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Jersey Shore Vacation - Destination LBI

Updated on June 17, 2008

Most people don't think of New Jersey when planning a family vacation, but I'm here to let you in on a little secret. I grew up in this great place called Long Beach Island in New Jersey. Located roughly 65 miles south of Manhattan, 55 miles east of Philadelphia, 15 miles north of Atlantic City, Long Beach Island is an 18 mile barrier island off of the South Jersey Coast in Ocean County.

About 8000 people call this home year round, but many affluent families from suburban NJ, Connecticut, New York and Philadelphia have summer homes here. In the summertime the population grows to over 100,000!

If you ever have a chance to stop by, you really should. From the Garden State Parkway take Exit 63 east on Route 72 and you will run right into it.

Where is Long Beach Island?

History of LBI

This island was originally settled in the late 1600's and was used for hunting and fishing. The Barnegat Inlet at the north end of the island was an important route for freight shipments. Because of the high traffic and turbulent waters, the original lighthouse was built in 1835 to guide seamen.

Subjected to mother nature, and the winter northeastern storms, the lighthouse was destroyed by 1857. Then in 1859 Old Barney was built. Tourism, fishing, and real estate dominate the industry on Long Beach Island now. The developing tourism led to the need for and construction of a realroad built to connect the mainland to the island in 1886.

Old Barney

Communities of Long Beach Island

From north to south the communities of LBI include: Barnegat Light, home to The Barnegat Lighthouse (above); High Bar Harbor; Loveladies-part of Long Beach Township; Harvey Cedars, well know for it's surfing beaches; North Beach-also a part of Long Beach Township; Surf City, the first town you hit driving north from the bridge; Ship Bottom-home to the original RonJon Surf Shop; Long Beach Township; Beach Haven, home to Fantasy Island and the bulk of the commercial tourism; and Holgate-again a section of Long Beach Township.

The movie Jaws was based on the 1916 Jersey Shore shark attacks that began on Long Beach Island.
The movie Jaws was based on the 1916 Jersey Shore shark attacks that began on Long Beach Island.



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    • profile image

      mtsi1098 6 years ago

      you know I just came back from LBI and stayed in Surf City...It was the second time I had vacationed there and I absolutely love it...nice reminder

    • the clean life profile image

      Mark Bruno 6 years ago from New Jersey Shore

      Great Hub and info on the Island. I too grew up on the Island in Ship Bottom.Now I am living on the mainland in West Creek but the Island is a stone throw away as you know. Family (sister) still has the house in Ship Bottom right on the bay. Got to love it right :):)

      Check out my story on LBI if you wish.

    • RachelOrd profile image

      Rachel Ord 7 years ago from Palm Coast

      I'm glad you enjoyed this hub! I feel like there is so much more that can be said about LBI, but none can quite describe what it's like to be and live there ;)

    • profile image

      Greg Davis 7 years ago

      Nicely done, thank you. LBI is a magical place. My first job was on the docks of Barnegat Light and then Kellys ole Barney 26 years ago. In July I will take my children for a two week vacation to create some new memories.

    • profile image

      JudyO 9 years ago

      This is a great hub for LBI. I loved the video of scattered images. What great memories for a expatriate. Barnegat Light holds strong ties for me.

    • Lupo profile image

      Lupo 9 years ago from Boston Area

      I spent my summers in Ortley Beach, just north of LBI. The Jersey shore is a great place and since I do not get to go there much anymore, I have to spend more time reading about it than sitting on the beach these days.

      Thanks for the article.

    • andrews profile image

      andrews 9 years ago

      I would love to go to Long Beach Island... I live all the way in Northern Ireland! :-( And it's cold! lol