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Golden Gate Hotel on Fremont Street in Las Vegas

Updated on March 23, 2011

Golden Gate Hotel - Oldest in Las Vegas?

The Golden Gate Hotel and Casino has been sitting at the same spot on Fremont Street since 1906. That makes it the oldest hotel in downtown Las Vegas and likely one of the oldest in all of Clark County. With all the disposable hotels we've seen in the area in the past few decades, it's amazing that one has managed to survive over 100 years. This hotel is so old it was originally issued the first telephone number in Las Vegas. It was #1.

Originally named Hotel Nevada, it was renamed Sal Sagev, which is just Las Vegas spelled backwards, in 1931 when the state of Nevada legalized gambling. In the mid-1950's a group of Italian-Americans from San Francisco took over the hotel and casino and renamed it the Golden Gate. It's been operating under the same name ever since.  

Booking a room, and let's talk about shrimp cocktails

Rooms at the Golden Gate have a early 20th century theme, which is fitting considering when the hotel was built. They do have flat screen TVs and other modern touches, so it's not quite authentic, but I don't think most guests would want that anyway. There are only 106 rooms, making it one of the smallest hotels in Las Vegas. Room rates are generally between $30 and $40, depending on which days you stay. The rooms are small and there are no luxury villas like you'll find in the newer hotels on the Strip.

The Golden Gate isn't really a resort, so don't expect A-list headliners to be walking around on the casino floor. A grand piano plays while you are gaming, which gives the place a very relaxed, Rick's-from-Casablanca kind of feel to it.

Before you start gaming make sure to get a Club 1906 card so you can earn points for the money you spend.

The greatest thing about the Golden Gate is the shrimp cocktails. It's just $1.99 at the Shrimp Bar & Deli and it's one of the best in Las Vegas. If you're on Fremont Street, you are obligated by direct order from yours truly to head over to the Golden Gate and try the shrimp cocktail.  


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