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Good Places To Eat At at Disney World Magic Kingdom

Updated on March 23, 2015

Good Places To Eat At Disney World Magic Kingdom

If you’re planning a trip to Disney World and haven’t been there or are looking for different places to eat at, this could be for you. If you’ve been, you’ve probably already been to one or two of these. There are so many places to eat at, I chose a select few here and will give my reasons in the description but I’m more could be put on the list.

Casey’s Corner

This is a hot dog place on the corner, at the end of Main Street on the left as you are facing the Magic Castle. The theme is baseball and the seating is about 90% outdoor. They have several types of hot dogs to get here but my top recommendation is the BBQ Slaw dog. This is a 1/4lb hot dog topped with pulled pork BBQ and cole slaw, served with a side of fries for about $10. This is tasty but why I definitely recommend it is this: as for all the ingredients on the side and this could easily be a meal for two. You get your big hot dog on a split top but and can top it with a choice of toppings from s self-serve bar that includes hot cheese, jalapenos, onions, relish, kraut, mustard, or ketchup. You also get about 6oz of BBQ pulled pork, 6oz of slaw, and some extra BBQ sauce. The pork is delicious and the sauce is nice and tangy. Throw in an order of corn dog nuggets and you now have a meal for three. This is also a good place to watch fireworks from but you’ll need to arrive early to get a seat because it fills up fast.

Captain Cook’s (for breakfast only)

This place is in Disney’s Polynesian Resort. If you are driving, you can park here but if you are going to MK for the day, the Poly can be accessed by monorail or water taxi from and too the MK. Here is why I recommend this place: I pretty much don’t care for anything that is served here but for breakfast they have one special item that can only be gotten at the Poly and it is Tonga Toast. First off, it is delicious, secondly it is much cheaper at Cook’s than it is at Kona Café (here, generally you need reservations but not always) but it can only be purchased during breakfast hours. What is Tonga Toast? Well, it is a very thick slice of bread stuffed with bananas, rolled in cinnamon and sugar, and then deep fried. This is the signature dish of the Poly and has been on the menu for over 25 years.

Be Our Guest

This is in MK in the newish Fantasy Land section. The interior is decorated to look like the castle from Beauty and the Beast and is terrific to look at. I have been told that the steaks here are terrific. What I had on my visit was the roast beef with horseradish sauce sandwich and French onion soup. The mystery to this place is that you order in line and then “just find a seat,” no one checks on you again until your food is brought to you. Read the line again and then think “how do they know where I’m at to bring me my food?” No one will give up the secret. The food is brought out on a glass cover, wood cart, more akin to a big display case. The service is good and the food is delicious. Reservations are needed or if possible, get fast passes for lunch. The FP system may get discontinued for lunch. Dinner reservations must be made the day they are available for your stay (180 days out), they go fast.

Ok, this one is at Epcot but it’s so good, I have to throw it in: Le Cellier in the Canada Pavilion. Expensive but steak that melts topped with wine butter, cheddar cheese soup, and cheddar cheese fries with truffle oil and wine base sauce is “the bomb.” This place is the best of the best. After reading this, I know you’ll search for more info on it so I won’t say any more other than to say that everything good you read about it is true.

I know that there could be more restaurants on this list. If you have been there, what are your favorites? Please let us know in the comments section!

Tonga Toast at Captain Cook's
Tonga Toast at Captain Cook's
Tonga Toast at Captain Cook's
Tonga Toast at Captain Cook's
Roast Beef and French onion soup at Be Our Guest
Roast Beef and French onion soup at Be Our Guest


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