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Good places to visit in Kenya but why do Kenyans fear to explore their country?

Updated on October 28, 2015

Wild beast migration

One of the wonders of the world, wild beast crossing the Mara river fro Serengeti to Masai Mara
One of the wonders of the world, wild beast crossing the Mara river fro Serengeti to Masai Mara
The name sake of a country; the Mt Kenya is one of the most amazing Mt in the world; air craft cannot fly over it.
The name sake of a country; the Mt Kenya is one of the most amazing Mt in the world; air craft cannot fly over it.
Some of the amazing activities at Chaka Ranch in Nyeri County
Some of the amazing activities at Chaka Ranch in Nyeri County

Domestic tourism in Kenya is highly affected by negative ethnicity

The December holidays are here with us and it is time for people to enjoy themselves and their families. It is also a time that many people get a chance to travel outside the city and experience a different kind of life. Normally life in the city is hectic; there is no free time to enjoy because of the many responsibilities we have to undertake. During the December holidays, people have ample time to explore this beautiful country and see what nature has to offer. The only way to get real relaxation is to move out of the demanding city life and go upcountry to interact with nature, this way you will be able to appreciate yourself and the world we are living in. There is much to learn and see in this beautiful country that GOD gave to us.

Kenya is among the most beautiful countries in the world. Every year people from different parts of the world tour Kenya during their vacation to enjoy themselves. It is, therefore, not good for foreigners to be enjoying themselves here, but us Kenyans do not know what our country has to offer. Domestic tourism in Kenya is being encouraged in a very big way because many tourist attraction sites offer their services at discounted rate of 10% to Kenyans. There is every reason for us Kenyan and our children to travel this country and to know it better. Many will claim that they do not have enough money to tour our country, but there are good places to visit in almost every County; places that you will not have to break a bank to visit.

What are the advantages of domestic tourism in Kenya?

Domestic tourism is a term used to describe a citizen who tours his or her country’s tourist attraction sites and facilities. In Kenya, many citizens have not been interested to know what their country has to offer in terms of tourism and culture. Due to this reason many Kenyans have remained ignorant even of the most basic knowledge of their country. In domestic tourism, there is much to be achieved in terms of knowledge and national integration. When people tour their country they are able to appreciate other people from different ethnicity more because they are able to understand their culture and their way of life. On the other hand, domestic tourist becomes enlightened more on what their country has to offer.

Factors affecting domestic tourism in Kenya

In Kenya people from different ethnicity lives in tension whenever they have to visit a region with a high population of another ethnic group apart from their own. This is something that has been in existence since independence. The main cause of this tension is our politicians. They have planted ethnicity among the common people while they themselves work together and do business regardless of their ethnic background. It is common to see them visiting each other’s homes during different occasions but on the other hand, common people hate each other’s along ethnic lines. Our politicians are our biggest enemies, they hug and dine together in private but when in public they fight each other’s in war of words. This is a ruling strategy that they acquired from our colonial masters and they have continued to separate us so that they can rule us with ease.

To free ourselves from this bondage we must be able to say enough is enough. There is no politician who will ever bring food to your table. You must toil to make sure that you feed your family. These politicians are the most gluttonous people living under the sun. They add their salaries every now and then and in the most recent past they wanted to gag the media so that they can continue with they evil ways without being questioned by anybody. They only pass laws that favor themselves, when there is a pay increase bill in parliament they attend in their numbers but during a normal day, there is hardly enough quorum to pass any motion. Our members of parliament and now the senators, governors and the MCA are the most unrealistic people living. They loot and fill their pockets at the expense of the poor people who elected them to their offices.

It is the time that majority of this country who are the poor to come to the realization that majority rules. The poor are the majority and therefore, they should use their numbers to make sure that they have a good representation in the major houses of this country. To make sure that the one’s we elect will not go against us we make them take oaths that they will remain faithful to their cause now and forever when they are in power. It is the time we do away with the inconsiderate bustards that take advantage of our children and us. It is the time we took action; we use tyranny of numbers not in favor of a particular tribe but in favor of one of our own; a person who will take care of our resources and take us to the promised land. We have the numbers lets get enough will power to make things change and we will have a good country for ourselves and our children.

Some of the best places to visit this festive season in Kenya

After realizing that your fellow poor person from the other tribe is not to blame for your problems, you will be at liberty to tour this country peacefully, from Lake Turkana to the Indian Ocean and also to the Lake Victoria. Our country Kenya is full of beautiful scenery and diverse and amazing culture. Foreigners love our country so much, some will do anything to live in this country, why not us? We have a birthright to live here, and we should not let any person to make our country a living hell for his own selfish gains. Some of the most amazing places to visit include;

Mt Kenya

Mt Kenya is one of the most amazing places in the world. It is located along the equator but when you climb to the top you will find that the places freeze during the day. If it rains, it rains snow instead of water like we are used to. From the bottom upwards you will be amazed by how different vegetation growing at different altitudes. Mt Kenya is a good place to visit with colleagues, you will not only enjoy nature, but you will also do enough exercise and relax to the fullest.

Masai Mara

This is a home to one of the wonders of the world; the wild beast migration. Wild beasts migrate every year from Serengeti in Tanzania to Masai Mara Kenya in one spectacle of a kind; you will enjoy watching them splash on the water’s of the Mara River. It is a daring move for the wild beasts because the river is highly infested by crocodiles and they kill the wild beast for food but on the other hand, the wild beast have a huge urge to cross the river for greener pastures and to give birth. Here you will witness a scene that may people only witnesses on TV. If you are not lucky to witness the wild beast migration you will enjoy other animals like the lions, elephants, cheaters’ etc.

Chaka ranch

If you are not a fun of the wildlife then you can take your family to Chaka ranch. This is a new place that is offering good family days. There are many kinds of games to watch and to even take part in. The most famous game here is to drive the Quad bikes and Baggies both for children and adults. At Chaka Ranch, they say that everyone is a champion. It is a good place for the whole family and they also offer food and refreshment. Chaka ranch is situated at Kiganjo in Nyeri County. When you are at Chaka ranch you will have a good view of both the Aberdares maintains and Mt Kenya.

Different Beaches at the Coast

Mombasa County is home to the most beautiful beaches in the world. To escape the difficult and ever busy life of the urban centers, it is advisable to take your loved ones for a tour to the coast. Here you will enjoy the hot and humid beaches; there are also many Marines’ Parks here like the National Marine Park, Kisite-Mpunguti Park, and others.

There are many other places that people can visit during this festive season but one thing that we should all remember as Kenyans, our destiny is in our own hands. There is no way we will wait for the politicians to take us to our destiny. Our neighbors have nothing to do with our destiny and therefore, there is no need for senseless ethnic tensions we experience every now and then. Let us work together in making sure that the majority rules but this time being more enlighten; let us remember to use our traditional knowledge in putting leaders in check, otherwise we will be electing them but immediately they get into power they go against our will, we must stop greedy leaders for a better tomorrow.


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