Adventure and Disneyland likes single rider lines, because it reduces the amount of time for their guests to wait in line for an attraction. Empty seats on the ride are filled using individuals from the line, thus ensuring the ride is carrying the maximum number of occupants possible.

Best Single Rider Lines

Radiator Springs Racer
California Screamin'
Soarin' Over CA
Cars Land
Paradise Pier
Condor Flats
Less than 10 minutes
Less than 10 minutes
More than 20

Solo and Screamin' at California Adventure

Known as the second-longest steel roller coaster on the America, I was told that there was a single rider line at California Screamin' so I headed over to the largest roller coaster in the park. If you like a roller coaster that goes fast, turns upside down and offers sharp turns, this is the coaster for you.

I didn't have time to even think about being solo as I screamed, laughed, and held on tight as we raced at speeds of 55 miles an hour.


Radiator Springs Racers

By far, this is my favorite ride as I took a front seat road trip with other guests across the beautiful Ornament Valley . It's a six-person vehicle and they always need single guests to fill a seat. The wait time was 70 minutes for non Fast Pass guests. In the single line, I jumped into a car in less than 10 minutes.

A Mack truck and speeding train almost hit us as we zoomed and swerved out of the way. I laughed at the tractor tipping and when Luigi had our tires changed for racing. Then another car approached and we sped down hills and around sharp turns at the speed of up to 40 miles an hour.

A photo is taken at the finish line for guests to purchase. I skipped buying a photo of myself smiling from ear to ear with five strangers.


Soarin' Over California

This was the longest ride I waited to board on my solo experience. I walked down a separate lane, however since it is one of California Adventures most popular rides, they usually fill the hang glider rider with 87 guests at each ride and film presentation, leaving solo passengers to wait. Usually one or two single riders were escorted into the simulated tour of California's hot spots.

Eating Solo

It's easy to eat solo, because many guests are walking around with popcorn or a treat in their hand. Pretzels are easy to grab and nibble on while walking to the next attraction. I also like to stop at the Tiki Juice Bar hosted by Dole to lick a pineapple whip.

Over in New Orleans they sell virgin mint juleps and New Orleans-style beignets.

There are many outdoor cafes where you can find a table and chair, sit down with a meal and enjoy people watching.

Disneyland is Solo Friendly Too

There are four Single Rider attractions at Disneyland depending on availability.

1. Indiana Jones Adventure always has a single lane open, because it is a popular ride.

2. Splash Mountain all the time.

3. Space Mountain sometimes offers it, sometimes doesn't.

4. Matterhorn Bobsleds, yet I think that is a little odd to lean against someone on that ride and opted to save it for another time.

Indiana Jones Ride

You will pass a lot of people as you walk along the single rider lane for this attraction. It's the same line as Fast Pass guests. A Disney cast member will take multiple guests to fill the empty seats on the ride.

This ride is dark, turns sharp and is bumpy at times, however its great fun and the special effects are awesome.


Would You Go To Disneyland Alone?

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The Beauty of Going Solo

Here are 7 reasons why I would go solo again to an amusement park:

1. You get to go on rides that YOU would like to experience.

2. No one complains that they are bored while waiting in line.

3. You can Instagram, Tweet, Message, and Facebook while waiting in line.

4. You may meet other people in the Single Rider Line.

5. You don't have to wait for others.

6. You can take as much time as you want shopping, eating and exploring the parks.

7. You get to leave when you want to leave or stay until closing.


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    • teaches12345 profile image

      Dianna Mendez 

      4 years ago

      Looks like you had a wonderful time. I guess it would be no different than going to the movies alone. I like the idea of getting on rides faster because you are alone. Thanks for sharing your adventure.


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